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CSI:NY Today in Second Life

December 19th, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Sims Worth Exploring, Sims to Explore, TV

With all the talk the past couple days about the ESC, Electric Sheep Company, letting over 20 employees go, it got me to thinking about the CSI:NY episode Down the Rabbit Hole, which got me interested again in seeing what the CSI sim is like today.

This did not last too long, unfortunately. I went there expecting to see another Murder by Zucker mystery, but the first one was still there, so no use going through all of that. I don’t remember what the last Mystery game was, so, I decided to check that out and selected number three on the teleport map.

CSI:NY Today Teleport Map

Once there though, I quickly found out that the crime stuff wasn’t going to work for me, where other avatars received information, all of the scripted objects just stared back at me. Nothing worked, I couldn’t even guess the killer or how the paint got on the body’s arm.

CSI:NY Paint on the sleeve

So, here are the rest of the pics I took as I tried everything out, and a little more commentary at the end.

CSI:NY Today

CSI:NY Today Crime Scene
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Visit Santa Claus Village in Second Life

November 10th, 2007 | Category: Christmas, Santa Claus, Shopping, Sims to Explore

What: Great Opening of a Christmas Village

When: Nov 10, 2007 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Saturday)

Where: FRANCE Midi Pyrenees Second Life

Tags: Christmas Commercial FRANCE Midi Pyrenees Gregleens Merlin holiday Second Life

Description: As we approach the festive season, Gregleens Merlin is pleased to announce the opening of the Santa Claus Village.

The Santa Claus Village is located on the sim France Midi Pyrenne. Some 9,000 meters will let you discover the enchantment of Christmas.

The Santa Claus Village is: The home of Santa Claus: a reconstruction of the Santa Claus’s cozy interior to see his office, his bed, his Christmas tree, it includes the elves workshop where you can find creations special Christmas for the decoration of your home, land or sim: Christmas lights, gifts packages, and Christmas stockings. The fir’s market has a wide selection of Christmas trees and sparkling lights offered in different sizes. Ideal for decorating your home, your store or your sim. The village includes the gingerbread house, an open-air skating rink, a Christmas market where cabins are offered for rent for those who want to sell their creations and benefit from traffic related to Christmas and New Year and much more.

Second Life URL.

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Space, the Second Life Frontier

October 13th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore, Space


Just visited a pretty cool sim, Space on Euclidia, a representation of the planets in our Solar System, it certainly doesn’t have the typical layout. Everything is inside this planet.

Space the outside

The initial teleport takes you to a platform floating outside the Earth, with this big cube above it and a ring circling it.

Space the Earth

From the platform, you can walk to the Earth and into it and you will see all the planets on the inside, and it looks like you are inside the Sun.

Inside the Earth
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Top Sites in Second Life

October 06th, 2007 | Category: Exploration, Sims to Explore

Here is a post from New World Notes that talks about some of the actual popular places in Second Life, the ones that aren’t using camping and other ways to suck in traffic, just honest to goodness busy sims. I will be checking some of them out in the coming days to let you know if they are worth visiting or not. I noticed a couple looked like bondage sims, and some of the stuff I have heard about some of them is really nasty.

After launching my search for SL’s True Communities (i.e., without camping chairs or excessive freebie giveaways), I asked Tateru Nino to apply the same head counting methodology she uses to track visits to real world corporate sites. Here’s her top twenty for last week:

NORSIM MultiSIM (Goth RPG) Traffic: 43,646.
Nude Island (Mature Social) Traffic: 29,198
Avilion Grove (Fantasy Role-playing) Traffic: 26,578.
Phat Cat’s Jazzy Blue Lounge (PG Social/Shopping) Traffic: 23,220.
Heavenly Rose Gardens (PG Social) Traffic: 15,154.
Hedonistic Isle (Mature Social) Traffic: 15,120.
Midian City (Goth RPG) Traffic: 14,986.
Bound and Determined (BDSM Social) Traffic: 14,818.
Blackheart’s Cafe (PG Social) Traffic: 14,717.
Independent State of Caledon (Steampunk Role-playing) Traffic: 13,608.
Laguna Nude Beach (Mature Social) Traffic: 13,406.
Bare Rose (Asian Role-playing/Shopping) Traffic: 13,205.
City of Lost Angels (Goth RPG) Traffic: 13,152.
Capture Role-play HQ (BDSM Role-playing) Traffic: 13,104.
Lost Gardens of Apollo (PG Social) Traffic: 12,936.
New Citizens Incorporated (Education/ Social) Traffic: 11,808.
Toxian City (Goth RPG) Traffic: 10,901.
Icedragon’s Playpen (Casual Gaming/ Social) Traffic: 8,803.
Isle of Lesbos (Mature Social) Traffic: 8,232.
The Shelter (Education/Social) Traffic: 8,220.

