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Loveseeker Bracelets for your Virtual Valentine’s Day

January 31st, 2008 | Category: Shopping, Valentines Day

Looking for a present for Valentine’s Day for that special someone in your Second Life? I found this great pair of bracelets at a store a friend of mine is building, Whispered Dreams, the bracelets are called Loveseeker couple’s cuffs, and are a very big way to announce how you feel about someone in Second Life to everyone around you in Second Life! You add their name and special code to your cuff, and they do the same to theirs, and they start doing stuff when you get near each other.

Loveseeker Cuffs

From the notecard:

These special cuffs are to be worn with partners. (Of course, you can wear them alone if you wish as just an accessory)

They were designed to be worn by each partner and as the partner nears the stone begins to glow and sends a special message (in any language you wish it to be in) to the partner at varying distances. (The partner name and the messages can be changed in the config card in each cuff). The color of the glow changes as you get nearer to your partner and when you are at the closest range a heart poof appears.

After a time, the glow disappears, and you then you are left with the basic beauty of the cuff. You can change the color of the stone (but not the glow) by typing “/7 list” to get the list of color and “/7 color to set the color.

special note: the time in which the glow disappears can be set in config card. You can also remove the poofer if you do not like it.

please try and enjoy the loveseeker’s cuff(s)

I talked Ari into helping me try these out, much to her chagrin, although I think she’s got a thing for me. ;)

The cuffs light up green at 96 meters and you have the option of using the comments they already have in there, or making your own. Here is what Ari’s said at 96 meters: “Aribella Lafleur says You gotta be kidding me!”

Cuffs at 96 meters

Would I kid you Ari? They light up yellow at 20 meters and here is what her cuff had to say to me then, “Aribella Lafleur says You gotta be kidding me!”.

Cuffs at 20 meters

Hmm, is there an echo in here? The cuffs light up red when you are within 5 meters of each other, and of course they say something then too, “Aribella Lafleur says I’m on my way… outa here”.

Cuffs at 5 meters

There are also standing around messages, Ari’s said “Aribella Lafleur says Have you put out the garbage yet?” and “Aribella Lafleur says Bite me”.

They also, when you are within five meters of each other, spew out a big bunch of hearts, as a symbol of your love. You can stop it from doing this, in case you go into a busy sim or you just don’t like it.

Loveseeker hearts

Loveseekers hearts 2

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Urban Underground Unloosed

January 24th, 2008 | Category: Aribella Lafleur, Places to Visit, Shopping

Urban Underground Unloosed by Aribella Lafleur

With all my haute couture lost to the desert winds and my fashionably-challenged Sherpa crew looking like dishevelled vagrants, it was high time for a shopping expedition. To my shame, I was forced to don an outfit that had been (gasp!) worn once before. My enthusiastic attendants displayed their excitement for intensive retail therapy with loud groans, accompanied by the occasional moan and sullen expression.

Amid much dragging of heels we headed to a questionable store proposed by one of my team and warily descended to its suspicious underground location. Upon entering the warehouse nothing seemed amiss. However, while browsing through the clothing I suddenly felt the prickling sensation of being observed by an unseen eye, or several. I looked around for hidden surveillance cameras or IRS agents, but could not spy the cause of my unease…

Big Bro is Watching

Shrugging off my apprehension, I rejoined my band of bored bargain hunters.

With our usual luck, we found ourselves strolling directly into a thrashing throng of outstretched limbs connected to the drooling, fang-filled oral cavities of a beast which had obviously never heard of dental hygiene. Whilst writhing in the grip of the malformed organism (frightfully close to its rank, decaying incisors), I noticed the slivers of bone and flesh caught between its teeth. Immediately, I unlaced my boot and began using the cord to floss the detritus from the monster’s closest maw. Giving a sigh of obvious relief, it dropped my crew and leaned towards my ministrations. Choking back bile, I continued, cleaning a total of five rancid orifices of their accumulated debris.

