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Guns N’ Roses Performing Tonight at Pera Vista

May 10th, 2008 | Category: Concerts, Dance, Live Music, Mozy Pera

My friend and sometime contributor Mozy Pera has just let me know about something special going on at her place tonight.

Gunz N’ Roses will be performing on Pera Vista Tonight, SATURDAY MAY 10 at 6PM…don’t miss out!!

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24 Hour LIVE AID Concert for the American Cancer Society

December 15th, 2007 | Category: Charity, Concerts, Live Music, Press release

From a notecard from the SL Media Alliance

What: 24 hour LIVE AID FOR American Cancer Society

Where: The Lava pit, sunflower Island

When: December 16th 5am SLT

Hi this is Mama Norfolk from The Lava Pit in Second Life; we are having a live aid concert event on December 16th to benefit the American Cancer Society.

We are looking for any bands/musicians that would like to perform for this great event that will be streamed over 2 sims.

All tips from musicians and donations will be for Cancer research , I am sure that all of us know someone that is battling cancer and would like to help in any way we can to find a cure and advanced treatments for cancer.

Musicians will need to donate at least one hour of their time.

Time slots are going fast so if you would like to participate please contact me or Durell Celt as soon as possible.

This will be a 24 hour event starting at 5am SLT Sunday December 16th.

Please contact Durell Celt or Mama Norfolk for more details.

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Spiral Trance Performing Virtual Concert In Second Life

November 10th, 2007 | Category: Concerts, Live Music

What: Spiral Trance To Perform Virtual Concert In Second Life

When: November 21st, 2007

Where: Psycho Drive Rock Club

Description: November 21st promises to be a rockin’ night at the Psycho Drive Rock Club, located in the 3-D virtual world Second Life, Wisconsin’s 2006 Song of the Year award recipients and 2007 Rock Band of the Year nominees, Spiral Trance, will perform their first ever in-world show.

The 1-hour performance will be streamed into Second Life using partial backing tracks with live vocals. The live audio stream allows band members to interact with the virtual audience in real time, creating a simulated live concert atmosphere. Spiral Trance merchandise and digital downloads will be available at the show. Free avatar T-shirts are available for all guests. A “Best Rock Star” contest will be held and $1,000 prizes will be awarded to male and female winners in Second Life’s virtual currency, Lindens.

Formed in 1995 by Singer/Guitarist Paul Karcz, Spiral Trance has recorded one full-length record and a series of EP’s, many of which were produced at Smart Studios in Madison, owned by Nirvana Producer and Garbage Drummer, Butch Vig. The band has gone on to achieve critical success both locally and nationally, with two LA Music Award performances and nominations, including “National Artist Of The Year.” In 2002, Spiral Trance placed in the Top Ten at the ASCAP Grammy Showcase Awards for the song Hellacious and in 2003 for Breathe Again.

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Classical Pianist Origin Rang at Oyster Bay

October 12th, 2007 | Category: Concerts, Live Music

Classical Pianist Origin Rang is playing Friday night at the Oyster Bay, I haven’t got to listen to him myself, but if you go by the Oyster Bay’s blog, he’s pretty good. He’s playing Friday, at 6PM, on the Oyster Bay.

Classical Music group leader Tyrol Rimbaud says:

“For those who have been fortunate to hear this artist, you will know to be there. If you have not yet been a party to his concerts, this is your opportunity.

“In the opinion of many, the finest musician in Second Life. Simply put, his gift as a pianist is peerless. Come hear the power of a truly virtuoso pianist perform his craft.”

Come early - the sim WILL fill!

From the blog:

The last time Origin Rang graced Oyster Bay with his presence; he was a little-known commodity on the Second Life music scene. Back after just a couple months, he’s a bona fide star. And we’re so excited to have him back this Friday night!

Seeing as Oyster Bay is a “part-time” music venue, we have the luxury of being extremely picky and choosy about our performers. I’m really more interested in quality over quantity - making every performance at Oyster Bay not just another show on the calendar but rather an event. Source: Origin Rang returns to Oyster Bay!

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