In fact, the only regular overlap between this New World Notes chart and the Linden chart is Phat Cat’s, and this week, Nude Island. (Which despite what the name suggests, actually seems to be more of a beach-themed casual social area, than a 24/7 naked orgy. Least the couple times I’ve visited.) For that matter, there are far more PG-oriented communities with an emphasis on socializing (The Shelter, Ice Dragon’s, New Citizens, Lost Gardens, Blackheart’s, Heavenly Rose, Phat Cat’s) than Mature-rated sites with an arguable focus on sex (Nude Island, Hedonistic, Bound, Laguna, Capture, Lesbos.) Seven to six. Source: NWN’s True Community Search: NORSim dominates the Top 20 Sites for week ending September 30

I wouldn’t say one more PG sim is “far more” than the mature sims, but you should check out Tateru Nino’s blog for more mixed reality headcounts, and check out her postings on Second Life Insider.

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Solar Eclipse Planetarium

September 11th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

Here is another great spot to visit, the Solar Eclipse Planetarium by Aimee Weber, although there are not any notecards that I can find with any information, the visuals are most definitely worth checking out.

This one is called the Shadow of an Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Planetarium 5

The big dome shows you how the path of the moon and the rotation of the Earth determine where the shadow, the eclipse, lands on the globe.

Solar Eclipse Planetarium 3

Solar Eclipse Planetarium 1

Plus, there is one called Tour of the Solar System.

Solar Eclipse Planetarium 4

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Second Life “Real Cities” Tour

September 10th, 2007 | Category: Exploration, RL Meets SL, Sims to Explore


When: Monday, September 10, 2007 at 20:00:00 UTC time

Where: Webheads hut at Edunation

Description: Second Life has its fair share of Real Life cities that people have created. Why build a recreation of a Real Life city in a virtual world where what you build is confined only by your imagination? Do these places attract native speakers from these countries and people interested in learning the language associated with the cities? What can you learn about culture from visiting these places?

Join us for the discussion tour and find out the answer to these questions and more.

As the best part of last week’s tour was having a guide speak us through it in Wonderful Denmark, I thought I could attempt to do something similar in..


and if anyone comes along who’d like to give a tour of another destination, please let us know. Here are some of the other cities I proposed visiting last week…


NOTE: If you activate the Second Life Voice Client before you come, you will get more out of this experience: In Second Life, go to Edit ->Preferences->Voice Chat and click on the box ‘Enable Voice Chat’


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Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum

September 08th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore, Space

Here is a pretty cool place, if you are interested in being an astronaut, a rocket scientist, or just like space stuff in general, the International Spaceflight Museum at Spaceport Alpha (115, 157, 22) PG is a place you ant to check out. They have videos you can watch at anytime, they have one with astronomers talking about stars and some new extra technique, the next one was an early broadcast of a rocket taking off. Pretty cool spot.

International Spaceflight Museum
Upcoming Events List

All events are free. Some events are posted at short notice and so this notecard might not be up-to-date. To find all events, click on “Search” at the bottom of your window, select the “Events” tab, then enter “spaceflight” in the Name/Desc text box, and click “Search”.

Always On:
A Live NASA TV feed is always available to be seen at the museum. There are two screens at the main stage and a third, smaller screen in the gallery under the ring of rockets, to the right of the main walkway at Spaceport Alpha (105, 93, 23).

Events Notifications:
If you would like to be notified whenever there is an event happening at the International Spaceflight Museum, then join the open-enrollment group “Spaceflight Museum Happenings”. To do that, click on the “Search” button at the bottom of your screen, select the “Groups” tab, search for “Spaceflight”, select “Spaceflight Museum Happenings” and then join the group. If you want help with this, IM Troy McLuhan.

Check out the information for this class

Rocket Class is on summer vacation July and August

Rocket Workshops may occur at any time on the sandbox

Rocket Class is taught by Mad Rocket Scientist Jimbo Perhaps to assist the next generation of Second Life Rocketeers.