Oops we got et

After a stern lecture on oral care (to which the creature paid surprisingly rapt attention), we attempted to leave before the animal was reminded of his ravenous appetite. Our escape was foiled when he instead wished to share this new-found knowledge with his fellow mutants. As soon as he called out to the horde, we were rapidly surrounded by great numbers of eager misshapen entities.

The desire for shopping had been roundly quashed by the thoroughly unsettling experience with the monsters. We nervously feigned jovial faces as they took commemorative photos, then we made hasty excuses and fled without making any purchases, followed by echoes of pitiful pleadings for our return.

Me n ma homie

Copy and images (c) 2008, Aribella Lafleur. All Rights Reserved.
Produced with the editorial assistance of Must Packbiers.

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Rigging Search in Second Life with Spamatars

January 02nd, 2008 | Category: Search, Shopping

A post over at Grid Expectations points out how B&B Skins has become one of the most visited places in Second Life, at least according to the visitor counts. Here is a shot of the room below the store that she found full of avatars, what she we call them, marketing avatars, advertising avatars, spamatars, any good names for them?

advertising avatars

unused alts

When I popped in tonight I didn’t think I would see any, and I didn’t. Which brings to my mind right off, is, if they aren’t really “cheating” then why aren’t they still there?

Empty room at B&B Skins

So, I checked a couple times tonight, with the latest time I checked being 2:30 am Eastern time. They have a couple avatars in tubes as avatar models, both live profiles, and both with B&B Skins in their picks.

B&B Models 2

B&B Models 1
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Crimson Shadow - Dark Shopping

December 26th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable, Shopping, Sims Worth Exploring

If you don’t read any reviews before hand, you can never really expect what you are going to see when you visit a sim from Rezzable, Rezzable Productions Ltd. is creating and running one of the largest public entertainment areas in Second Life with more than 30 sims currently. I did expect a dark place just from the name of this one, Crimson Shadow, but that’s about it. It is a dark and crimson place, beautiful like the other Rezzable sims, and little things here and there to keep you interested or want to just hang out.

But first, check out what this sim looks like on the map.

Crimson Shadow on the map

Crimson Shadow Main Entrance

Crimson Shadow Backgrounds

Crimson Shadow Symbols

It is mainly a shopping sim with a different twist, it is a dark, gothic, and vampire related sim, with victims balls and feeder balls for you vampires out there. They are watching you…

Crimson Shadow Shopping Sim

It also has a dance club, although it was pretty empty when I was there.
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Spell Effects and Teleportation Effects Sale

November 15th, 2007 | Category: AO, Animation, Sale, Shopping

What: Spell Effects and Teleportation Effects Sale

When: Nov 15, 2007 12:00 am - 1:00 am (Thursday)

Where: Rendervisions Isle Second Life

Tags: Cherry Hotaling Nightlife Entertainment Rendervisions Isle Second Life

Description: Free wand with one spell built in! Available Now!

Cherrys Spellbound Animations Teleportation effects! Teleport and appear with flair! Teleport in with a variety of available special effects including pentagram and flames, Waking up from a flower, Slicing bamboo Trees and more! Vanish from sight in an equal amount of flair!

Beautiful wands, Rods and Staffs, finely crafted by the artists of rendervisions!

All staffs, rods, and wands work with the Spellbound animations spells also available in the shop.

Some new items include: Doll Key with built in animations, sounds, effects, and winding timer system.

Wisdom umbrella with opening and closing animations. The umbrella can change to over 160 colors. Also includes a Blossom effects spell and animation.

Stop by today and make your day magical!

-Cherry Hotaling Resident Witch

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Visit Santa Claus Village in Second Life

November 10th, 2007 | Category: Christmas, Santa Claus, Shopping, Sims to Explore

What: Great Opening of a Christmas Village

When: Nov 10, 2007 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Saturday)

Where: FRANCE Midi Pyrenees Second Life

Tags: Christmas Commercial FRANCE Midi Pyrenees Gregleens Merlin holiday Second Life

Description: As we approach the festive season, Gregleens Merlin is pleased to announce the opening of the Santa Claus Village.

