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caLLie cLine Makes Maxim Top 100

October 31st, 2007 | Category: Brands, Business, Marketing, RL Meets SL

Callie ClineWhy is this a big deal? caLLie cLine is a Second Life avatar from this blog, ~•~ mOtoRaTi giRLz ~•~.
Damn, I just noticed they posted the Hot 100 in May, where have I been?

Are the guys at Maxim hitting some of the good stuff, have they lost their minds? I’ll admit that’s one good looking avatar, but anyone who picks an avatar over Kim Kardashian is just crazy or in need of new eyewear. Seriously, it’s not just me is it? Here’s what it says about her on her page.

95. Second Life Girl
Second Life—a 3-D virtual world that’s imagined, created, and owned by its online residents—was launched in 2003 and now boasts nearly five million inhabitants around the globe. Never taken part in the nerd fest? Isn’t she reason enough? 95. Second Life Girl

They didn’t even give her whole name, just Second Life girl. Why would they pick a Second Life avatar as number 95 of the Hot 100? It wouldn’t have anything to do with advertising, now would it? Her blog, ~•~ mOtoRaTi giRLz ~•~, has the tagline “tearing up Pontiac’s motorati island with fun & flair!”, you see that, it’s Pontiac’s island. If you visit the MotoratiLife website, you’ll see a button that says Maxim, 2nd Life Style, a button for caLLie cLine and some others, including one that says Land a Palooza, apply for land, but I will get to that one later.

I’m just a regular girl who loves to create, imagine, encourage & dream… I love people and equally enjoy my privacy and quiet times. I think every person has something very special to offer, and I’ve been very fortunate to meet some amazing people in my life who have shared their amazing gifts, talents and stories… Source: Blogger profile

So, the question is, did Maxim put her in to get featured on their website, as some sort of cross advertising thing? She says she was born in 2005, but it makes me wonder if Pontiac had her redone, if she did her avatar herself, or maybe even Pontiac bought her avatar and have guys running it now, just saying. All I know is, I just lost a LOT of respect for anything at Maxim, I love Second Life, I think it could be big part of a lot of people’s future, but, I’ll take a real life girl over a hot avatar any day. As for the promotion, it worked, I actually visited Motorati Island the other day, but it was real late and nothing was going on, but now I think a deeper inspection of the Island and caLLie is called for. If she is any good at racing, she may be the perfect Second Life Girl.

Oh, and the apply for land button, it looks like Pontiac is giving away land to avatars with good ideas, so if you have a great idea, you may be able to get some land to start something car related in Second Life.

Become a partner with Pontiac and create a thriving island of car culture!

Car culture is so embedded in our society that the themes used by builders can come from every nook and cranny of the real world…

From screaming engines redlining across cracked asphalt to rock-a-billy babes dipping french fries in a drive up diner.

From science geeks blasting rocket cars across the desert hardpan to shade tree mechanics changing the oil on their prized muscle car.

From battle hardened mechs gearing up for battle across an apocalyptic plain to Shriners on go-karts cruising down Main Street.

Let your imagination run wild and then click on the link below to fill out a submission. Consider us insane landlords with a taste for fast cars and big ideas.

It’s your chance, whatcha gonna do?

Apply Now

Note: Due to the amazing amount of interest and submissions for our project we’re almost at capacity with our island. If you have a great idea we’re still interested in it but be aware that there might be a delay in land grants on Motorati for the immediate future. Source: Land-A-Palooza

Here is a promotional video featuring caLLie cLine.

The Motorati website has some other interesting links, like the Car Builds, the Drift or Die Zombie Smash and the Maxim section has links to pick up hot chicks, links to some hot spots and a create the ultimate bachelor pad tutorial.

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Gartner Says Second Life is a Security Risk

August 08th, 2007 | Category: Brands, Security

I know it sounds bad, but they are really right, remember the flying penises incident that happened to The whole world is pretty much unmoderated, so, when creating sims, businesses haven’t locked them down like they should have, and its not because it’s hard to do, you just need to check a couple check boxes and you are a heck of a lot more secure as far as griefers and other drive by types are concerned. The education you get when you come into Second Life is limited, although they have made it better with the island, but building a sim or even a home is a lot more complicated that just navigating SL. So, most businesses should consult with someone before they launch anything in Second Life.

Companies that are sensitive to brand issues, as well as social and ethical positioning, must exercise particular caution in uncontrolled virtual worlds, such as Linden Lab’s Second Life, and should consider more heavily moderated, targeted alternatives, such as There, Kaneva and Activeworlds, Gartner analysts advised.

“The risks enterprises face as a result of their involvement in virtual worlds are real and can be significant. They shouldn’t be ignored — but neither should the potential opportunities and benefits that arise from using these new environments for corporate collaboration and communications,” said Steve Prentice, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. Source: Second Life a security risk for businesses: Gartner

Don’t believe for a second that anything you say in Second Life is secure, if you say it in the open, there are many different ways someone could be listening, and even private chat I wonder if it is really secure. At the very least the Lindens could access it, I’m assuming, not sure how long stuff like that would stay around though.

IBM has the right idea, as far as I can tell, they have even posted rules about their employees in Second Life and how they should conduct themselves when in world. The IBM rules say employees are not to discriminate or harass, or share any intellectual property with people who aren’t supposed to see it. Their avatars should also have a business like appearance. The very minimum companies should do is list the rules and give them to the employees, especially when sensitive data could be leaked accidentally.

So, yes, Second Life is a security risk to some businesses, but as long as they have an idea of what they need to do when setting up, and communicate with their employees about data and protecting their brand, then the risk will be similar to any other aspect of their business.

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