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Grand Opening: The Roadhouse

A few friends of mine are opening a bar, and Friday night is the grand opening. The Roadhouse, a little biker bar in Gula, with some great tunes and events everyday. This place even has a cage for the band to play in, just like the movie Roadhouse.

The Grand Opening is this Friday at 7PM SLT and everyone is invited. They are planning on having live entertainment and I guarantee you will have a good time, stop by and check it out. A couple events that are already listed are best tattoo, stupid avatar tricks, and a skydiving contest based on accuracy and style.

Tell ‘em Stone sent you and get a free beer. ;)

The Roadhouse

Inside the Roadhouse

The Roadhouse Cage

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Avatrait Gallery Introduces An Exclusive Showing By Shoshana Epsilon

Evanston, IL – 04/11/2008 – Avatrait Gallery, Second Life’s premier site for “Digital Impressionist” art, has recently undergone a major renovation as part of the on-going upgrades to the Simuality sim. They are very pleased to announce the resumption of monthly features with an exclusive showing of images by noted artist Shoshana Epsilon, starting with a gallery re-opening celebration on Saturday, April 12th, at 1pm SLT.

Avatrait Gallery

Shoshana noted on her blog:

“I’ve been working privately for months to try to come up with a new set of pictures that would be unique. … I’m really excited about this show. I’ve really stretched, as far as the subject matter is concerned. There will be topics on display that I’ve been too sensitive to touch before.”

She notes that many of her images have “a back story” and invites attendees to ask her about these, but also adds that some are just pure whimsy. Aside from the April 12th opening, Shoshana will be available for additional “meet-the-artist” events during the month: Thursday, April 17th at 4pm; Sunday, April 20th at 5am; Tuesday, April 22nd at 4pm; and Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm (all times SLT).

Shoshana Epsilon’s images can be purchased both on an exclusive basis in-world (only one copy of the image exists), and as high-quality real-world prints. As always, there is a “freebie” framed graphic by our featured artist available across from the gallery welcome desk.

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Week 3 of the ISTE Island Grand Opening

October 01st, 2007 | Category: Grand Opening

Week 3 of the ISTE Island Grand Opening

This week, the Scavenger Hunt task is a Networking Exercise! Complete details can be found at the HQ building by clicking on the red and white sign next to the teleport board.

On Thursday, October 4th, we will have a School Spirit/Homecoming Party on ISTE Beach at 6pm SLT. Wear your school colors with pride.

Join us in our continuing Grand Opening Celebrations! Have fun!

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UT Dallas School of Management Virtual Welcome Session

August 15th, 2007 | Category: Education, Grand Opening

What: UT Dallas School of Management Virtual Welcome Session

When: Friday August 17, 2007, at 2:00 pm Central Time

Where: UTD SOM

As we’ve announced previously, the UT Dallas School of Management has set up its own island in Second Life, “a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents.” We would like to invite you to our first Virtual Welcome Session, which will take place on Friday August 17, 2007, at 2:00 pm Central Time in the virtual SOM building in Second Life.

To visit the UTD SOM virtual island and attend the Welcome Session, you must first create a free account at (click on the “Join Now” button) and download the client software to your computer. After you login to Second Life, , click the Map button and search for “UTD SOM” then select “teleport” to visit our island. You may also use the following slurl: SOM/141/70/22/ to get there after you have set up your Second Life account and installed the client. Source: GMBA/AIM Virtual Welcome Session in Second Life

Here is the Second Life URL. They have more info available on their website here.

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Grand Opening Giveaway from Island Style Living

August 13th, 2007 | Category: Giveaway, Grand Opening

Grand Opening Giveaway from Island Style Living

When: Aug 12, 2007 9:00 PM (Sunday) to Aug 13, 2007 12:00 AM (Monday)

Where: Caribbana Boulevard Second Life

Tags: Caribbana Boulevard Commercial Elenor Lapointe Second Life

Description: Free Tropical Flame Torches for everyone this weekend at “Island Style Living” to celebrate its official Grand Opening! Take As many as you like. (simply buy for 0L). While there, check out our other crazy deals on Cabannas, Floating Rafts, Umbrellas, Bars, Hottubs, jacuzzi, Patio Sets, Couples intimate Retreats, saunas and even prefab buildings! Everything Reduced for the Grand Opening! Be sure to stock up on your torches though!

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Nonprofit Commons Ground Opening Gala

August 09th, 2007 | Category: Grand Opening

The Anshe Chung donated Nonprofit commons is having their grand opening gala with 32 nonprofits and supporters hosting the celebration August 14, 2007.

San Francisco meets the Metaverse at the upcoming Nonprofit Commons Grand Opening Gala Event. 32 Nonprofits and their supporters will host a grand opening celebration Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 5:30 p.m. PST/SLT, in their new locations at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life (SL).

The Nonprofit Commons is a nonprofits-only space generously donated by the world’s first virtual millionaire, Anshe Chung, and managed by TechSoup. The Nonprofit Commons creates and houses a community of nonprofits in the online virtual world of Second Life. Entirely volunteer-run, the Nonprofit Commons hosts organizations from around the world and to-date has created a community blog, wiki, and held mixed-reality events, workshops, and regular weekly town hall meetings.

The Gala event will be a mixed-reality launch party, complete with networking and a panel of speakers, featuring Susan Tenby of TechSoup and Jeska Dzwigalski of Linden Lab in the live-event, and Anshe Chung in Second Life. Audio and video content will be streamed live between the two worlds.

The live-event in San Francisco will be a part of NetSquared’s Net Tuesday. The Gala event’s activities include:

5:30 p.m. Meet and greet

6:00 p.m. Speakers and event

7:00 p.m. Tours of the Nonprofit Commons

Nonprofits Celebrate New Home in Second Life

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