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Linden Labs Tackles Ad Farm Problem

February 14th, 2008 | Category: Ad Farms, Land Issues, Linden Land

In a post on the Second Life Blog by Jack Linden, Linden Labs has said using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view on the mainland to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards. They said to report it as you would any other Terms of Service or Community Standards violations, so that the governance team can take the appropriate action.

It will obviously be difficult for us to define exactly where example A is an abuse issue as compared to example B where it is not - but the intention is to be as consistent as we possibly can and to remove the content as it is reported to us. Also, please keep in mind that this post only applies to Mainland; it does not impact private estates or islands where the owner is able to manage their land themselves.

So to recap:

Advertising on small parcels is fine, we are not outlawing the use of small parcels for this purpose.


Using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards. Source: Mainland and the Ad Farm Problem

So go get started!

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Lindens Department of Public Works

February 09th, 2008 | Category: Land Issues, Linden Land, Places to Visit, Public Works

Linden Labs today announced they are creating a Department of Public Works, the LDPW, to create and fix content on Linden Land to improve the experience of all residents who live or visit the mainland. They are going to staff it with 10 builders, scripters and artists who have been referred to them and have time to actually do the work. They did not mention who or how they were referred to start with, but did say that they will look into how they could invite others to apply. They also did not mention if the workers were going to get reimbursed for their work or not.

What will we work on? Good question; basically, we will consider anything and everything that we feel will make the mainland more attractive, fun, engaging and interesting for new or existing residents. Initially, we’re looking at extending the city area which is very popular, so that will involve some new built up areas to the west of Barcola (joined via bridges to preserve existing water views). We’ll also be looking at new park areas, Linden folly builds, beautifying existing Linden land, better gathering places and seeding new mainland with themed builds. Some of the content may find its way into the Library in your inventories.

In addition, there will be other work ongoing as part of this program that will include repairing terrain, and yes - finally completing the missing coastline on the southern continent. Source: The Linden Department of Public Works

I went and visited Barcola for the first time, I’ll admit, I don’t think I’ve been on the mainland to often, at least I haven’t been seeking it out, other than looking at the roads on the map, and whatever sims I’ve visited that are on the mainland. Jack Linden answered some comments in this comment on the blog post and said that they were looking into doing something about the ad farms and they probably won’t be working on the roads yet, as they would prefer to use some form of none prim road and not impose of those residents already living there if they didn’t have to.

This is the area they will start building onto.


Barcola already has a little city park.
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Can I Get Some More Prims, Please?

January 24th, 2008 | Category: How To, Land Issues, Prims

Anybody who owns land, rents land, etc, knows you always need more prims, you almost never have enough for what you really want, so you usually end up doing without, or with less attractive items than what you REALLY wanted. The latest knowledge base article covers just this situation.

Knowledge Base Article of the Week time means I get to make a Mel Brooks reference for no reason! Or almost no reason. This week’s article should provide some much-needed context: How can I get more prims on my land? (click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials) Astute readers will be able to guess at the article’s subject matter, but what you may not know is that it also discusses the Object Bonus setting for Private Regions. Now you do! Source: Knowledge Base Article of the Week #13: Spaceprims II — The Search For More Prims

The kb article covers owning more than one parcel in a region and combining them in one parcel, etc, the other method is by using the object bonus.

If you are the owner or Estate Manager of a Private Region, you can set a global Object Bonus for all parcels in the Region. You may want to do this if you plan on building heavily in small parcels while leaving large areas of your Region empty. Source: How can I get more prims on my land?

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Intro to Searching for Real Estate in SL

November 01st, 2007 | Category: Land Issues, Mainland Auctions

What: OpenMLS Real Estate Academy: Intro to Searching for Real Estate in SL

When: Nov 1, 2007 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (Thursday), and Nov 1, 2007 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (Thursday)

Where: Sede di Marte Second Life

Tags: Education learning Neo Prinz Second Life Sede di Marte

Description: This introductory course is for new Second Life residents who are just starting our looking and searching for parcels to rent, buy, or flip for residential, commercial, or mixed properties.

Instructor: Neo Prinz, OpenMLS Founder and CTO

In RL: Corey Leong is the leading technology educator, expert programmer, and visionary in the Real Estate Industry to date. He is a member of the Real Estate Educators Association and National Association of Real Estate Editors. He has spoken at the Inman Connect and ARELLO’s Annual Conferences. He is the founder of the Real Estate Metaverse Conference which is the first virtual world real estate conference ever held bi-annually in Second Life.

Please join the OpenMLS Real Estate Academy Group in SL for course announcements.

Second Life URL.

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Learn how to buy and sell land

October 14th, 2007 | Category: Business, Land Issues, Shopping

Here is a class to help you avoid the same mistake I made buying land in Second Life.

