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Second Life News for June 24, 2008

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From: metanomics How to find young shareholders on Second Life Quote from the site - ArcelorMittal is quite some company. It is the world’s largest steelmaker. Lakshmi N. Mittal, the Indian London-based billionaire industrialist as Wikipedia says, acquired and merged steel companies all over the world, until now with great success. However, there is a point of concern: who wants to be shareholder of the company? Young people are not interested, so it seems. Can the company seduce them using Second Life?

From: BusinessWeek McKinsey’s new article on open innovation Quote from the site - I just read the McKinsey Quarterly’s just-published article, “What’s New in Open Innovation?” — it’s available online. Most of the article features an overview of what’s been going on in terms of businesses co-creating with customers and consumers. You know, “user-generated content” or “crowd-sourcing.”

From: Discovery Space 10 Spacey Things to do in Second Life Quote from the site - Rocketing to the International Space Station, seeing an asteroid wallop Mars or witnessing the Big Bang might seem like things you’d do in a dream. Thankfully, there’s Second Life – a virtual world inhabited and created by its residents – that offers a chance to do all of these and more… for free.

From: PRLog Metanomics Begins Second Season on SLCN.TV Quote from the site - Metanomics, the web’s premier program about the business and policy of virtual worlds, begins an exciting second season on Monday, June 23rd at Noon PST. For the kick-off program Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield (Beyers Sellers in Second Life) features USC’s Second Life and the Public Good Community Challenge, with guests Douglas Thomas (Doctor Ludovico In Second Life), Associate Professor at the USC School of Communication, and Rik Panganiban (Rik Riel in Second Life) from Global Kids.

From: EEtimes Second Life creator: Virtual worlds achieving real results Quote from the site - Virtual worlds might seem like kid stuff, but they could end up making big contributions to society, according to Cory Ondrejka, senior vice president of digital strategies at EMI Music, told the Freescale Technology Forum in Orlando, Fla.

From: Electronics Weekly Warren Savage On: Our Virtual Future Quote from the site - A couple weeks ago I found myself standing on the floor of the Design Automation Conference in a circle of old colleagues, exchanging business cards and being updated on each other’s careers and lives. One of our group quipped that “the people who come here never change, only the logos on the business cards.” An astute comment nervously recognized as such by everyone in our increasingly greying group.

From: Ewing Fashion Agency EFA Celebrates Second Life’s Fifth Birthday Quote from the site - From June 23rd to July 7th, Second Life will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark this event, a number of designated sims were allocated to exhibitors. Ewing Fashion Agency’s application was approved and with access to the “fashion” sim with less than three days before the sim opening, the race to complete the ehxibition was on.

From: Computer World Have your avatar call my avatar: Doing business virtually Quote from the site - What do Xerox printers, Fenway Park, green creatures and an executive zipping around with a personal jetpack have in common? Are you stumped? You might not be if you had an avatar.

From: E-Access Blog Charity Embraces Social Networks And Second Life Quote from the site - A leading charity is using a wide range of social networking and multimedia sites - Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube and iTunes - to provide support and information to parents of disabled children and help them contact each other.

From: the princess diaries The Princess’s Second Life Quote from the site - So my friend K has introduced me to Second Life. See that photo above? That’s my character playing the drums in Liverpool.

From: ClickZ Advertising in the New New Media, Part 1 Quote from the site - While perusing the ClickZ News Blog, I came across a post about the Virtual Worlds Conference. Virtual world fanatics defend the marketing efficacy of their properties, effectiveness that’s been quite…err…effectively challenged. Just look at the lemming-like behavior of Second Life boosters.

From: Alexis Mitchell Sickness and Second Self Quote from the site - It seems obvious by now that the moment I stop working even for a brief 24 hour period, I will catch a cold, flu, bug, anything that will prevent me from enjoying ten minutes of peace or an overall good time. Basically, at the end of each semester, I have given myself one day to actually sleep past 8am and each of these days has resulted in full blown sickness.

From: Business sLife BDO Stoy Hayward launch in Second Life Quote from the site - The launch of the BDO Showcase in Second life has been pretty high profile. Their Managing Partner, Jeremy Newman (who is the Accountancy Age personality of the year) has this to say on his blog; “I believe that the opening of a Second Life island puts us at the forefront of the latest technological social trends and that it will give us many business opportunities in areas such as cutting our carbon footprint with on-line meetings, presentations and events for staff, clients and alumni; enhancing our recruitment options and opening a new platform to engage with a broad international audience.”

From: Second Life Blog Record voice chat and sounds - Video Tip of the Week #39 Quote from the site - One of the best rules of learning is: if you find something useful, share it. Teaching someone else not only enlightens them, it also improves your memory!

From: Second Life Blog SL5B: Opening Speech-Video Download Now Available Quote from the site - The opening speech is now available for video download.

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