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Cisco Debuting Latest Router in Second Life

March 04th, 2008 | Category: Marketing, Press release, Promotions, Technology, cisco

Cisco Systems is debuting its latest router, the ASR 1000, in Second Life today, Tuesday, 4 March at 9 AM SLT, using what they said was a Second Life virtual reality demonstration. This router has taken five years to build and $250 million dollars and will start at $35,000. Second Life URL.

Cisco Systems Inc. will launch a new router today for processing data, voice and video that is built atop its new QuantumFlow Processor. The router is the result of five years’ research and an investment of $250 million.

The new Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 1000 will be available next month in two-, four- and six-rack-unit sizes, starting at $35,000, Cisco officials said.

The ASR 1000 is Cisco’s highest-performance and most efficient router and features instant-on provisioning, said Jonathan Davidson, Cisco’s director of product management for midrange routing.

Its processing power is equal to 19.2 billion instructions in the same time it takes an average person to blink. It supports 160 simultaneous processes and has 40 cores, making it the biggest networking chip yet, analysts said. Source: Cisco to launch ASR 1000 router in Second Life demo

Checkout the quick little video they created for it. If you don’t watch it you’re not missing much.

Second Life URL.

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caLLie cLine Makes Maxim Top 100

October 31st, 2007 | Category: Brands, Business, Marketing, RL Meets SL

Callie ClineWhy is this a big deal? caLLie cLine is a Second Life avatar from this blog, ~•~ mOtoRaTi giRLz ~•~.
Damn, I just noticed they posted the Hot 100 in May, where have I been?

Are the guys at Maxim hitting some of the good stuff, have they lost their minds? I’ll admit that’s one good looking avatar, but anyone who picks an avatar over Kim Kardashian is just crazy or in need of new eyewear. Seriously, it’s not just me is it? Here’s what it says about her on her page.

95. Second Life Girl
Second Life—a 3-D virtual world that’s imagined, created, and owned by its online residents—was launched in 2003 and now boasts nearly five million inhabitants around the globe. Never taken part in the nerd fest? Isn’t she reason enough? 95. Second Life Girl

They didn’t even give her whole name, just Second Life girl. Why would they pick a Second Life avatar as number 95 of the Hot 100? It wouldn’t have anything to do with advertising, now would it? Her blog, ~•~ mOtoRaTi giRLz ~•~, has the tagline “tearing up Pontiac’s motorati island with fun & flair!”, you see that, it’s Pontiac’s island. If you visit the MotoratiLife website, you’ll see a button that says Maxim, 2nd Life Style, a button for caLLie cLine and some others, including one that says Land a Palooza, apply for land, but I will get to that one later.

I’m just a regular girl who loves to create, imagine, encourage & dream… I love people and equally enjoy my privacy and quiet times. I think every person has something very special to offer, and I’ve been very fortunate to meet some amazing people in my life who have shared their amazing gifts, talents and stories… Source: Blogger profile

So, the question is, did Maxim put her in to get featured on their website, as some sort of cross advertising thing? She says she was born in 2005, but it makes me wonder if Pontiac had her redone, if she did her avatar herself, or maybe even Pontiac bought her avatar and have guys running it now, just saying. All I know is, I just lost a LOT of respect for anything at Maxim, I love Second Life, I think it could be big part of a lot of people’s future, but, I’ll take a real life girl over a hot avatar any day. As for the promotion, it worked, I actually visited Motorati Island the other day, but it was real late and nothing was going on, but now I think a deeper inspection of the Island and caLLie is called for. If she is any good at racing, she may be the perfect Second Life Girl.

Oh, and the apply for land button, it looks like Pontiac is giving away land to avatars with good ideas, so if you have a great idea, you may be able to get some land to start something car related in Second Life.

Become a partner with Pontiac and create a thriving island of car culture!

Car culture is so embedded in our society that the themes used by builders can come from every nook and cranny of the real world…

From screaming engines redlining across cracked asphalt to rock-a-billy babes dipping french fries in a drive up diner.

From science geeks blasting rocket cars across the desert hardpan to shade tree mechanics changing the oil on their prized muscle car.

From battle hardened mechs gearing up for battle across an apocalyptic plain to Shriners on go-karts cruising down Main Street.

Let your imagination run wild and then click on the link below to fill out a submission. Consider us insane landlords with a taste for fast cars and big ideas.

It’s your chance, whatcha gonna do?