Launched May 1, 2007 on University of Denver Science School, across the creek from International Spaceflight Museum, and moved June 1 to Space Frontier sandbox.

Week 1 - Rocket Intro Class:
Intro to rockets in Second Life. What makes a rocket “real”? Physics.
Tour the new Jimbo Perhaps Rocket Garden on Space Frontier.
Rocket launches and rides from Rocket Class.

Week 2 - Rocket Building Class
Basics of building in Second Life. Build a simple rocket shape. Tips on building more advanced shapes.

Week 3 - Rocket Texturing Class
Using textures to make your rocket look realistic. Finding, making and uploading textures.

Week 4 - Rocket Scripting Class
Using particle/texture effects and physics in your scripts to make rockets fly realistically.

Join Second Life Group “The Rocketeers” for updates, news and community support.

Join Second Life Group “Space Frontier” and bring your space and rocket projects to the sandbox.

Here are some great pics and the Second Life URL.

Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum 1

Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum 2

Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum 3

Spaceport Alpha - International Spaceflight Museum 4

Here is their visitor guide.

Spaceport Alpha Visitors Guide


West Shore

The first place you arrive, the Landing Point, has informational plaques, a donation jar,

and flags from all of the countries represented by exhibits at the International Spaceflight
Museum (ISM). Directly to the northeast
(toward the center of the Rocket Ring) is a
“welcome” table with lemonade and a laptop.

Email laptops (courtesy of aEolus Computers) are located at several places around the ISM.
You can click on them to email suggestions or comments to the museum staff.

Across the path from the
welcome table is a height measurer. Since the rocket models
on the Rocket Ring are built to full-scale, it is useful to keep in mind the size of your
Second Life avatar for comparison.

To the southwest of the Landing Point (on your left as you face the rocket ring) is the
Planetarium. There you will find a short NASA
video, an interactive exhibit of the
constellations, and a telescope.

North of the Landing Point is the Canadian Robot Arm (”Canadarm”). This is an interactive
exhibit. the Canadian Arm is used to assemble spacecraft on orbit.

Further north, beyond the Canadarm is the Gemini 4/Titan II, an interactive exhibit blasting

off into low earth orbit. Right click, choose board, and say +blastoff. (Don’t forget the +

When you get off the Gemini rocket, use the teleporters to take a tour of the

Solar System, including the Asteroid belt, with a side trip to the surface of Mars.

At the Gemini platform is a teleporter to go directly to the stratosphere and on to the
LEO (Low Earth Orbit) platform, bypassing the rocket ride if you wish.

North of the Gemini rocket ride there is a model of the Viking Lander. Click the sign for a
notecard with more information about this detailed exhibit.

Beyond the Viking is a model of the Soviet Union’s N-1 Moon rocket. Again, click the sign for a notecard.

Eastern Shore

At the Northeast corner of the ISM we have a model of the Saturn V, built to full scale. Click the

sign for a notecard. Next to the rocket is a model of the launch (umbilical) tower. You can walk up the

stairs (144 meters) for an aerial view of the ISM. Just be sure your avatar is in good

physical shape and you have a lot of time!

Alternatively, you can use the elevator on the platform to go to the top of the
Saturn V and
beyond to the elevator platform under the upper sim’s “space” level. Say “goto floor 1″
(or 2 or 0),
with no space between “go” and “to.” From the platform you can teleport to the LEO (low earth orbit)

South of the Saturn V is a model of the Space Shuttle on its “stack” — external tank and
secondary booster rockets (SRBs).

In the southeastern corner of the ISM you will find an interactive map of Cape Canaveral. There are red

and blue markers on the map. Click on each red marker for a notecard with information about
the point of interest it indicates.

South Shore

West of Cape Canaveral is the NPL exhibit, a guest installation from the National Physical Laboratory in the UK.

Follow the brick path beyond the NPL pavilion to the Gift Shop.

A model of the Voyager space probe is at the end of the walkway that goes in front of the Gift Shop.
Click on the sign in front of it for a notecard.

On a platform above the walkway is the Real Time Satellite Propagator. This is an interactive exhibit
that rezzes
satellite models that move into their real time orbital positions above the earth.

South of the Satellite Propagator is a small park with a boat landing. Relax awhile, rest your feet
and enjoy listening to the seagulls.

Sim Center

Lower Rocket Ring - The pillars supporting the upper ring have plaques acknowledging some

of the contributors to the ISM. There are also several exhibits on the lower level. On the

eastern curve is a model of the Pluto New Horizons space probe that is presently on its way
to the outer solar system and beyond after being launched in early March 2006.

