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Cisco Debuting Latest Router in Second Life

March 04th, 2008 | Category: Marketing, Press release, Promotions, Technology, cisco

Cisco Systems is debuting its latest router, the ASR 1000, in Second Life today, Tuesday, 4 March at 9 AM SLT, using what they said was a Second Life virtual reality demonstration. This router has taken five years to build and $250 million dollars and will start at $35,000. Second Life URL.

Cisco Systems Inc. will launch a new router today for processing data, voice and video that is built atop its new QuantumFlow Processor. The router is the result of five years’ research and an investment of $250 million.

The new Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 1000 will be available next month in two-, four- and six-rack-unit sizes, starting at $35,000, Cisco officials said.

The ASR 1000 is Cisco’s highest-performance and most efficient router and features instant-on provisioning, said Jonathan Davidson, Cisco’s director of product management for midrange routing.

Its processing power is equal to 19.2 billion instructions in the same time it takes an average person to blink. It supports 160 simultaneous processes and has 40 cores, making it the biggest networking chip yet, analysts said. Source: Cisco to launch ASR 1000 router in Second Life demo

Checkout the quick little video they created for it. If you don’t watch it you’re not missing much.

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Promoting Your Profession & Your Programs in Second Life

October 13th, 2007 | Category: Business, Doing Business in SL, Promotions

Promoting Your Profession & Your Programs in Second Life

When: Oct 13, 2007 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm (Saturday)

Where: Eduisland II Second Life

Tags: fair festivals fair festivals parades learning profession programs

Description: Eduisland II Education Fair

Location at Occupational Therapy Center with Zsuzsa Tomsen “Promoting Your Profession/Your Programs in Second Life” This session covers how set up an educational center and promote a project on Second Life. This includes how to create and set up informational displays, how to create and run video, and how to build and modify objects that will enhance your center. We will also discuss ideas for “getting the word out” in Second Life. Sandbox Hands-on.

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L$10 Special on Rebelz Island

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Promotions, Shopping


When: Aug 11, 2007 12:00 AM - 3:00 AM (Saturday)

Where: Rebelz Island Second Life

Tags:Commercial Rebelz Island Second Life Tidgy Winkler

Description: Nearly Everything At L$10 Newly Opened Come To Sweeti’s Palace. We Have Everything From Scripting Packs To Builds, Gestures, Animations, Jewellery And So Much More. We Even Have Business Starter Kits So You Can Start Earning Those L$.

Second Life URL.

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Spook Country in Second Life

August 03rd, 2007 | Category: Promotions

I wish I would’ve known about this one before it happened, I will post the Second Life URL if they have something that we can watch after the fact. William Gibson, author of Neuromancer and many other books, promoted his latest offering in Second Life, giving an actual reading and answering questions from the crowd.

William Gibson holds a special place in the hearts of geeks of a certain age. His writing communicated something urgent and important about the way technology was going, and still colors the way we think about the virtual spaces that are called cyberspace. His decision to promote his new book in Second Life was therefore heavily freighted with meaning. It did not disappoint, as it perfectly captured the beguiling appeal and horrible frustrations of current virtual worlds technology.

First of all, like budding fans of Harry Potter, you had to get there early. Because only about sixty people can attend an event held on a single simulator, or server, in Second Life, it was clearly going to be full up. I logged in about two hours early in order to bag a seat. The event’s organizers, virtual worlds services company Rivers Run Red and Jeremy Ettinghausen of Penguin books, kindly arranged a screening of a film about Gibson’s work, “These maps have no territories,” to while away the time.

The need to camp out early actually added a nice, Harry Potter-esque frenzy to the whole proceedings which I for one rather enjoyed. The crowd of avatars swapped gags and Gibson references, friends caught up – just as you would waiting in line in the real world. Then things got exciting: an error message appeared telling everyone that we were going to be forced to leave. We were all thrown into the air and left hovering over the water outside building we’d been sitting. We rushed back inside to recapture our seats, but alas some people lost their places, and had to go across to a simulcast at the Sky News building. (Hold that thought: that’s people logging in to a virtual space, and having to go to another virtual space to get a virtual world re-broadcast.) Source: William Gibson brings Spook Country to Second Life

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