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Watch the Metanomics Fashion Show

October 15th, 2007 | Category: Fashion, Fashion Show

What: Metanomics - Fashion!

When: Oct 15, 2007 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (Monday)

Where: Metaversed Second Life

Tags: Education learning Metaversed Onder Skall Second Life

Description: Join us for a full fashion show followed by a Metanomics session examining passion in the Metaverse. Our guests will be fashionistas Raven Pennyfeather and Nyla Cheeky, and media expert Jack Myers.

The event is hosted by Robert Bloomfield and sponsored by Cornell University. Please come early as the Metanomics events have been filling the sim.

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Japanese Fashion in Second Life

August 23rd, 2007 | Category: Fashion

Iris Ophelia’s of New World News gives us a rundown on how Japanese designers are breaking new ground in Second Life, and talks about her favorite Japanese owned shops in this first of two installments. The second installment will have more and will have tips on breaking the language barrier.

More and more talented Japanese artists and companies are developing the virtual world around us– even a quick glance shows how groundbreaking these efforts have been, or can be. But with so much innovation happening on the Japanese frontiers of Second Life, why is there so little coverage of their work in the SL fashion scene? It’s time for the sun to rise on our fashionable friends from the East. Source: Ophelia’s Gaze: the Second Life of Japanese Fashion, Part 1

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The Writers’ Block Party

August 14th, 2007 | Category: Books, Fashion, Party

What: The Writers’ Block Party

Where: Book Island, Media World (208, 225, 37)

When: August 18, 2007

On Saturday night, August 18, the publishing and fashion industries will party together in a tribute to the gothic novel. The Literary Fashions party combines the efforts of dozens of vendors on two sims and welcomes Book Island’s newest member, the Writers’ Block Café and Bar. Top Goth fashionistas will roll out their fall collections to tunes spun by DJ Masacre Soon, followed by dancing, drinking, and fireworks. There will be prizes for outfits depicting characters from gothic horror literature, and a super grand prize of a gothic castle designed by Qabalah Quintus. The Writers’ Block is the latest venture of the Alliance Second Life Library, in partnership with Book Island. The event begins at 3:00 SL at Pulitzer Square. For more information contact Vikki Planer, manager of The Writers’ Block Café and Bar.

Source: Writers’ Block Party, Saturday August 18th

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Fashion, Runway Shows and Second Life

August 06th, 2007 | Category: Fashion

More and more of the fashion community is venturing into Second Life, on the Second Life News and Photos blog, there were a bunch of pictures posted from a fashion show just this past weekend, check em out Second Life News. So it comes as no surprise to some of us that others are dipping their toes in as well, it will be interesting to note if we ever see avatars representing today’s top models on a Second Life runway. I’d pay good money to see that, well, I’d pay Lindens to see it.

In the virtual world of Second Life, with its more than eight million members worldwide, fashion is a serious business, with online designs for avatars generating hard currency for its users. There are even some real-life cosmetics and apparel companies that have sold virtual items in Second Life. They include big-name brands like Reebok, Aveda, American Apparel, Union Bay and Adidas, while companies like Lacoste and L’Oréal have dipped a toe into the virtual world by doing some branding activities in Second Life.

Second Life has its own successful virtual glossy magazine called Second Style. The publisher and editor in chief of the magazine, Celebrity Trollop, has created exceptional fashion spreads and insightful article for virtual fashion followers. “One of the major social activities in Second Life is shopping, and most Second Life residents love to experiment with clothing styles, colors and shapes. Buying new outfits to show your friends is a common way avatars entertain each other,” says Trollop in an e-mailed interview, as anonymity is a key element in virtual living.

At the moment there are no well-known upscale fashion labels that are working in Second Life. But that hasn’t kept virtual fashion designers from creating intricate homage’s to favorite fashion designers. “In-world,” a term used for logging into Second Life, fashion house Paper Couture came up with a breathtaking gown for some lucky avatar, inspired by a spring/summer 2007 haute couture gown by Christian Lacroix. The Canadian fashion designer Nyla has taken her real-world creations and morphed them into Second Life ensembles. This way shoppers can “try on” an outfit on their avatar to see how it looks before they purchase it for themselves in the real world. She also recently recreated a dress worn by a celebrity at Cannes in Second Life ( Source: Fashion giants are venturing into virtual worlds

Worth a read.

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