The Santa Claus Village is located on the sim France Midi Pyrenne. Some 9,000 meters will let you discover the enchantment of Christmas.

The Santa Claus Village is: The home of Santa Claus: a reconstruction of the Santa Claus’s cozy interior to see his office, his bed, his Christmas tree, it includes the elves workshop where you can find creations special Christmas for the decoration of your home, land or sim: Christmas lights, gifts packages, and Christmas stockings. The fir’s market has a wide selection of Christmas trees and sparkling lights offered in different sizes. Ideal for decorating your home, your store or your sim. The village includes the gingerbread house, an open-air skating rink, a Christmas market where cabins are offered for rent for those who want to sell their creations and benefit from traffic related to Christmas and New Year and much more.

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Christmas Market

November 10th, 2007 | Category: Christmas, Shopping

What: Christmas Market, GALERIA HOLLAND

When: Nov 10, 2007 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Saturday)

Where: Holland Second Life

Tags: Christmas Commercial holiday Holland Mirco Dinzeo Second Life

Description: Have a look at the Christmas market at GALERIA HOLLAND. It is a typical Christmas market scenery surrounded by a small shoppping mall. There are also some shops and market booth available. You will find only high class products, no reseller stuff, no campers.

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Saving Lindens and Inworld Fashion

October 31st, 2007 | Category: Second Life Money, Shopping

Just some news and posts about sales and fashion in Second Life.

Laynie’s Weekly Wrap - Oct 31, 2007 Then I popped over to Diversity for their sale. That Cobain style everyone’s been wondering where it is? It’s back, and retextured so it’s even better than before.

Unique Skin… Made Affordable by Tête à Pied It looks like skins are the new black on the grid. Everyone and their mother seem to be determined to make skins. I’m not judging the quality of the efforts here, but it is hard to keep up with the industry these days.

Calico Creations Items reviewed: Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah II and Calico hairstyles.

As mentioned before in my silent sparrow review, I met Ms. Ingmann through the Simone! Supermodels contest. I won’t rehash, you can go read the silent sparrow review. I’ll also note that I was supposed to be showing Calico hair at that show I couldn’t model in, sooo… here’s the review instead! Hope that makes up for it somewhat. I’ve been meaning to do a review on her hair anyway, since I wear it a lot and use it in my jewelry ads.

Review of Fetch Alternative! I’ve got more pics than usual for you, so pay attention. There is some cute clothes from Fetch Alternative that I want to show. The designers are Vanessa Cardway and Matteus Boa. I was lucky enough to score a pair of jeans that aren’t even out yet, and I practically live in jeans, so I am a happy girl!

Twinsanity! Lots of bargains listed at the bottom.

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Learn how to buy and sell land

October 14th, 2007 | Category: Business, Land Issues, Shopping

Here is a class to help you avoid the same mistake I made buying land in Second Life.

What: NCI Class: Land Ownership 2 - Advanced

When: Oct 14, 2007 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Sunday)

Where: Caledon Highlands Second Life

Tags: Caledon Highlands Education learning NCI Writer Second Life

Description: NCI Class: Land Ownership 2 - ADVANCED Instructor: Nancy Villotta Location: NCI Caledon (Caledon Highlands) Great Hall When: Sunday, 7pm to 8pm, 1 hour

Pre-requisite: Landownership 1 - Basics

Learn how to buy and sell land with Shippou Oud, an experienced SL land dealer. This class covers pricing, terraforming, mainland versus islands, land auctions, “rare” land, and how to maximize the value of a plot of land for sale. Learn what to look for and what to avoid!

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Financial News and Sales!

