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JD Mechanical Toy Factory

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting Jenne Dibou in her wonderful world in Second Life. Jenne is a very imaginative and talented builder/designer in SL and some of her amazing work can be seen at the JD Mechanical Toy Factory, SOL Solution Island (201, 24, 318).

JD Mechanical Toy Factory

Her work is most impressive to say the least! I was visiting with a friend who suggested we go see some of her builds and I immediately felt like this was more than just another typical place. Upon landing you can see her attention to detail everywhere you look, from the sculpted buildings to the fine sculpted statues and highest quality textures she uses on everything she makes. Of course I had to buy a few items while touring…I just couldn’t resist the model train and her nifty little scripted backpack!

Model Train

Jenne and her team create some of the most beautiful mechanical clockwork engine robots in Second Life. Steampunk and Art Nouveau designs in buildings, clothing and accessories.

Toy Clown

Her scripted, high detailed works presents some of the best in SL possibilities. She can be hired to build anything you just need from the smallest ring to a whole sim. Expert scripters, high quality builders and texture designers are the base of her team.

JD Mechanical Toy Factory, SOL Solution Island
A magical and fun place.

3088 Sim From The Future

Jenne has many projects going on. One large and completely different in style, is a futuristic utopia, how the world will appear in the future as her mind see’s it. 3088. She was hired to build that whole sim for the RPG team of Sahar Irata.

There are many parts of the 3088 future city: Chinatown, an abandoned old factory, ruined nuclear power station with fighting arena, and there is also a “good” part of the city, such as the library, shops, rentals, a police station, spaceship landing station, downtown area, etc.

Jenne’s style incorporates a lot of light and shadow effects, neon, glow and particle lighting to make the builds and sims more alive!

There are many fine sculpts with baked textures, used to make the world a bit more round and organic (and keep the primcount low), not just the usual boxes with 2D flat dimensions.

It is very important to Jenne to spend a lot of time making sure she is getting right feel from her sim builds. She wants them to be as realistic as possible and spends time walking and checking every square meter to insure the best possible look and feel and the proper atmosphere.

Babbage City Wall Build

This one was planned to split in two pieces with a whole sim long wall. The building took 2 weeks, including all items and textures. The wall is 256m long, 15m wide, 30m high 6 towers and a huge main gate included.

The Wall and pillars are textured with unique, shadow bake-imitated textures. There are a lot of sculpt parts in the building. The defense wall has some towers, and a small tunnel inside, where you can walk all along the inside of the thick wall.

The mechanical soldiers are based on the JD MTF Automaton, but have 50% changed parts: Chest, lower arms, lower legs and hat, this reduces prims, and makes it easier to script them to move. A defense gun was added to the soldier.

There is a fine thunder particle in the tesla guns, and in the electric generators. The texture was made by Jenne, but the particle itself was made with the help of her favorite particle generator. (Zeta’s particle generator).

Shooting Gallery
This is a fun shooting game from JD MTF. It’s simple - shoot the gun and hit the moving targets. It’s beautifully made! They used authentic images, made them a bit rough to show the ravages of time on them. I had a lot of fun with this but didn’t score well.

Shooting Gallery

The unique high quality flintlock gun - made of fine sculpts and textures - is the only weapon that can affect the targets, please do not go there and try out your nukes, napalms or hand grenades. As it’s a toy, so it shoots a cork bullet with a moderate push (ineffective against avatars).

The game has a high score table that has the current best shooters list with points. However, this board gives the rules and a free Flintlock gun for the players, and it holds the prizes. Yes, prizes can be won in the game! At least, if the owner of the Gallery fills it up. LOL. (At JD MTF you can win several valuable prizes from the JD collection).

The Trolley project in Steeltopia

The Trolley was ordered by Mr. SteelCobra Calamari, owner and governor of the Steeltopia world. The main goal was a one line track with two common trolley - two separated lines at a main station - and a drivable service car in fine Art Nouveau-Steampunk style.

First they did some research with sculpt and physical trolley, but the result wasn’t the best. The old HAVOK engine was not enough for this. The next experiment was about smoothing the movement of the nonphysical vehicle. The prim limit was about 30 prim, the owner wanted to keep low prim as possible.
After one week the system was ready and almost all primworks and unique textures too. Laying the track, and tp put on the Trolleys took another day, and a few more for the service car.

The common Trolley is driven by an Automaton who informs you about the next station, and the stop and start of the trolley.

Well, the Trolley still runs, anyone may travel on the line in Steeltopia, or check the mini model in the toy factory at SOL Solution Island.

The JD MTF main shop is now up to the sky, on much more beautiful and wonderful place in SOL Solution island. The Railway station will be located in the future on the new rental Sim of Steeltopia.

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  1. Tommy Brouwer June 2nd, 2008 4:15 pm

    Cool place!
    Because of the detailed and top quality work one of my favorite places for shopping:)
    There is also phantastic furniturethere, like a fireplace and a complete bath in industrial/steampunk design.
    If you zoom in as much as you can and there are still new details to see, then you know you found something special.

  2. bobloness May 19th, 2009 8:39 pm

    radness is required.

  3. Rhiamon Nitely August 6th, 2009 1:04 am

    This place i absolutely fantastic and I’ve purchase from her…the quality is great. However somethings would be nice to be able to given as a gift and they are no transfer. Definitely a worthwhile visit and fun.

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