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Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life

November 17th, 2007 | Category: Memescience, Memorials, RL Meets SL, Second Life Videos

Here is a pretty good video called Veterans Day 2007 in Second Life, it goes into a little detail about how the Wall in SL happened, who built it, and even delves into how some SL groups are trying to help veterans back into society and deal with some of the stuff they’ve had to go through.

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Hanging at The Wall in Second Life

November 09th, 2007 | Category: Memescience, Memorials, Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring

I have been hanging around The Wall, the representation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Second Life, the past couple days and the reactions from people are far and wide. If one theme runs through them all, it is that it is definitely an experience that everyone should check out at least once, and especially, if you haven’t been to the real one. Visit it here.

People have been telling us how much it touched them and admitting to crying, feeling like they were there again, missing friends and loved ones, and watching people see how easy it is to find whoever they are looking for is a joy. This truly is an experience that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Read some of the comments I collected below, and see the pictures I took in the original post about The Wall.

Doon: This is quite an experience
Doon: I just added to my Picks so others might know it’s here
Doon: The falling leaves and the reading of the names are a part of the whole feeling
Doon: Thanks so much. I’ll be inviting my friends now. I love Second Life because as in your beautiful work, the human and technological can interweave in surprising and moving ways.

AM Radio: incredible build here
AM Radio: the statues by Meleni Fairymeadow are compelling.
AM Radio: this is one of the best representations of a memorial I have seen in SL.
AM Radio: well done.
AM Radio: anyways, it takes a heck of a lot to impress me in SL. this place is incredible.

Hawc Decosta: Thank you setting up this wonderful memorial site.
Hawc Decosta: Thank you very much, and we will be passing out the LM for The Wall at our event.
Hawc Decosta: Stone, at our Salute to the Troops we want to honor all soldiers from all wars, and hope to see many nations represented.
Hawc Decosta: I was very impressed, I’ve never had a chance to see The Wall in Washington, but I’ve seen documentaries on it and the spirit and essence has been captured, as well as a real picture.

Second Life URL.

I will collect more comments and add them later.

Flag at the Wall

At Night

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Previewing The Wall in Second Life

November 05th, 2007 | Category: Memescience, Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring

I had the pleasure of an early look at The Wall, the Second Life representation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. This is one beautiful looking sim and of course it has extra’s the real life wall cannot. When you first get there a video is playing a walk through of the sim, with some real life pics and some second life pics, and music. Note: While you are here, if you hit the play music button, or have it on, a reading of the names will play, and I don’t just mean a random reading of the names, every name on the wall will be read out loud to you if you listen long enough.

This sims opening coincides with the Real Life Reading of the Names on November 7th, 2007 at 1PM SLT time, where they have many people reading out loud the names on the wall, so you can try to teleport there with the slurl I am posting, but you shouldn’t be able to get in until the official opening that day. It will be worth the wait. On November 11th there will be a live event at the wall and it will also be broadcast live on the net, and they will be showing it on, and once it is over, Bleys Chevalier, the lead developer of this sim, will encode it and make it available in the sim as well.

When you start down the left path, you will see The Three Serviceman Statue. The statues were designed by Meleni Fairymeadow.

Three Serviceman Statue

The Serviceman Statues in Real Life

Three Serviceman Statue from Behind

Three Serviceman Statue from Behind in Real Life

More information and some great pics after the break.
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