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Simuality Hosts Fundraiser For China Earthquake Aid

May 16th, 2008 | Category: Dance, Entertainment, Music, Press release

From a press release:

Metaverse developer Simuality LLC is seeking to help raise funds for relief of the horrible human tragedy in China’s Sichuan Province following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which devastated the region this week.

Hosting their appeal in the virtual world of Second Life, Simuality will be turning over the very popular Club Mannequin for a 24-hour fundraiser. The club is one of the most popular locations in Second Life, and is a hub for nightlife and designer clothing, as well as being the future cornerstone of a developing virtual fashion and entertainment district. Club Mannequin is one of the highest traffic spots in SL, featuring urban styles and hip-hop music. Special guest DJs will be on hand to keep the party going.

Prominently featured in the middle of the dance floor will be an attention-grabbing donation kiosk, with smaller versions placed around the club and in surrounding areas. The event will take place from midnight to midnight (Pacific Time) on Saturday, May 17th at Club Mannequin in Second Life.

Virtual world donations are being collected in the Second Life currency of Linden Dollars. All monies collected will be donated to the International Red Cross to support their efforts to aid the hundreds of thousands of survivors of China’s major earthquake disaster.

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Avatrait Gallery Introduces An Exclusive Showing By Shoshana Epsilon

Evanston, IL – 04/11/2008 – Avatrait Gallery, Second Life’s premier site for “Digital Impressionist” art, has recently undergone a major renovation as part of the on-going upgrades to the Simuality sim. They are very pleased to announce the resumption of monthly features with an exclusive showing of images by noted artist Shoshana Epsilon, starting with a gallery re-opening celebration on Saturday, April 12th, at 1pm SLT.

Avatrait Gallery

Shoshana noted on her blog:

“I’ve been working privately for months to try to come up with a new set of pictures that would be unique. … I’m really excited about this show. I’ve really stretched, as far as the subject matter is concerned. There will be topics on display that I’ve been too sensitive to touch before.”

She notes that many of her images have “a back story” and invites attendees to ask her about these, but also adds that some are just pure whimsy. Aside from the April 12th opening, Shoshana will be available for additional “meet-the-artist” events during the month: Thursday, April 17th at 4pm; Sunday, April 20th at 5am; Tuesday, April 22nd at 4pm; and Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm (all times SLT).

Shoshana Epsilon’s images can be purchased both on an exclusive basis in-world (only one copy of the image exists), and as high-quality real-world prints. As always, there is a “freebie” framed graphic by our featured artist available across from the gallery welcome desk.

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Second Life Shakespeare Company Open Auditions

March 21st, 2008 | Category: Acting, Art, Entertainment, Theatre

Via Pixeltheatre

The SL Shakespeare Company will be holding a round of open auditions for our upcoming Hamlet productions, the earliest of which opens on 4/23, with rehearsals beginning in early April. (In addition, we may also be performing a non-Hamlet scene in May. More details to come.)

Play: Hamlet

Time: Sunday, 3/30 at high noon SLT

Order: on a “first come, first act” basis.

(Location: Globe Theatre: SLURL) first mentioned here as part of the Top Sims in SL article.

Directions: Please be prepared to read a passage of your choice of the character you wish to perform, a passage of our choice of the same character, and possibly, an unrelated scene of our choice. (In addition, you may also show us a passage from another Shakespearean play.)

Criteria: Quality, availability, and SL Voice/mic clarity (sorry!). Evidence that you’ve practiced your lines a bit and are familiar enough with your character to do well on our “pop quiz” may help ;-).

Technical Help: Please arrive an hour early (11 AM, SL Time) if you need help setting up, tweaking, or configuring your microphone for SL voice performances.

Also: Please email with your availability for rehearsals beginning in early April. We will automatically add you to our repertory cast list, but that does not necessarily mean you get a role. (For those on the repertory cast, we will contact you prior to each production.)

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Swedish Film Festival in Second Life

November 16th, 2007 | Category: Entertainment, Festival, RL Meets SL

What: The Short Film Festival in Second Life: Three films, two days, one virtual screen

When: November 22-23, 2007

Where: Second House of Sweden

Description: On 22-23 November 2007, the Second House of Sweden is hosting a series of three critically acclaimed Swedish short films at its amphitheater in the virtual world of Second Life. The producers and directors of the films will be on hand to introduce their work; after each viewing, join them in a discussion of their films. They will be showing: On Thursday, 22 November, 7AM Second Life time (4PM Stockholm time, 11PM Shanghai time) they will be showing Music for one apartment and six drummers (10 minutes — 2001), and Sweden/Sverige (8 minutes — 2000). On Friday, 23 November, 7AM Second Life time (4PM Stockholm time, 11PM Shanghai time) they will be showing and Punkspark (29 minutes — 2007).

