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NMC Virtual Learning Prize

May 22nd, 2008 | Category: Building, Competition, Contests, Education, Press release, Teaching

The New Media Consortium is looking for some unique learning experiences in Second Life and they are giving away $100,000 to get them. Here is a link to the official press reselease: press release.

The NMC is committed to pushing the boundaries of how we collectively view teaching and learning in virtual space. The NMC Virtual Learning Prize is envisioned as a way to surface and realize creative ideas for how to make optimal use of a virtual setting, using a process that provides recognition, financial incentives, professional development services, and a return for education as a whole.

“Projects funded under the NMC Virtual Learning Prize program will be those that make learning fresh or novel, or that illustrate concepts that are usually very difficult to teach,” explains Dr. Larry Johnson, NMC’s CEO and director of NMC Virtual Worlds. “We are seeking immersive learning experiences in particular, as well as tools that support the craft of teaching. We hope to see a number of proposals with broad applicability across disciplines as that will allow us to maximize the reach of the shared resources that are to be developed under this program.” Source: NMC Announces $100,000 in Virtual Learning Prizes

How to Apply
Proposals should be detailed enough to fully communicate the vision and ideas behind the proposal; images or sketches may be included if they will help the reviewers visualize the experience or product.

Please download the Virtual Learning Prize Application Form to complete your submission. Your application must include the following information, as specified in the form:

  • 100-word abstract;

  • Title and description of the learning experience or teaching tool/resource;
  • Essential characteristics or features that make this idea especially suitable within a virtual space;
  • Key outcomes for the participant in this experience or the user of this tool;
  • Discussion of the applicability of the experience or tool to a variety of disciplines and courses; and
  • Author contact information — name, title, institution, email, address, phone, and avatar name.

Proposals will be accepted at any time until all funds are disbursed for the 2008-9 award year, but proposals received by June 16, 2008 will have the greatest chance of being funded, as that is the date upon which the review of proposals will begin. Proposals should be submitted electronically to Questions should be directed to the same address.

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Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2008

March 28th, 2008 | Category: Awards, Contests, Machinima, Second Life Videos

Via Comment -

Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2008 - 50,000 L Award

We are looking for artists that can compose the Best Machinima Impression of our Hosoi Ichiba and surroundings on Virgin Island. Hosoi Ichiba is a Japanese style market enclosed by walls and watch towers, overlooking a beautiful landscape. Outside the walls you will find Hosoi Yu Ch’un, a typical Japanese fishing village and the farming village, “Hosoi Lung Ch’un” The sim is packed with romantic spots for you to build your story around.

Your production must apply to the following conditions
- A good story line
- Use of Windlight
- Min. duration of 100 secs
- High quality video
- Published on Youtube
- Title should contain ‘Hosoi Ichiba’

If possible, use:
- Authentic Japanese avatars
- Background sound and or music

What are the rules?
This contest will take off at 15 April 2008.
Your contribution should be published before 15 June 2008
A qualified jury will vote for the winning production
The winning video will be published on our Hosoi Ichiba blog.
The winning artist will be rewarded with 50,000 L$ in cash.
IM Amiryu Hosoi with the URL to your production (youtube)

More information at:

Contributions can be viewed at:

Hosoi Ichiba, Japanese Gardens & Lifestyle Second Life URL

Good luck,

Amiryu Hosoi

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Win an iPod at Circuit City Island

March 01st, 2008 | Category: Contests, Gadgets, Music, Places to Visit

Circuit City has recently relaunched their Second Life presence, creating a four sim Island, they refer to it as Circuit City Island in the terms and conditions of their contest, a contest in which they are giving away 10 iPods to the lucky avatars who find them. The iPods are ten (10) Apple 4GB iPod Nano ARV: $149.99, Model No. APL MB245LLA.

Circuit City Island

Circuit City Island 2

According to the rules they will randomly hide one iPod on the island, the sims will not always have an iPod hidden there, and the avatar who finds it, must click on it to claim it. I was all over this place tonight, PRETTY sure it wasn’t there. It would be nice if they would post a winners list so we can see if there are still prizes available. The sim has all kind of great info on the island, including a walk through giant digital SLR camera that shows you its inner workings.

