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Second Life News for June 2, 2008

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From: Linux Insider The Tangible Value of Virtual Money Quote from the site - The Linden Dollar, Second Life’s currency, may not have much value — it takes 270 of them to equal a U.S. dollar — but it forms the basis of an economy. That economy supports a living for some and is wildly lucrative for an elite few.

From: Savoir Hair Pudge - Awkward in Jr. High Quote from the site - The Awkward in Jr High style is casual, updo with the hair piled just below the crown and thick strands falling out the sides. The face is edged with soft, straight-cut bangs with long framing pieces falling in front of the ears.

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life A personal reflection on the meeting in Guildford Quote from the site - On the 24th of May a collection of eminent theologians, lawyers, communicators and internet experts came together on the invitation of the Bishop of Guildford to discuss the Anglican Ministry in Second Life. This is my personal reflection on that incredible meeting.

From: Massively Second Life daily news Quote from the site - Play2train — Showing off the virtual Elks Rehabilitation hospital.
Buy traffic — An apparently doomed startup business model.

From: design news Second Life Utilized to Design a Personal Mass Transit System Quote from the site - In October 2007, I made the prophetic prediction in my blog: “Second Life Will Revolutionize Engineering Design”. This statement resulted after several months of research on computer-generated immersive 3-D universes, which culminated in an in-print Design News article, “Second Life: A Virtual Universe for Real Engineering”.

From: The White Room NPIRL at the Swedish Embassy in Second Life Quote from the site - How many times have you heard the name PetGirl (Tina) Bergman in this blog? Well if you think I am going on about her and duplicate myself to much like an old drunk you better stop read this blog because this will go on:) She is fantastic person that really fights for SL from a residential point of view.

From: The Learning Circuits Blog Second Life Training? Quote from the site - More specifically: In what situations, do you believe it makes sense to develop a learning experience that will be delivered within Second Life?

From: Faculty Ideas about Technology Second Life in Practice Quote from the site - Lately many universities have discovered Second Life’s potential for education and have taken actions to integrate this immersive environment into their practices. Among some of the practices, University of Leicester in the UK has created a virtual zoo in Second Life, where students learn ecology in an interactive fashion.

From: Ambling in Second Life Are You Going to ExitReality? Quote from the site - Naming a product must be hellishly difficult, mustn’t it? So many factors to take into account. Consider, for example, those infamous automobiles where the name sounded fine in one language but meant things like “tiny male member” or “fecal matter” in others.

From: Slacker Online Product Review: Second Life Quote from the site - Lately a significant internet craze has focused upon a virtual online world called “Second Life“. Second life is created by a company called Linden Lab which I suppose hopes to “monetize” it or some other such ill-defined voudu affectation.

From: Quote from the site -

From: sered second life Second Life and EVE Online: to game or not to game Quote from the site - Second Life is a social, virtual 3D world, as most of you undoubtedly know. It offers a means to act out your creativity and fantasies - within certain (legal or ethical) boundaries, these days.

From: Second Life DEN Mark Your Calendars - June Events Quote from the site - Can you believe it?!?! Tomorrow is June 1st! I know that some of us are already on summer ‘time’ (don’t like to call it ‘vacation’ since most of us ‘work’ during the summer! LOL), others are about to, and yet others (like myself) have a WHOLE month to go before we reach that time!

From: social media When corporate employees hang out in Second Life Quote from the site - LA Times: Sun staff and executives hang out in Second Life.

From: abc6.com Drunk Driving Victim Using Near-Death Experience to Educate Quote from the site - Jade Combie isn’t shy about showing what happened to her the night Joshua Lipton nearly killed her. But dealing with the the injuries is only half her battle.

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