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Kick Dilbert in the Nuts in Second Life

October 30th, 2007 | Category: Appearance, Art, Entertainment, Giveaway, RL Meets SL

Scott Adams
What: Scott Adams had an avatar created in Second Life just users could abuse him in the virtual world, much like they do on his blog, here, or so he says.

When: Tonight, October 30, 2007 at 9pm Eastern time.

Where: Kula Second Life

Description: From his blog, I took digital photos of my head from all angles and had it turned into a 3-D character, called an avatar. I’ll be on stage answering questions in a public forum in Second Life tomorrow night. Each person will have a chance to come on stage and literally kick my avatar in the nuts. Or punch me, or slap me, or any combination. Just push a button to select your method of assault. My avatar is programmed to react to the blows but won’t fight back.

You can also get a free digital poster of Dilbert and Dogbert, suitable for displaying on your digital wall in Second Life.

This idea was born of the old marketing truism, “Your customers tell you what business you are in.” In my case, this blog has evolved to a forum where I say unpopular things and my readers abuse me in the comments. I’m just extending that to the virtual world where you can take out your frustration at my stubborn refusal to recognize the truth and beauty of your opinions, by kicking me in the ‘nads. This is what you call being customer focused. I think Nordstrom could learn a thing or two from my example.

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Virtual Vibe Jazz Fest ‘07

October 23rd, 2007 | Category: Discussion, Entertainment, Festival, Jazz, Live Music

What: Virtual Vibe Jazz Fest ‘07

When: Friday, October 26, 2007 6:00AM SLT

Where: Ilha de Intercambio Island in Second Life

Description: The USC Center on Public Diplomacy and the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Information Programs invite you to join them in Second Life for Virtual Vibe Jazz Fest ’07. Featuring Second Life musicians with live performances by Paisley Beebe (Australia), Jean Monro (United States), Ankari Holder (Mexico), and MORE! There will also be a panel discussion titled, “Jazz in the 21st Century: The role jazz plays in promoting American values overseas and how new technologies like Second Life are helping.”

Just too bad it’s so early, and on a workday, dangit.

Second Life URL. Click here for more info.

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The Best Geisha Show in Second Life

August 22nd, 2007 | Category: Dinner, Entertainment, Geisha Show

The best Geisha-Show in whole SL

When: Aug 22, 2007 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM (Wednesday)

Where: Gingivere Second Life

Tags: Adult ChaCha Biedermann Gingivere Mature Nightlife Entertainment Second Life

Description: You are hereby invited to come visit our unique Geisha-Show at Kyoto-Gosho-Castle, where we also offer you animated japanese dinner for groups with up to 8 people. (bring your mates from your dojo)

Further our extensive garden offers you the chance to relax at or in our Onsen-Hotspring. You can also meditate in our Temple, if you like to be alone and listen to the birds.

Our Training-Stage offers various trainings for Samurai with C:SI-compatible melee-weapons. Shooting is not allowed on our ground, but duels are welcome outside the houses.

We also offer various entertainment for couples/lovers, so bring your partner.


The Shogun.

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Nudist Colony Dance and Party

August 10th, 2007 | Category: Entertainment

Let me see some skin ;) Nudist colony dance and party

When: Aug 10, 2007 12:30 AM - 2:30 AM (Friday)

Where: Jodis Second Life

Tags: Adult Jodis Mature Nightlife Entertainment Second Life Shelaine Swenholt

Description: Since 2004, our SL NUDIST COLONY group has been clothing-optional and letting it all hang out! If you like the freedom of going without your clothes, if you appreciate the fine human form, join us! Our headquarters is XXX Playground club in Jodis. Midnite is our meeting time and we got plenty of fun with a raffle on! This is a mature event. And remember, what happens at XPG, stays at XPG! This is a mature event.

XPG offers:

  • Game room with 20 new fun games to play

  • Paid to dance camping pads, paid survey machine Treasure hunt game, sploder, freebies
  • 3 Huge levels to explore
  • 1000+ items in the shopping mall, half off sale till Sunday
  • Erotic Art gallery and VIP level
  • Dancers on duty to entertain you, kissing booth, lap dance special, striptease shows
  • free money, linden camping, paid to dance pads, camp chairs.

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Fireworks Show Happening Right Now

August 02nd, 2007 | Category: Entertainment, Fireworks

Just got invited to a fireworks show, Second Life URL, and it looks pretty cool, check it out.

Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show

Second Life URL
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