Circuit City Island 3

Circuit City iPod Contest
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Amour Amusement Park Christmas Contest

December 20th, 2007 | Category: Building, Christmas, Contests, Places to Visit

Derrek Pain im’d me tonight to let me know about the Amour Amusement Park XMas Contest, they hold a contest every couple of months I’m told and right now it is the Christmas Build contest. Every competitor gets a 1024 lot with 234 prims each, it must be original, nothing can be for sale and no ban lines. If only we could make those rules in real life, er, I mean in Second Life, ban lines suck. Prize money will be at least 10,000 lindens spread over the first three places

These snowmen from Calvin and Hobbes are great, makes me want to build a couple armies of them and throw em together to see what happens.

Christmas Build Competition

Christmas Build Competition 2

Here is Derrek’s lot.

Christmas Build Competition 3

Christmas Build Competition 4

The other side of Derrek’s lot has a nativity scene, so it has the snowmen and Santa on one side and Jesus on the other.
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Modeling Contests

August 25th, 2007 | Category: Contests, Modeling

Modeling Contests

Here is a nice post over on the Second Style Fashionista blog, detailing all of the modeling contests and links to get more information.

First, Style Guru and Second Style columnist Isabella Sampaio has revealed the 20 competitors (and 3 alternative participants) for her Miss SL Tropics contest. The winner will be crowned at a pageant that will take place at noon SLT on August 26, 2007 (when I will be at SLCC, alas.) You can see close up head shots of the 20 lucky finalists on Isabella’s blog post here. Good luck to all of the models. Source: Who’s the fiercest of them all?

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Create Second Life Comics in Second Life

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Contests, Photography

Photography Contest 30: COMICS

Where: The Photography Studio of Grignano

Theme: Comics, funnies, cartoons, single panel or strips MADE IN SECOND LIFE. Cash prizes.

SL Toon Studio is on the roof! Try it out - it rocks! <—demo video

Patch Lamington is offering 3 Special Prizes for Toon Studio shots: #1 - 500 L for best submission using an unedited Toon Studio snapshot (single frame)

#2 - 500 L for the best submission using 3 or more Toon Studio snaps stitched together to make a single comic. (no other editing!)

#3 - 100L special bonus for the funniest joke set in the library (just to see if it’s possible :-)
There is a Toon Studio in Amicitia at Patch’s Place which can be used by anyone. Also one will be set up for use at Blumfield Park. Boxed Toon Studios will be available at both places for purchase.

The contest themes are always loose - any interpretation is good. The theme is comics. Do ANYTHING you want. Get funky.
Single panel, multi-panel, dress up in cell-shaded gear, use the SL Toon Studio or use something else.
If you make a machinima cartoon I can display it - however if I get more than one it won’t be as easy.

You may make something like an animated texture or other cool thing if you want. You don’t have any tight limits.
If you make something cool that doesn’t seem to fit the “textures” requirement just enter it anyway.

Straight snaps or manipulated - it’s all good.

DATES Enter by: 7 September 2007 - late entries will be hung space permitting but will not be eligible for prizes.
Exhibition: 10 September - 30 September 2007 in the Photography Studio upstairs gallery.

We will have an awards ceremony - time TBA.

To Enter

Special Comic-Type Entry Rules
Comic Strips may be formed from multiple textures on prims or enter 3 textures of Second Life screenshots. Textures can be no bigger than 512×512 - rectangular photos saved as 512×512 regain their proportions once they are put on a prim.

Title entries with your name + title so I don’t lose it in my inventory Send them to Osprey Therian with MOD permission and COPY permission. Give me an IM so I know to look for them.

Don’t send them in a notecard - I say this as I look at textures every day but I rarely look at notecards. If I don’t get your heads-up the entry gets buried under the billion spam notecards I get per week. I hate it when things get lost - the only entries that’ve been lost thus far were in notecards.

The Photography Studio is located in The Brownstone East, Grignano Grignano is a pg sim.

Osprey says, “Hello!”

My idea is that you will be able to use backdrops, props, poses, costumes for screenshots. We all have costumes we’ve acquired - why not use them? This is a chance to break out those Olde London clothes - or be a modern time-traveler photographed a hundred years ago in clothes from the future.