Apply Now

Note: Due to the amazing amount of interest and submissions for our project we’re almost at capacity with our island. If you have a great idea we’re still interested in it but be aware that there might be a delay in land grants on Motorati for the immediate future. Source: Land-A-Palooza

Here is a promotional video featuring caLLie cLine.

The Motorati website has some other interesting links, like the Car Builds, the Drift or Die Zombie Smash and the Maxim section has links to pick up hot chicks, links to some hot spots and a create the ultimate bachelor pad tutorial.

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Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life

October 29th, 2007 | Category: Building, Marketing, Media, OnRez Viewer

What: Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life - Metanomics Event

When: Today at 11am SLT

Where: Metaversed Island or Muse Isle or the Ampitheater at Colonia Nova. It will also be broadcast live through

Description: Metaversed presents another compelling session of the Metanomics series. The event’s host, Professor Robert Bloomfield, has entitled it Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life. Today’s guest is Chris Carella (Satchmo Prototype), Chief Creative Officer at The Electric Sheep Company, who will be giving us insights about the plan behind the CSI build everyone is talking about as well as details on the new OnRez viewer; customized client software used for logging into the virtual world of Second Life.

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Harry Potter Buzz Created in Second Life

August 03rd, 2007 | Category: Business, Marketing

I haven’t been to an Imax theater yet, so I have no opinion on anything concerning it, but an interesting marketing campaign was run in SL, This Second Marketing Llc. hired about 2 dozen avatars and paid money, real money even, to act as virtual street teams that handed out promotional items like virtual 3-D glasses, Imax T-shirts, directors’ chairs with the Imax logo and virtual movie tickets, which you could redeem for real life movie tickets, but with only about 300 being released. They are saying that this is the reason Imax broke all of its box-office records.

According to Imax and This Second Marketing, 15,099 unique avatars engaged in conversation about the Imax “Potter” and accepted promotional items during 840 total hours of street marketing efforts in the week surrounding the Warner Bros.’ film’s July 11 opening. The campaign logged 25,189 individual Imax brand interactions when including all conversations with Second Life avatars, many of which occurred on more than one occasion.

“As far as everyone can tell, this was the highest one-on-one branded interaction known to date that ever took place on Second Life,” said Greg Foster, chairman and president of Imax Filmed Entertainment. “Reaching 15,000 people in exactly the demographic you’re shooting over seven days is sort of hitting the marketing bonanza.”

“A huge proportion of our opening weekend tickets came from advance Internet purchases, and a large number of those people came from interacting on Second Life,” he said. “We had more than 15,000 one-on-one unique interactions on Second Life, and we captured over 15,000 avatar names. Those people virtually became walking billboards,” he said, referring to the fact that whenever an avatar put on the virtual 3-D glasses, the “Potter” Imax cube appeared, spreading the viral campaign. Source: ‘Phoenix’ soars into Second Life, Virtual avatars credited with boosting film’s Imax 3D showing

These guys sound like they know how to market in Second Life, unlike most of the businesses who are leaving, who just built a sim and expected loads of people to show up. They took the message to the people and made them part of the conversation, a great idea. Imax also opened an office on This Second’s Island where you can get free promotional items for upcoming movies.

Be sure to check out the Harry Potter Sim at the Wizards Alley.

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Missing the Mark On Second Life

July 25th, 2007 | Category: Business, Marketing

There have been lots of articles recently about businesses leaving Second Life, although most of those seem to have come about because of the first person posting the article and the others regurgitating it over and over, and others that say businesses are wasting their money there. As an example, this one from Wired magazine titled How Madison Avenue Is Wasting Millions on a Deserted Second Life, and that seems to be the focus, all businesses are wasting money since no one is there when you visit them in Second Life.

The author is missing the mark on lots of things in this article, the one thing that is correct is they are wasting money in some respects, as with all things, if something is created for a promotion and it looks beautiful, the best example ever created, etc, but they don’t market it properly, no one is going to go look at it. As I am writing this, I am standing on the platform at the Coke Virtual Thirst Pavilion, crayon 172, 83, 532 (PG), Second Life URL, it was deserted of course when I got here, but in the ten minutes I have been working on this, many other people have already teleported in and are walking around checking out the various things they can do. I believe the traffic total has grown by at least 40% since I have been here, granted, the traffic total currently is only 37, but hey, it is growing because of all the press recently and people are actually finding out these things are here.

This best part about this little trip is the virtual pavilion is on a platform floating about crayon’s island, so I took the opportunity to parachute down. It is kind of exciting to see how long you can wait to open the chute, hehe, check out the pic.