September 01st, 2007 | Category: Insurance, Legal, Sale, Shopping

Property and Second Life Benjamin Duranske points to the very interesting Virtual Property Rights Case. Some of this should sound familiar:

…Soon, wealthy avatars were taking the form of “metaverse speculators” buying in bulk, driving up the cost of virtual land and, in some cases, developing it for a tidy profit. The stakes were high and, to some, there seemed to be a bubble forming, mirroring the frothy bull market for real property investment that had taken place offline. Meanwhile, the real world owners of Third Life were becoming wealthier than they had ever dreamed. The incremental cost of strategically creating and introducing additional parcels of virtual land to Third Life was essentially zero, and there were always eager buyers…

Blowout Sale at People out there kept playing limbo with prices so now at the store - so we’re beating them, or meeting them where competitors priced stock we had to 0 Lindens - Free! We only charged 1 Linden for the items, and had a money tree out - so now we just got rid of the money tree and priced loads of stuff to 0 Lindens.

What’s the point, anyway? :-) Here’s a shot of their store.

Second Life URL Free Insurance for BCX Customers. Beginning September 1st 2007

BCX customers can go to the nearest “The Rock Tam” and get free insurance up to 5k per month.

You will buy your insurance, pay for it and get a note from The Rock saying that BCX will reimburse them within 10 days.

On a weekly base, The Rock will provide BCX Bank with a list of customers entitled to get a refund and BCX Bank will then reimburse You.

Second Life URL.

Bragg v. Linden Lab: Discovery Heats Up, Linden Documents Posted on Bragg’s Web Site Plaintiff currently approximates that he provided $13,900 U.S. dollars and one million Lindens to Defendant Linden for tier payments, land purchases, account credit, lindens in account, and purchases from third party vendors.

Plaintiff’s attorney’s fees exceed $100,000 and are growing on a daily basis Plaintiff is also entitled to treble damages, punitive damages and statutory damages, as more fully documented in the Complaint, in addition to injunctive and equitable relief.

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Top Products, Clothes, Other Items, Freebies & More

August 23rd, 2007 | Category: Free Stuff, Sale, Shopping

Top Products CLOTHES +Other Items 5L-150L. HAIR 15L-40L.Poses 25L Set, Freebies & More.

When: Aug 23, 2007 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM (Thursday)

Where: Tsuchinoko Second Life

Tags: Chrissy Zhichao Commercial Second Life Tsuchinoko

Description: Clothes 80L-150L (Babydoll, Empire, long & Short Styles, Shirt, Skirts & Pants Sets, Sweater, Tank Top Sets, Bra, Panty, Stockings, Corsets Sets) Full Perm Sets Clothes/Items 5L-25L

Prim Shoes Heels 100L Flexi Hair 15L-40L New Stand/Modeling Poses 7 for 25L

Low Prim Water Fountains W/ Mist, Sound & Color Change/Cycle water 50L-90L Hot tubs W/3 Steam Levels, bubble Jets & adjustable water 65L Waterfall Hot tubs 85L

Freebies : 120+ Sculpted prims, Free Textures(over 200), Free Scripts, Free SL Guides/Tutorials, Free Multi pose Stand w/Show/Hide, Free TP3 HUD 3 Location teleporter, Skins 1L

Top SL Product Vendors:

Chat Bug Scanner, Scanning Drone, Pose Flipper Script, Skype Status Indicator, Professional Online Indicator(yours & others status)

GCSE Escalators

Buckysoft products Security cameras, Keypads, Safe, & Trap Floor. Dresser, Elevator, Dialog-based Animation HUD

Second Life URL.

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New Low Prim Furniture Shop, Jojo’s Folly

August 23rd, 2007 | Category: Furniture, Shopping

New Low Prim Furniture Shop - Home of the Magic Bed

When: Aug 23, 2007 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM (Thursday)

Where: Etopia Island Second Life

Tags: Commercial Etopia Island Jojogirl Bailey Second Life

Description: Come to Jojo’s Folly to see this new product! Great for apts, it is a couch and a bed! Be the first on your block to own one. When you land, walk out of the building to the square, walk past the dolphin statue and we are in a shop on the main street a few doors down on the right. We also have all kinds of low prim, low costs decor items to make your house a home. We also do custom work and interior decorating for an additional fee. Come see the original furniture as well as items gathered from around SL. I did the shopping so you don’t have to! Also, curtains, couches, chairs, original art, pictures, fireplace, sex bed and more! See you soon!

Second Life URL.

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