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Second Life News for January 24, 2008

January 24th, 2008 | Category: Finance, Second Life News

Note: I think this is the largest Second Life News post we’ve ever had, so, be sure to click the read more link at the bottom to see the whole post.

From: Intellectual Property Second Life Raises Novel IP Issues Quote from the site - Among them is whether use of a trademark exclusively in a virtual world can be ‘use in commerce.’ The adult entertainment industry is responsible for bringing many of the seminal cases that have shaped intellectual property law on the Internet, from Playboy Enterprises Inc. giving rise to the “initial interest confusion” test for trademark infringement, to Perfect 10 shaping the contours of search engine liability. And now a company named Eros LLC is seeking to join their ranks.

From: Daily Trojan ITP takes appropriate step going virtual Quote from the site - The scavenger hunt’s rules are undeniably simple: Solve three clues over three weeks and be entered into a lottery that pays out an iPod nano, an iPod shuffle and a $30 iTunes gift certificate. So what’s the catch? Participants will hunt for the clues in a virtual world.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life A Marketer’s Blindness: Avatars Don’t Lie Quote from the site - Having myself been quoted out of context and wishing I could die over it, I’m working very hard to give Mark Hughes (author of Buzz Marketing?) the benefit of the doubt.

From: No 7 on Second Life Weblog The Place of Alts in Second Life Quote from the site - There is a really fascinating, and challenging, piece on Dusan Writer’s Metaverse blog today about the rights and wrongs, good and bad things, about having an alternative avatar in Second Life and other virtual worlds.

From: Israel21c Second Life takes you on a virtual trip to the Holy Land [VIDEO] Quote from the site - Would you like to swim in the coral reef of Eilat or float in the Dead Sea? How about drinking coffee on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with the waves tickling your toes? Or perhaps a religious pilgrimage to the Old City of Jerusalem is more your thing?

From: Fairfax Digital Tennis bounces back to Second Life Quote from the site - Last year it was by invitation only, but this year IBM is inviting the public to inspect its virtual replica of Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

From: the Inquirer Bankers ruin things in Second Life Quote from the site - VIRTUAL BANKERS are throwing themselves off skyscrapers as a shutdown of the make-believe banking system is causing real-life havoc for thousands of people, reports the Wall Street Journal.

From: The Independent Cyberclinic: Virtual Populations Quote from the site - The number of people actively exploring an alternate existence in a virtual world just keeps on growing. With last year’s release of The Burning Crusade – an expansion pack for the online role playing game World Of Warcraft – the number of current users of the game has just topped 10 million; in terms of population, that puts World Of Warcraft somewhere between Serbia and Hungary.

From: Tech Daily Dose Duran Duran Inspired By Second Life? Quote from the site - On the way to work on Wednesday, I heard a radio interview with the British boppers who recently put out a new album called “Red Carpet Massacre.” In the XM Satellite Radio spot, they explain that the inspiration for their song “Zoom In” is the popular virtual world Second Life.

From: WhooshUp Second Life Meeting FAQ List Quote from the site - With the official kickoff of Second Life discussion group meetings coming up this Saturday January 26 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, let’s maintain a checklist of instructions, hints, warnings and frequently asked questions - FAQs.

From: The Changing Face of Media Second Life – Where’s George Bailey and The Bailey Building & Loan When You Need It? Quote from the site - If you didn’t catch The Wall Street Journal today… Robin Sidel did an excellent article on the current monetary/economic tragedy occurring in Second Life.

From: Glass House When A Second Life Is Harder Than The First Quote from the site - I’ve been a skeptic of second life all along, not because I think the premise is wrong, but because the hype was out of control compared to the experience (Hello, media? World of Warcraft? More users? More community engagement?). One of the best lines though was someone who said: “Second Life? I don’t even have time for a first life.”

From: The Risk Factor Second Life Becomes Second Swipe Quote from the site - Linden Lab’s virtual world Second Life has had to crack down on virtual banking, giving them until yesterday to shut down their operations, according to the LA Times.

From: Government Executive NASA’s Second Life Quote from the site - NASA wants to do more than just seek new worlds, it wants to create one. The day after Valentine’s Day, the space agency hopes to receive a pile of five-page proposals detailing how it should go about creating a synthetic online world and a multiplayer game within it.

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Discuss Second Life Financial Issues

November 10th, 2007 | Category: Banking, Discussion, Finance

What: Discussing Banking and Other Financial Issues in Second Life

When: At 1 p.m. SLT on Saturday, 10 November 2007

Where: Pandoria (16,157,23) in Second Life

Description: Nobody Fugazi will be talking about the Second Life banking industry as a guest on Sophrosyne’s Salon. I will be caffeinated, prepared, and will deal with hecklers with extreme amusement.

But seriously - the issue of banking within Second Life is a very real issue, especially with the events over the last 4 months.

If you’re interested in banking and related issues within Second Life, stop in. It promises to be an interesting bit of time where people can listen to some thoughts and ideas - and come to terms with some of the realities.

Second Life URL.

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SL Financial News August 11, 2007

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Finance, Stock Exchanges

Ginko Perpetual Bonds live If you’re determined to cash in your bonds by the way, you’ll get a bad price. The best price currently available is L$0.14/share (this changes quite fast, it was L$0.15/share when I started this article), but there are a limited number of offers at that price. You’d be lucky to realise L$125,000 on 1,000,000 bonds (that’s former savings of L$1,000,000) - that’s 1/8th of the value of your former savings.

Deficits, money supply and the Second Life business cycle Matthew Beller, a former employee of the Federal Reserve who currently works for the Securities and Exchange Commission in Los Angeles, notes that since the middle of 2006, when Second Life’s population really began to take off, Linden has been running a persistent and growing budget deficit within the virtual world’s economy.

Ginko Perpetual Bonds and You The Overview, Trading History and Last 10 Trades are indicators of recent performance. You can tell what the stock is presently worth, and even guesstimate the trend of the GPB based on recent performance. These will be important over time; despite your best efforts it is unlikely you will be able to sell your shiny new GPB because everyone else will be trying to sell. Who will be trying to buy? Likely it will be Ginko Financial itself, and perhaps a few speculative investors. Selling low to speculative investors will not help anyone but it can minimize your losses should GPB fold completely - and it will degrade the value of the bond for others.

Businessweek: Virtual Exchanges Get Real (Updated - Businessweek Article Error caught) “It’s a game,” says Connell, who in the physical world is the managing director of an investment firm called Hope Capital. “You don’t regulate something that’s not real.” He says that what happened to his exchange in recent weeks was an “ethical fraud,” but not a criminal act, because this is all fictional. Others disagree, as participants make real money, even if it’s not much, through these virtual businesses and exchanges.

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