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Great Second Life Railway

August 07th, 2007 | Category: Railroad, Sims to Explore

I visited the Great Second Life Railway today, the idea is each land owner gives a few meters for right of way to allow the train to go through Second Life, I assume as much of it as it can. And it goes through a lot of different properties; I saw castles, pyramids, mansions, horse ranches, combat regions and much more, definitely worth checking out. Second Life URL.

Great Second Life Train

Great Second Life Railway

Great Second Life Railway

Great Second Life Railway

Horam Expecta Veniet - “Await the Hour Will Come.”


The GSLR wants to #
— have fun creating and maintaining a ‘model railway’
— make sure all the railways neighbors and land contributors are comfortable with, and preferably happy about, the railway. This includes landowners whose views might be affected by the track, or whose terrain might be affected by trenching.
— extend the railway to more of SL, in one or more ’segments’.

The ‘original’ railway created by Athos Murphy has a theme/flavor for circa-1900 railroading; but other trains may eventually ride the virtual rails.


To do this, the railway needs ‘right-of-way’ space. This is basically 4 meters wide and about 5 meters high, in which the actual train will run. The actual ‘top of the track’ surface is 3 meters wide, but some ’slop’ is needed, especially on curves.

Curves are to be no less than 32 meters radius, we hope. Take a look at the curves on our existing track for examples of this. Slopes of up to 10% might be possible (a 1 meter rise or drop over the length of a 10 meter track prim); that is about a 5 degree slope.

To create the railway line with these restrictions requires about 1 prim per 10 meters of ’straight, low’ track; about 6 prims per 6.5 meters of curve (8 prims in a 90 degree turn), and up to 5 prims per 10 meters for a high bridge or fancy tunnel.


** How many prims will the train be, and will they lag the sim? **

Each of the rolling stock items will be 30 prims or less, and someday an entire train will be 3 to ’several’ of these, moving as ‘physical’ objects. The closest benchmark is probably the effect of 4 cars or bikes zooming around in a sim. Currently we can only run trolley-type trains, due to “joints” being broken (well, turned off by Linden Lab now),

** What changes will you need to make to the land? **

In order to keep within the curvature and grade requirements of the track, the GSLR might have to either raise land, lower land, or build bridges. We have access to scripting tools which can make very clean deep trenches, or narrow causeways of ‘natural’ terrain.
‘Fake’ tunnel covering terrain, and bridges in various styles, are also available; but these have a bit higher prim cost.

The GSLR is committed to blending in appropriately to the regions, and will happily plant trees and grass in open parts of our land; modify construction styles to suit - within reason. It’s a railroad, not a roller coaster.

** How noisy and frequent will trains be? **

‘Relatively quiet’. Whistling or bells will occur at stations, and the trains have a low-key rumbling sound, hard to hear outside the carriages. Trains run “on autopilot”, and you can expect a train to come by every 5 or 10 minutes.

** Will you charge people to ride the train? **

Ordinarily, travel will be free. Special train schedules, consists, private cars, custom colors, etc. would be subject to negotiation.

** I don’t want wrecked trains lying around my sim. **

The GSLR is well aware that both malice and accident can perhaps leave the train in an unfortunate position. The scripting team has added features to de-rez and re-rez a “crashed” train.

** I would like to help with right-of-way. **

The GSLR can arrange for a map, demo track segments, decorative options, etc. before a resident makes any decisions. There are currently three ideas for how to arrange right-of-way:

1) Sell land to the GSLR group. We can usually afford at least the minimum L$ 3 per square meter. Higher prices depend on negotiation, and how desperate we are. Our 4 meter wide right-of-way was chosen partly because that’s the narrowest strip of land that can be sold in SL.
2) Let the GSLR plant the track prims on a resident’s land. This will usually preserve more prims for the resident - a 40 meter ‘low and straight’ right-of-way uses 4 prims, but if owned by the railway would remove 160 square meters from the resident’s parcel, and thus also remove 36 prims from their use (a net 32 prims difference).
3) Other schemes fair to both the railway and the residents. Paying regular rents in L$ or real $ are probably not workable.

** Where do you run now? **

We have a station in Mocha, and the line runs east from there to Purple. Our ferry dock will someday support ferryboat service to Cecropia; we have a short line north from there to Calleta, hopefully to allow an interchange service with the Linden Lab-operated SLRR.

** I would like to help in other ways. **

You can join the GSLR to help with modeling, scripting, texture creation, land and money support, etc. Our members are titled ‘Engineer’; the officers are titled ‘Director’.
Obviously there are limits on what we want and need # and different areas of SL may set up sub-themes of the GSLR. We’ll have more notecards someday on technical issues (scripting needs, track and car design, operating issues, expansion plans, etc.) A store somewhere might offer track, textures, cars, clothing, and such to group members (and some of the stuff to the general public).

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