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CSI:NY Second SL Episode

March 19th, 2008 | Category: Media, Sims Worth Exploring, TV

Well, the time for the second episode of CSI:NY featuring Second Life has come and passed, as the writers strike put a stop to almost everything. I talked to Jason Mirvis of the Electric Sheep Company and they are not certain when it will be aired yet, he said he would let us know as soon as he knew. I just read that the new season will premiere on April 2nd, but can’t find anything about when the next Second Life episode will air on the official site.

Still all kinds of stuff going on as far as the CSI:NY sims are concerned, they now have a photo of the week contest, from the news page:

Photo of the Week Contest — This week’s theme is “Emerald” (for St. Patrick’s Day!).

Visit the vCSI:NY Flickr group to look at last week’s entries and to submit your own photo for this contest!

Don’t forget — check back here next Friday for the winner of the “Chaos” contest! Source: Virtual CSI:NY News

Don’t forget about the Mystery Games or the Murder by Zuiker games here.

Other Links:

Want to see the first episode again? Watch Down the Rabbit Hole online right now.

Virtual CSI: NY on flickr

Virtual CSI: NY news

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5th Part of History of Videogames to Feature Second Life

November 20th, 2007 | Category: Machinima, Media, RL Meets SL, Roleplay, Second Life Videos, TV, Virtual Worlds

According to posts from James Wagner Au, from New World Notes, and a guide from Geoff Keighley, from, the Discovery Channel’s Guide to Videogames will feature a Second Life segment in Level Five, the fifth segment. The series will start this Wednesday, November 21st, 2007, at 8pm and continue until the fifth episode on Wednesday, December 19th at 8pm. From the guide posted at Kotaku:

Can a computer game make you cry? With the introduction of PlayStation 2’s “emotion engine” in 1999 game developers had the technology to enable deep, moving stories that tugged at gamers’ heartstrings. The rise of online virtual world games added another emotional dimension, letting players make real connections (including marriages) through a virtual game and helping them escape a world rife with violence and terror. Source: Discovery Channel to Air 5 Hour Videogame Documentary

The documentary will cover the entire history of the videogame industry, from the early 70’s when Atari ruled until today’s virtual worlds, with interviews of Ralph Baer, David Jaffe, Will Wright, Peter Molyneux, and Ken and Roberta Williams, who founded Sierra Online. The series will take a look at how the social and political climate shaped games and game designers throughout the piece. From New World Notes,

The in-world machinima for the SL segment is from the team of Silver and Goldie Goodman, and when they took footage of me at my office, had my avatar sign the virtual release form above. I’m looking forward to seeing this, totally apart from my minimal involvement in the production. Along with every other US-based Resident, I’m among the last to see it– judging by e-mails I’ve been getting about it, this past year, it’s already aired in the UK, Poland, China, and India. Source: Second Life to be featured on the Discovery Channel’s mini-series on videogames

So, apparently this has already aired over seas, and I will be looking forward to seeing it, and will catch, at a minimum, the Second Life, or virtual world portion of it.

Silver and Goldie Goodman produced the following video, Second Life: Get One, winner of the Second Life Trailer Contest.

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Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life

October 29th, 2007 | Category: Building, Marketing, Media, OnRez Viewer

What: Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life - Metanomics Event

When: Today at 11am SLT

Where: Metaversed Island or Muse Isle or the Ampitheater at Colonia Nova. It will also be broadcast live through

Description: Metaversed presents another compelling session of the Metanomics series. The event’s host, Professor Robert Bloomfield, has entitled it Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life. Today’s guest is Chris Carella (Satchmo Prototype), Chief Creative Officer at The Electric Sheep Company, who will be giving us insights about the plan behind the CSI build everyone is talking about as well as details on the new OnRez viewer; customized client software used for logging into the virtual world of Second Life.

