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SL Kids 5th Birthday Party: June 23 - July 7, 2008

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Every year Second Life celebrates its birthday, and every year different child avatars or Second Life child groups want to take part in the ceremonies with their own projects. Last year, the group SL Kids had a photo exhibition, a huge sand dune, and several other things. Wanting to contribute in this year’s festivities wasn’t any different. Diverse cultures and communities from all across the grid asked Linden Labs if they could participate. When Linden Labs stated that kid avatars would not be allowed to represent themselves at the official 5th birthday celebration for Second Life, we decided to put on our own birthday party. As a result, Kids5B was born, celebrating 5 years of kid avatars in Second Life.

In the beginning, there was a simple plan to get a low prim SIM for the event, but thanks to two generous donors, we soon had two full prim SIMs available. Within hours the rough conception was finished, and construction developed at a totally crazy speed!

Kid avatars from all backgrounds have come together to make this a stunning display of what being a kid in Second Life means. From the youngest ones to the older teens, from the family kids to the street urchins, all will have a place at Kids5B. You will be amazed when seeing these prime examples of creativity!

We invite all avatars to attend, both adult and child. Kids5B will take place during the same time as the official SL5B celebrations, debuting June 23rd and running through July 7th. In addition to all the exhibits, we will have live performers, radio shows, rides and tons more! We will even have an Adult-to-Kid “Transmogrifier”. If you are an adult avatar, and are brave enough, you can step into it and turn into a kid avatar yourself! Come on, we dare you! :-) We don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so we’ll end here.

Now that Linden Labs has allowed child avatars to participate in their birthday celebration, we will also have a display at the SL5B. Make sure to visit us at Kids5B; it will be awesome!

-Kids5B- Celebrating 5 Years of Child Avatars in Second Life

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