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OnRez Viewer Update

November 04th, 2007 | Category: OnRez Viewer, Second Life Browser

The Electric Sheep Company have released an update to the OnRez Second Life Viewer with a couple new features and some bug fixes. It certainly was easier to download than the night of the show. Get it here.

The two new features are:

  • Voice Chat: Now when you start a person-to-person or group voice chat the Talk button will be depressed for you. Previously you had to click “Join Call” then activate the Talk button. Now there’s one less click.

  • The integrated Web Browser now has status text on the bottom left of the Browser window. It will report on page load status.

The bug fixes are:

  • Fixed Appearance Editor bug so that avatar will fully turn in most cases

  • Two letter Region names are now accessible via the location bar, general searches still require at least 3 characters
  • Fixed a bug in the Web Browser where the browser window appeared black until the browser window regained focus
  • Made several color tweaks to improve legibility and contrast

Source: OnRez Viewer: Update

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Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life

October 29th, 2007 | Category: Building, Marketing, Media, OnRez Viewer

What: Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life - Metanomics Event

When: Today at 11am SLT

Where: Metaversed Island or Muse Isle or the Ampitheater at Colonia Nova. It will also be broadcast live through

Description: Metaversed presents another compelling session of the Metanomics series. The event’s host, Professor Robert Bloomfield, has entitled it Building, Marketing and Media in Second Life. Today’s guest is Chris Carella (Satchmo Prototype), Chief Creative Officer at The Electric Sheep Company, who will be giving us insights about the plan behind the CSI build everyone is talking about as well as details on the new OnRez viewer; customized client software used for logging into the virtual world of Second Life.

Popularity: 6%

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