I have too many ideas to get ‘em all going at once - but this is a nice start. Thanks to Enjah Mysterio for her supreme skills and patience while posing. The Gibson Girl hair really looks good!

Second Life URL.

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The Flowers Of Yedo

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Contests, Fashion Show, Grid Hopping

The Flowers Of Yedo

When: Aug 11, 2007 12:00 AM - 1:30 AM (Saturday)

Where: Cecil

Tags: Cecil Nightlife Entertainment Second Life Susan Usher

Description: On Saturday The 11th August At 12.00 Am Pdt 22nd Century Yedo Presents

The Flowers of Yedo!

A Fashion Show where the best dressed couple on the dance floor can win a prize for the ladies a dress and for the men a suit made by a top designer.

You are very welcome to come to the show and bring your friends with you everybody that brings a friend to the show will get a free gift.

There is no need to fill in any forms just by turning up you can enter.

There will be a stage to show off your dresses you can enter alone or as a couple.

Second Life URL.

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Sanctuary Rock Tattoo Event

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Contests, Grid Hopping

Sanctuary Rock-Tattoo Event

When: Aug 11, 2007 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM (Saturday)

Where: Sanctuary Rock Second Life

Tags: Adult Mature Mirari Cheney Nightlife Entertainment Sanctuary Rock Second Life

Description: TATTOOS!! It could be a dragon, a symbol, or even a rose ~ it doesn’t matter which you choose. Tonight the art of tattooing is the fun and as always, there are some Lindens to be won!

Our Music is best listened to LOUD! We Play a great Variety of Mainstream Rock, nu-metal, gothic, & Hard Rock! Requests are always welcomed!

Dance with Friends While the Pig Sploder Pumps Out $Lindens$ Every Event! Thousands to be Won Daily! Come Dress in Your Favorite Outfit. Dance, Party, Play & Rock!

Second Life URL.

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No comments Rewards Photography on Second Life

August 09th, 2007 | Category: Contests, Photography

First virtual photography guide

This guide, available free of charge on the contest blog, is intended for Second Life avatars to help them take their first photos in the virtual world.

Confirmed and amateur photographers can then take part in the “SL Foto Contest”. “Photo-lifers” can use the head-up displays (HUDs) made available to avatars on many islands in the virtual world to send in their best shots directly to the contest blog

10,000 Linden Dollars for the best photo

Net surfers vote for their favorite photograph every week: landscapes, avatars, monuments, etc. Each photo can reap 10,000 Linden dollars for the photographer, as well as free draws on and a photo album with the top photos taken on Second Life.

A virtual exhibition featuring all the photographs of the winners will be organized in the virtual universe at the end of the contest.

Participants from 56 countries

The operation, conceived by Publicis Consultants / Net Intelligenz, has already been met with great success in the international community of “SLifers”: by July 30th, the contest blog had already seen 2,000 daily visits from 56 countries.

About FOTOCOM is a company that specializes in the development of digital photos over the Internet. A leader in Benelux and France, processes digital photos for all European Community countries and beyond.

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Miss SL Tropics 2007 Competition

August 03rd, 2007 | Category: Contests, Miss SL Tropics, Modeling

Want a shot at being a top Second Life model? This could be your chance, although the winner will not be added to the roster immediately, you get a big prize package and your foot in the virtual door.

Twenty finalists competing for the title will take the runway donning swimsuit, casual wear and formal fashions—all with a uniquely tropical theme. Five finalists will take on judges’ questions en route to the naming of the 2007 Miss SL Tropics winner.

The title winner will receive a prize package that includes:
-The reigning title of Miss SL Tropics 2007
-A jewelry package, including a custom tiara designed just for this competition, compliments of Zanza Marx of Belle Amie
-A one-of-a-kind framed “tropics” themed art creation by SL contemporary artist Scott Deschanel
-An ASpiRE! Isle shopping spree, compliments of several ASpiRE! Isle designers
-A glamorous professional model photo shoot session and portfolio photos, compliments of Marisela Bouchard, co-owner of Elysian Art DeCole Gallery
-A feature profile in ASpiRE! Magazine
-A pictorial spread in Second Style Magazine
-A $1000L cash prize

Prizes will also be awarded to the four other top finalists who are runners-up in the competition.