Me parachuting to crayons island

See how easy it is to get sidetracked. My second trip to jump off again, I saw Eric Reuters on the platform, I think everyone named Reuters actually works there, correct? Anyway, he didn’t stay long as he looked like he was having trouble stopping, he was running in place. Could’ve been exercising I guess and hit the teleport by accident. LOL

Anyway, in the Wired article he talks of these big companies like Coke wasting advertising dollars on something that they get no traffic from. I mentioned above that the traffic was growing as I was there, nothing meteoric mind you, but the wired article alone was probably a big part of that. With all of the publicity that Second Life gets, just having a presence there can get you some good media coverage, one just has to search for Coca Cola and Second Life at Google news to see that.

Now, their first question when building something for Second Life should have been, why would these people come to our island to start with? Avatars don’t need to drink anything, so what good is Coke to them? I can see many ways to get people to visit a Coke machine or one of their spots in SL. They just had a virtual coke machine contest to see what people from Second Life would like it to do, but, not sure of the results of that competition as of yet. Me, I think it should offer some kind of coupon they could offer each avatar once for them to print out, a coupon they could change occasionally to give them some incentive to return, they could offer a different t-shirt every month that every avatar could grab for free, if they wear it, it’s free advertising, and could be designed for practically nothing and hired out easily. They could give away free Coca Cola branded radios, any number of things they could offer for free at little cost to them.

Anyone who is looking for some help in creating a good presence in Second Life can email me at this address, eubeenhadd at, that is a serious address, hehe, just a nick I used to use when gaming. If you need some help, contact me there, if we can’t get you what you want, we know people who can. We are doing many builds for celebs and businesses, and we have ideas on how many businesses can have a presence that helps them in world and out.

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Second Life Bad For Some Advertisers

July 14th, 2007 | Category: Business, Marketing

Write-up in the LA Times says Virtual Marketers are rethinking their position on whether Second Life is worth the time and money required to have an SL presence, one of the main reasons cited, is it’s a virtual world, duh huh, where nothing is really required, even clothing is optional.

Their interests seem to tend toward the risqué. Ian Schafer, chief executive of online marketing firm Deep Focus, which advises clients about entering virtual worlds, said he recently toured Second Life. He started at the Aloft hotel and found it empty. He moved on to casinos, brothels and strip clubs, and they were packed. Schafer said he found in his research that “one of the most frequently purchased items in Second Life is genitalia.”

Another problem for some is that Second Life doesn’t have enough active residents.

On its website, Second Life says the number of total residents is more than 8 million. But that counts people who signed in once and never returned, as well as multiple avatars for individual residents. Even at peak times, only about 30,000 to 40,000 users are logged on, said Brian Haven, an analyst with Forrester Research.

“You’re talking about a much smaller audience than advertisers are used to reaching,” Haven said. Source: Virtual marketers have second thoughts about Second Life

Lots of money is being spent from people buying Islands and building shops, clubs, and attractions to get the visitors there buying stuff. Everywhere you look, stuff is for sale, anything imaginable, heck, I tried out a sex bed in the store the other night, no we weren’t actually doing anything, just checking the various features out. That is another problem with Second Life, most places you go there is hardly anyone there, unless it’s a club, casino or brothel, you browse most shops by yourself or with the avatars you brought with you.

Some businesses are already shutting down, Aloft, a brand of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. that is closing its Second Life shop and donating its virtual land to the nonprofit social-networking group TakingITGlobal, Signs posted on the window of the empty American Apparel store said it had closed up shop.

But the sites of many companies remaining in Second Life are empty any time you go there, like Best Buy Co.’s Geek Squad Island was devoid of visitors and the virtual staff that was supposed to be online, the schedule of events on Sun Microsystems Inc.’s site was blank, and the green landscape of Dell Island was deserted. Most people blame the lack of creativity on these sites as being the main problem, and one such person, an avatar named Urizenus Sklar — in the real world, University of Toronto philosophy professor Peter Ludlow — wrote in the public-relations blog Strumpette that the community was “being invaded by an army of old world meat-space corporations.” He and other residents accused companies of lacking creativity by setting up traditional-looking stores that didn’t fit in. His column was reproduced in the Second Life Herald.

There is lots of money to be made with Second Life, and like anything else, there will be some people who make it hard for everyone else. They want it all to themselves before the bottom falls. If, you haven’t already, signup for a free account at Second Life, signup at SL Exchange, get you a good looking outfit and shoes, and do some exploring, there are some really cool spots out there just waiting for people to come use them. You need to visit some of them quick before they sell the space or stop renting.

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