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IBM in the Metaverse: Sandra Kearney

September 13th, 2007 | Category: Discussion, Education, Employment, RL Meets SL

What: IBM in the Metaverse: Sandra Kearney

When: Start: 09/20/2007 - 12:00 End: 09/20/2007 - 13:30 Timezone: US/Pacific

Where: Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, will be streamed to Metaversed Island. Note: For some reason, Metaversed has not made it easy to find a slurl to their island, so I will post it later.

Description: Our second Metanomics event is our first stab at a truly mixed-reality event. Sandra Kearney of IBM will be speaking on IBM’s extensive involvement in the metaverse, from Cornell University’s Sage Hall, home of Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. The event will be streamed live onto Metaversed Island, and will also be broadcast live on the Second Life Cable Network.

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Gronstedt Group “Train for Success”

September 07th, 2007 | Category: Education, Employment, Jobs, Second Life Voice

What: Gronstedt Group “Train for Success”

When: Thu Sep 13 12pm - Thu Sep 13 1pm

Where: Wolpertinger

Description: Web 2.0 Powered Communications: Transforming frontline performance with Second Life, pod casting and simulations

Thursdays 9.00-10.00 AM SLT (noon-1.00 PM EDT).

A completely new breed of game-savvy and socially-networked employees is entering the workforce, with little patience for the traditional doldrums of workplace communications. They want to be engaged, in control, and part of the storyline. Learn how leading companies like IBM, Ericsson, Dell, Nike and EMC are turbo-charging workplace performance with learning programs that focus on doing, simulating, socializing, playing, sharing, and collaborating.

- Redefine and energize meetings with the sprawling, vibrant 3D virtual worlds of Second Life.

- Turn the morning commute into a learning experience with fast-paced, radio-style Podcast audio feeds.

- Help people learn by doing with game-based simulators.

The session is led by Dr. Anders Gronstedt, president of the Gronstedt Group and author of recent Harvard Business Review and T+D Magazine articles on the topic.

We’ll be Second Life voice. You need to turn voice on by going to Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat and check the “Enable Voice” box. To turn your voice microphone on, press the “Talk” button on the Voice tab in the right bottom corner of the Viewer.

Second Life URL.

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Party, Free Money & Jobs

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Employment, Grid Hopping, Jobs

Party, Free Money & Jobs

When: Aug 11, 2007 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM (Saturday)

Where: Dunbeath Second Life

Tags: Dunbeath Nightlife Entertainment Rasheeda Writer Second Life

Description: This Event Is From 1230 To 330 2-This Is Not An All Day Event 3-Sunday & Monday Nites Is Rnb Music Nite, Fast And Slow Rnb Songs 4-Tuesday Nites Is 80’s & 90’s Music Nite, Classic Slow And Dance Songs 5-Wednesday Nites Is 70’s & Golden Oldies Music Nite, Classic Songs That Were Made Before 1980 6-Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nites Is Party Music Nite, The Best Ever Party Jams. 7-The Nite Club Is On The 2nd Floor 8-You Can Also Check Out Our Mall, We Have The Lowest Prices On Gestures, Clothes, Skins, Furniture, Shoes & Boots, Jewelry, Etc. We Have Everything. 9-If You Need A Job, Click On The Club Host Standing By The Front Entrance Of The Strip Club And Click The Notecard Tab For An Application And Follow The Instructions. 10-If Your Just Lookin To Make Quick Cash, Read The Big Red Sign When You Arrive. 11-We Also Have Store Rentals Available. The Price Is 500l’s Per Week For 100 Prims. See Launa Valeeva Or Precious Messmer For Info.

Second Life URL.

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