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Win an iPod at Circuit City Island

March 01st, 2008 | Category: Contests, Gadgets, Music, Places to Visit

Circuit City has recently relaunched their Second Life presence, creating a four sim Island, they refer to it as Circuit City Island in the terms and conditions of their contest, a contest in which they are giving away 10 iPods to the lucky avatars who find them. The iPods are ten (10) Apple 4GB iPod Nano ARV: $149.99, Model No. APL MB245LLA.

Circuit City Island

Circuit City Island 2

According to the rules they will randomly hide one iPod on the island, the sims will not always have an iPod hidden there, and the avatar who finds it, must click on it to claim it. I was all over this place tonight, PRETTY sure it wasn’t there. It would be nice if they would post a winners list so we can see if there are still prizes available. The sim has all kind of great info on the island, including a walk through giant digital SLR camera that shows you its inner workings.

Circuit City Island 3

Circuit City iPod Contest
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Talk to People In World With Your Cell Phone

July 26th, 2007 | Category: Gadgets, RL Meets SL

Here is something some of you may be interested in, Second Life Walkie Talkies. On your mobile phone you browse too, the avatar picks up a walkie talkie at the 0031 area in Second Life and then you can talk to each other.

Simultaneous walking tours for Second Life avatars and real people, connected to each other using a pair of walkie talkies. One operating from Second Life, the other running on an internet enabled mobile phone.

Second Life residents can pick up an in-world walkie talkie at the 0031 area in Second Life

Real people can check out the availability of activated virtual walkie talkies and by surfing to on their mobile phone. Source: Second Life walkie talkie walks

may: project proposal
june: finalizing details
july: setting up website and server
august: announcements in SL
september: walkie talkie walks!

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