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Second Life News for July 2, 2008

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From: AIDS.gov Second Life (Part 2 of “We Are Living in a Virtual World”) Quote from the site - This week we build on our June 10 post about virtual worlds and focus on the well-known site, Second Life. To better understand how Second Life can help share HIV information and provide support to those who are HIV-positive, we continued our conversation with our colleagues from the NIH-funded Health Info Island, Lori Bell and Carol Perryman.

From: SL iReports Economic pressures threaten surfing sims Quote from the site - Economic pressures are taking their toll on surf sims in Second Life and it seems certain that more surf sims will close during the coming months, according to the Second Life surfing blog SurfWatch. Rezzable, one of Second Life’s leading sim owner/developers, announced the closing of Surfline Aloha and Surfline Epic sims at the end of June, just a couple of months after completely redesigning and relaunching the surf sims.

From: LifeLongLearningLab Second Life Roundtable: Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Future Developments Quote from the site - The Second Life Roundtable: Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Future Developments was held in Second Life on Monday, June 30, 2008, as part of a week-long celebration of Second Life’s fifth anniversary.

From: My New Media Weblog Second Life - My World Quote from the site - Finally I am excited about Second Life. My opinion about it is changing form a pessimistic position to a more optimistic one. Second Life allows people to communicate and the fact that your avatars are present, it makes the communication visually interesting.

From: Business Wire CIGNA Creating a Virtual Health Care Community Quote from the site - Today CIGNA, a leading health service company, is announcing the development of a virtual health care community. This computer-simulated world is situated on a Second Life island, where seminars, interactive displays, educational games and virtual health consultations help foster real and sustainable behavior change that improves health.

From: Second Life Good Morning from San Antonio! Quote from the site - Talk about sensory and emotional overload!LOL Yesterday, at 8:30 a.m. the entire DEN in SL LC presented together face-to-face. Although most of us had the opportunity (fortune) to meet face-to-face on Saturday night (I landing late and cursing the shuttle service to the hotel — I was the last stop), Celestia met some of the LC for the first time only 45 minutes before the presentation.

From: SLWTF Be one with the ball Quote from the site - There are few things that make me happier in Second Life than finding set of Japanese regions I haven’t encountered before. I’m going to spend the next few posts extolling the wonderful, wacky weirdness we’ve all come to expect.

From: The Industry Standard Cigna deploys a Second Life island for health education Quote from the site - Hoping to make healthcare education hip, Cigna Healthcare is announcing today it has created a virtual environment in the Second Life virtual world to educate people on how to improve their health.

From: Linux Insider Virtual Worlds: And the Children Shall Lead Quote from the site - Virtual worlds like Second Life may not claim as much traffic as top social networking or video-sharing sites, but opportunities are there, writes Parks Associates’ Michael Cai. One relatively strong area is youth-oriented 3-D virtual worlds, where gaming comes into play.

From: The Journal Gazette Virtual ventures pay off Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global companies have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life.

From: A taste of Second Life Inquiry in a Networked World - LTEA2008 in Second Life Quote from the site - Last week I attended a couple of sessions at the “Learning Through Enquiry Alliance (LTEA) Conference 2008 - Inquiry in a Networked World”, held by the University of Sheffield, CILASS (Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences).

From: eMediaWire Gear Up For The Summer’s Wacky Holidays Quote from the site - As stores gear up for their annual Christmas in July sales, AnniesCostumes.com offers fun ways for everyone to get into the mood for this wacky summer holiday.

From: China Daily A mastermind of green design Quote from the site - This site in Sandao, Hainan province, has been recreated in the virtual online world of Second Life where the public will design an “Eco-friendly Community” that will later be built on the actual site.

From: Daily Yomiuri Online Govt plans Second Life virtual disaster museum Quote from the site - The Cabinet Office is planning to open a virtual museum devoted to disaster management in Second Life, a globally popular Internet site. Tentatively named the Disaster Prevention Museum, it will accept works for display that focus on efforts to limit the damage caused by earthquakes, storms and floods, in the hope of raising disaster management awareness among creators and viewers of works.

From: The Earth Times ISTE Expands Reach of NECC Through Online Communities Quote from the site - While thousands of attendees are participating in person at the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE(R)) 29th annual National Educational Computing Conference
(NECC) taking place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center in San Antonio, Texas, June 29 to July 2, online technology has made it possible for NECC to expand beyond the conference center’s walls.

From: Newsweek Roam Un-Free Quote from the site - Zhao Gang surveys his nearly empty virtual world, and finds it to be good. Zhao is head of the tech team that built HiPiHi—China’s answer to Second Life. With the virtual world’s basic landscape complete, one of Zhao’s jobs these days is to wander HiPiHi, schooling roughly 10,000 ethnic Chinese from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore who have been specially invited into the test phase to help work out the kinks.

From: The Industry Standard Second Life users spending more time in world, but are they paying? Quote from the site - Wagner James Au found some interesting Second Life data points buried in Linden Lab’s economic statistics for the virtual world, where users find information from the financial state of the company to exchange rates for in-world currency.

From: Newsweek Brave New World Quote from the site - Fake worlds have long served as an escape from reality for the socially inept geeks of the real world. But Second Life is more than just that. Whereas the likes of the hit ’80s board game Dungeons and Dragons and the Internet’s World of Warcraft provided fantasy for gamers, Second Life creeps much closer to reality.

From: New World Notes Naiman’s Waves: He Sells Seashores By The Seashore Quote from the site - When Bettina Tizzy wrote about the waves Naiman Broome had made, I had the skepticism of an island boy who’d grown up not half a mile from Kailua Beach. So I took the teleport trip to the Second Life isle of Las Arenas Rosadas, where Naiman peddles his waves, to see for myself.

From: Second Life Blog Make seamless textures with Wood Workshop - Video Tip of the Week #40 Quote from the site - Seamless textures are easier than you think with the right tools! And one of those utilities of choice is the free Wood Workshop, alas Windows-only, but oh-so-easy for crafting realistic-to-wild wood and bringing it into the wonderful world of Second Life.

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