This blog is all about Second Life, from the first signup until you get it, it can be a complicated experience, and so, we are trying to make it fun and easy. If you have an idea for a story or a news tip, email us at eubeenhadd at gmail.com.

Our flickr group is here, TheGridLive Photos.
The Second Life Videos we have posted.

Stone Culdesac

Stone Culdesac - I’ve only been inworld since March of 2007, even though I was born last year, so I’m still learning stuff everyday, or I should say every evening, roaming the grid without a shirt on. Stop by Unicorn Isle and say hi.

Aribella Lafleur

Aribella Lafleur - One of the most interesting people I have met in Second Life, and one of the most helpful, if she’s not helping a new resident, or training a new Sherpa, then she’s probably not online. Catch all of her posts here.

Mozy Pera
Photo by Kirk Claymore

Mozy Pera - I first met Mozy when the ESC CSI:NY sims were opened, we ended up helping some new residents since there was no one else around and we have been friends ever since. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the blog. All her posts will be listed here.

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    1. Recka Wuyts August 24th, 2008 6:23 pm

      What is going on with you guys…your publication seems to be stuck….are you up are you on vacation…I am a news reporter for MBC in SL…drop me an email and let me know what’s up…thanks..

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