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CSI:NY What Do You Think & the Aftereffects

By Stone Culdesac

Well, as usual I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, daggone kids ;). Anyway, if someone wants to let me know what I missed, I would appreciate it. I am currently downloading, again, the OnRez browser, and it is going painfully slow, about 1/10th of my normal download speeds, so I wonder how many potential users Second Life is losing right now. I wish I would’ve copied my previous download to my flash drive now, dangit.

So, I will limit myself in this post to talk about the episode and virtual New York. More and more avatars are showing up, but most have been here awhile, and as my download is stuck at 3%, we may not see too many newbies for awhile. As I type this, the download site has gone down a couple times at least, I wonder if anyone has been able to get it as the logged in numbers have not changed much tonight, or, they are separate and secret, like everything else.

So, I don’t know what to think about the download, either they planned poorly, or many more tried to get it than they planned for, either way, they should have had some other sites to download it from, such as Amazon S3 or Second Life itself. This is certainly a poor way to start thousands of possible users in Second Life, at least they could download the client from Linden Labs, if they knew how.

Mozy Pera
There was one lady here answering questions, but she left after a bit and no one was there to help newbies. The beautiful Mozy Pera, a veteran of SL and accomplished builder, and I helped a few of them, we tried to take some dancing, which probably wasn’t the best move, although I can see one still shaking his groove thing right now. Mozy and her husband were helping some the last I chatted with them. Mozy said, “I think the people who are involved in that CSI sim should have been around to offer some support to visitors, “networking is the key to success” …and there was nobody on that sim to offer anyone any help getting around when I visited. I felt bad for the noobies….many were so new and so lost.” She mentioned having trouble getting anything to work, couldn’t download the toolbar or the OnRez browser. I hope some try at least one more time, or visit Second Life site itself and get the SL viewer. Visit Mozy’s sim Pera Home & Garden Center for some great deals on all kinds of cool stuff, waterfalls, furniture and more.

While the sim certainly could have used some help, what I saw of the show was very good, it didn’t try to make anyone look like a loser, the fight scene was okay, although, I don’t really have an opinion on the hand to hand fighting yet, as I have not tried it out. I saw somewhere someone was complaining because they thought he was using a gamepad or something, when it looked to me like a numberpad from the keyboard, but, again I missed the beginning of it. Of course it leaves you hanging at the end, the show itself will wrap it up in February, but you can try to catch her inworld, the whole point of the sim.

Note: The download is working fine now, so either everyone quit trying or they fixed the problem, still no more users online than before.

On the orientation section of Virtual New York City, they have several stations setup to tell you how to do stuff. You can even get a Rookie Detective Badge.

NY Orientation

Some basic help and a message from Anthony Zuiker.

NY Orientation 2

How to communicate and meet the team.

NY Orientation 3

Test finding the evidence and checking to review in the toolbar.
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Grid World News to Cover Second Life

August 13th, 2007 | Category: Media, Second Life News, Virtual Worlds

LivePlanet is launching Virtual Worlds Productions, a media organization that covers virtual world news in Second Life and World of Warcraft, much like CNN does the real world. Are the residents of Second Life ready for their own version of CNN? I wonder if the SL version of Jerry Springer and Heraldo are next.

LivePlanet, the multiplatform production company behind HBO’s “Project Greenlight” and MSN’s “Fan Club: Reality Baseball,” is launching Virtual Worlds Prods., a media organization that will cover the burgeoning space of virtual worlds.

Two of the biggest online environments, Second Life and World of Warcraft, will get their own branded news services. Their respective publications, and, also will serve as beachheads for launching other virtual-only entertainment and community offerings.

The goal is to position LivePlanet as the dominant media force in virtual worlds the way Time Warner or News Corp. approach the real world, LivePlanet president and CEO Larry Tanz said. Source: LivePlanet makes virtual worlds news

There will be a total of 30 journalists embedded in Second Life and World of Warcraft, creating serious and tongue in cheek coverage of the many residents who live there. James Root, a former business development manager with Microsoft Corp.’s digital media division, will lead the organization and Tina Courtney, a former Walt Disney Internet Group producer, will serve as editor in chief. More news at 10.

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