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Reggae mix at Irie Vibes

September 13th, 2007 | Category: Dance, Party, Reggae

What: Reggae mix at Irie Vibes

When: Sep 13, 2007 12:00 am - 3:00 am (Thursday)

Where: Iris Second Life

Tags: Irie Mariboo Boa Nightlife Entertainment Second Life

Description: Irie Vibes is simply the best and most popular reggae resort in SL. Exclusive ‘Irie Rockers Radio’ stream playing 24/7 Reggae, Lovers, Dancehall, Ragga, Soca and Roots Rock Reggae. Live DJ’s, Rasta goods & stores and beach. IM Irie Tsure or ask Irie Vibes Staff for your Irie Vibes VIP Membership.

Come wine’ n grine’, jump up or cool down, dance, chill , swim, smoke and drink at Irie Vibes, the coolest outdoor and waterside venue in SL. All day and all night Reggae music.

We play the best reggae and dance hall music in SL so come say ‘Hi’ and jump up or relax with the most chilled out residents in SL.

Invite a crowd and TP your friends to Irie Vibes. Freebies for newbie’s available.

Second Life URL.

Popularity: 4%

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