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Journey Rock Band Gets A Second Life

February 18th, 2008 | Category: Fun, Mozy Pera, Music, Places to Visit

Journey Rock Band Gets A Secondlife - By Mozy Pera

The Rock & Roll entertainment giants Journey have opened a new virtual island in Second life.

Journey Island

On February 1st the multi-platinum rockers held a grand opening party to celebrate their new virtual world sim called Journey Island. I got the news a couple weeks too late so I can’t say first hand how the event unfolded although I am sure it went well.

After hearing about the new Island, I teleported over to have a look around and was greeted by one of the Island welcome committee members and also a nice pre-recorded voice greeter. Journey fans were dropping in to my left and to my right. Many of the band’s fans are new to Second life and are signing up through the bands newly designed website – via the link to Second life.

The band is currently on the road doing a world tour to help promote their new album (due to release in 2008) and this virtual platform will allow them to stay connected with their fans while touring, as well as their off seasons.

Journey Island was built by, Journey’s long time web developer and features work by SL builders Farrokh Vavoom, Argus Collingwood, Jocelyn Sands and Adrian Harbinger. The Second life region is named Journey Rock Band.

I was fortunate that the two sim managers Farrokh Vavoom and Argus Collingwood were hanging out on the sim and shortly after meeting them; they offered me a tour of the island and an informal interview. They teleported me to a quiet little water world area under the grid where I was greeted by several friendly ocean critters including sharks and jellyfish. Whoa!

Mozy Pera

The entire sim has been setup very well and a lot of thought and planning went into the development, layout, design and function of it. Owning and designing sims myself, I can appreciate all the hard work they did there.
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TUi Neo LVL2: Magical Elven Wand

October 18th, 2007 | Category: Building, Design, Education, Fun, Halloween

What: TUi Neo LVL2: Magical Elven Wand

When: Oct 18, 2007 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Thursday)

Where: Technical User interfacing Second Life

Tags: Education learning Lishi Nishi Second Life Technical User interfacing

Description: TUi Neo LVL2: Magical Elven Wand

Instructor: Lishi Nishi Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free Prerequisites: Be familiar with resizing, rotating, and linking prims and the build menu. You should be comfortable with opening a script and adding contents to prims. Join us in making your own magic wand with orbiting particles. It’s the perfect accessory for good and bad witches, elves, fairies, dragons, humans, and any other creature roaming Second Life. Well look at the torus, adjust a particle script, and fit an attachment.

All materials (textures and scripts) are included in this class.

TUi Neo ~ We do it for the LOVE of Teaching.

Second Life URL.

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Join Us This Thursday for ISTE Air Sports

August 22nd, 2007 | Category: Education, Fun

Group Notice From: RavenPhoenix Zenovka

Stressing over back-to-school? Wish you could just take a flying leap? YOU CAN! This week, we will suspend our structured discussions for an evening of high-flying FUN!

Where: ISTE: Educational Technology Association

Parachutes and hang gliders will be provided for those who don’t already have them! A dance floor will be available for those who either can’t do the air time, or flyers who just want to take a break from the heights!

When: Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 23 at 6pm SLT! See you in the air!

Second Life URL.

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