Send the following by 10 pm SLT/PDT, Sunday, August 5, to Isabella Sampaio in a folder titled “MISS SL TROPICS - (Your Name) :
1) A notecard that offers a brief statement of why you believe you should be selected to compete in the Miss SL Tropics competition. What do you feel you bring that is special and unique?
2) WITHIN the notecard, please drag and drop 3 copy/mod photos (no nude shots):
-facial close-up
-3/4 length body in swimwear
-full-length body in an outfit of your choice

Excessive photoshopping is *not* encouraged. We want to see the real you. Simple, stylish and elegant is your best approach!

Entries received beyond this deadline will unfortunately not be eligible.

• Contestants must be able to compete at noon SLT/PDT on Sunday, August 26.
• Do not IM Ms. Sampaio to check on the status of your entry or to make special appeals for selection. Doing so may affect your eligibility.
• 20 finalists, including two alternates, will be notified about their selection by Friday, August 10, and invited to join a Miss SL Tropics group. Finalists also will be posted on the Aspire Blog at
• ASpiRE! models are not eligible for competition but will support those who are competing!

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Win L$500,000 from Wise Metaverse

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Contests

Here is a nice big pile of lindens you can win, if you can come up with the most promising use for the Wise Metaverse Texture Management System.

In cooperation with JT Financials and, the Wise Metaverse will be giving a grand prize of L$500,000 (five hundred thousand Linden Dollars) to the Second Life entrepreneur that can come up with most creative, promising use for the revolutionary new Wise Metaverse Texture Management System.

The system is a comprehensive advertising and texture-rotation solution, allowing users to drop scripts into objects they own or have created in Second Life, then use an online account management tool located at to update textures on their objects grid-wide, set rotation time, track click counts for each texture, track impressions for each texture, and control what each texture gives when clicked (object, notecard, or landmark). The management tool even allows for users to create multiple campaigns for different objects they are using. Source: Wise Metaverse offering L$500,000 prize to best Second Life business plan

All submissions must be received no later than August 19, 2007. Those submitting entries are asked to please include their Second Life avatar names in the subject line of the email. Get a free copy of the system here, Second Life URL.

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Win L$100,000 from iWoot

July 26th, 2007 | Category: Contests

iWoot just recently opened their store in Second Life, and in this one, you can walk through and browse their store for stuff you actually have delivered to your home, yes, you have to get up because they will bring it to your door. Now, they are having a contest in which you could win L$100,000 linden, all you have to do is show them somewhere they don’t know about, or tell them a good story for a shot at winning.

But the store is just one of the island’s five areas, each shaped as a letter to spell “IWOOT” when looked at from high in the sky. One of the “O”s is a huge maze with cash prizes, “T” is marketplace where prominent virtual gadget makers exhibit their creations free of charge, there is an IWOOT office and a lighthouse (the “I”), picnic areas, a mountain with a lake full of jellyfish and crabs, media area and more.

Dear SL Residents, this competition is open to all of you! To celebrate the launch of the IWOOT Island we are giving away a cash prize of L$100,000 Lindens! (Almost £200) We want you to send us your coolest “things we didn’t know… about Second Life” and the best one will get the prize money transferred to their avatar. So go on, share those funny stories, wacky gadgets and stunning places for a chance to become seriously rich.

Terms & Conditions

  • Closing date is noon on 21st August 2007.

  • The competition is open to all Second Life registered members.
  • Prize will be paid to the virtual avatar account of the winner.
  • The prizewinner will be the first winner picked at random from the draw on 22nd August 2007.
  • The prize is 100,000 Linden dollars. The prizewinner will be notified on 22nd August 2007 to check their eligibility and if they do not meet the competition requirements another name will be drawn.
  • The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  • By entering this competition you agree to receive our rather marvelous newsletter, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.
  • From time to time we may include customer comments and feedback on the site, and in our catalogue and other media. By submitting your comment you are granting us permission to publish it and, if necessary, edit it for clarity and typos. We will never publish your name in full (First name and surname initial only).

Source: iWoot Via Second Life Insider

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