What: NCI Class: Land Ownership 2 - Advanced

When: Oct 14, 2007 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Sunday)

Where: Caledon Highlands Second Life

Tags: Caledon Highlands Education learning NCI Writer Second Life

Description: NCI Class: Land Ownership 2 - ADVANCED Instructor: Nancy Villotta Location: NCI Caledon (Caledon Highlands) Great Hall When: Sunday, 7pm to 8pm, 1 hour

Pre-requisite: Landownership 1 - Basics

Learn how to buy and sell land with Shippou Oud, an experienced SL land dealer. This class covers pricing, terraforming, mainland versus islands, land auctions, “rare” land, and how to maximize the value of a plot of land for sale. Learn what to look for and what to avoid!

Second Life URL.

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Should You Buy Land in Second Life?

October 01st, 2007 | Category: Doing Business in SL, Investing, Land Issues

I recently purchased a nice plot of land in Kidoko West, owned by Doeko Cassidy of fame, when I bought it, I thought I was getting a pretty good deal, the person I knew had purchased it for 65,000 lindens and was selling it to me for 40,000 lindens because she was buying some other land. I figured I could hang there for awhile and then flip it and make a few lindens, whatever, I considered it an experiment, so it didn’t really matter. I had no idea at the time what I was getting into exactly, so hopefully this post will help some of you in Second Life, as it has been a learning experience for me.

Wouldn’t you know it though, this wasn’t even a month after the gambling shutdown, before the whole Ginko Financials thing happened, so, land prices dropped some and there was more and more land available, further dropping prices. As a matter of fact, the price of land has been dropping all year long, this month so far the average price per meter is 6.4813, at this time, last month it was 7.0839 per meter, in June it averaged 8.5869, in May 9.1649, in March it was 10.63 a meter, in February it was 11.29, and in January of this year it was 12.20 lindens per meter. The price is almost half of what it used to be, so, I guess right now it is a buyers market. The total number of residents with land for sale in January was 2,849 residents selling 12,894 parcels totaling 8,313,696 square meters for sale. This month there are 7,444 residents with land for sale, about triple January’s numbers, selling 44,881 parcels, little over triple January’s numbers, totaling 29,964,256 square meters for sale, or almost four times January’s numbers.

But, should you buy land, or should you just rent it? Going by those numbers, you should probably wait until the prices bottom out before you consider buying. What exactly is the advantage to buying a parcel of land from someone who owns the Island, or sim? If anyone has any, please leave a comment, because, right now, all I know are reasons not to buy land.

What is the advantage of renting over buying land? Well, the main thing to me is you can’t get screwed out of your investment, because you don’t have that big payment up front when you just rent it, if you get kicked out for some reason. As an example, in my case, I paid 40,000 lindens for the land, thinking I could sell it and make a little when I did, but I still had to pay 2,128 lindens a week for the tier fees, which is more than I was paying in rent for the place I was already “living in”. Now, I had a lot more prims available on the land that I “purchased”, but, all I used them for was stuff I didn’t need, but that is one plus for buying. Using Kidoko West as an example, the covenant states that when the timer hits 0, they can reclaim your land and are then free to resell it or rent it.

When I first bought it, I asked if the tier fees were monthly, the lady I bought it from said yes, so, it was surprising to me when the fees came due again a few days after buying it. I even waited a few days because I im’ed Doeko to see what the deal was, so the very first week I was a few days late because I was thinking I shouldn’t have to pay them yet. I received no response from Doeko, and everyday I received this message that said I was late pay to avoid eviction, so, I ended up figuring it out after reading the covenant again, it said the fees were weekly, so I went ahead and paid them, and started thinking about whether I should get rid of it or not, as it was going to cost me more than my current rent, when I thought it would be cheaper and eventually pay itself off. Again, this part is my fault, I did not read the covenant thoroughly, there must’ve been some confusion between the seller and I on the tier fee’s, and I did not have the proper knowledge going in to know exactly what to check and what my rights were.

At this point, I was a few days late, and saw no ill affects other than the daily message about it being late, in fact, I saw several different plots that had been expired for two weeks, and others that I have talked to said the same thing, and I kind of figured I would get some kind of final notice before they actually reclaimed it. Nope.

So here I am holding my virtual dick in my hand with no recourse, I just loose the $180 some dollars, or $40,000 some odd thousand lindens I paid for it. Legal, yes, good business? I wouldn’t think so, if you truly want to pay the monthly tier fees, you would think they would want to keep on getting their weekly payments from users such as my self. Ethical? I don’t think so, I asked to get the land back or for some kind of refund, there are no refunds, you should’ve paid Doeko said, I still can, but it is already listed for sale again, which is probably the whole point. This sim has probably paid for itself many times, I just wonder how many times some of these plots have been reclaimed and sold by them. Certainly isn’t a very neighborly practice, like they claim they are in the covenant.

If you want to live in Kidoko West, or anything owned by Doeko Cassidy, I recommend you rent and avoid all the chances of losing your “investment”.

For everyone that will say this is just sour grapes and I should’ve known exactly how this stuff works, you are right, I am just trying to prevent other people from doing the same thing and hopefully, helping you save your lindens.

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