Upper Rocket Ring - There are many models of rockets here, built to life-size scale. Signs located

around the ring give notecards with information about selected rocket exhibits.

On the upper north east curve (temporary location) is a model of the Space Ship One, the

first space craft built by private enterprise, and the winner of the X-Prize. This model is

to scale. Right click and choose “sit here” to see if you can fit. Keep in mind most Second

Life Avatars are larger than real life.

In the center of the rocket ring is the amphitheater where special programs take place.

On a viewing platform above the amphitheater is a clockwork model of the solar system. Read the
sign to learn how to command the planets to move into position for any specific date (within
some limits).

And here is a Hubble Space Telescope notecard.

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was named in honor Edwin Hubble, who, in the 1920s, became the first person to identify galaxies outside of our own Milky Way. Using the 100-inch Hooker Telescope atop Mt. Wilson in Pasadena, California, his findings provided the foundation for the Big Bang Theory and our current understanding of the expanding Universe. Edwin Hubble was named one of Time magazine’s Most Influential People of the 20th century.

The HST was placed in orbit by the crew of Shuttle Discovery on April 25, 1990 and was immediately in trouble due to a poorly-ground mirror. It drifted for three years while scientists and engineers struggled to understand the imaging problem. Finally in December 1993, the crew of Shuttle Endeavour inserted what was, in essence, a contact lens to help the telescope focus.

Since that time, Hubble has orbited the Earth nearly 100,000 times covering roughly 2.3 billion miles. Almost 4,000 astronomers the world over have used Hubble to examine the depths of our Universe, taking over 700,000 images of more than 22,000 astronomical treasures.

Since it began operations back in 1993, Hubble has been in need of basic repairs. Gyroscopes need to be replaced and some of its batteries are failing. NASA has been leery of sending a Shuttle for a repair mission because the telescope’s orbit is different than that of the International Space Station. If the astronauts run into problems while working on Hubble, there is no “safe haven” for them to turn to. But, in October 2006, NASA announced plans for a repair mission to Hubble, scheduled for Spring of 2008. After that, the Shuttle fleet is slated to be retired in 2010.

For more information, visit:

Notecard by Deejr Richez

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Telos IV - Star Wars Roleplay Planet

September 02nd, 2007 | Category: Roleplay, Sims to Explore

I’ve mentioned a couple of sims before where people live there and role-play their characters according to whatever sim they are in, the Harry Potter Role-playing area, The Leaky Cauldron in Wizards Alley, and Tombstone, a sim set in the old west in the town of Tombstone, so here is another only this one is for Star Wars fans. It’s the planet Telos IV, and they are serious about the role-playing, I was told I better wear my DCS when going to the surface, a defense/offense system I am assuming, but there is so much to explore and see above the surface, I think this will be a two parter. The second will involve me figuring out how to use the DCS and hitting the surface. Here are the notecards you get, and some pictures of the sites.

Second Life URL


This is a MATURE ROLEPLAYING-enforced SIM role-playing with strong content of varying orientations. This can include but not limited to Violence, Wars, Injuries, Death, Slaves/Prisoners, Fantasy.

However, public sex and coarse language is not allowed.

*If this is not your interest, please leave*

You must wear your Combat System (DCS) when in RP zones (City, Caves and Club). You can purchase DCS in the first level of the Vendors (above the SL Exchange). DCS Non-Combat mode is only for in No Combat Areas (Vendors), if you are AFK, wounded or a GM/Admin/Security doing Sim business.

Here is how to set up your Class Type:

Go to the website
Sign in to Star Wars - Telos IV (toward the bottom of the list)
Once in, Click on edit chars
Then, go to Class Type and click on “Choose your Class”. This will give you options to choose from with descriptions.
Save your choice.
Once you have done this, do a /9reset in world.

Here is how to Delete your Character:

Go to the website
Sign in to Star Wars - Telos IV (toward the bottom of the list)
Once in, Click on edit chars
Click delete/reset at the top
This will take you to a page where you need to check Yes, I want to delete
Then click Delete Char
Now, do a /9reset in world and rechoose your character

If you want to spar only - /9training (don’t use if rping)


1) You must wear DCS (combat system), visible to all, In all RP areas - City, Caves and Club. This is a RP SIM…don’t always rely on the combat system. Role Play your situations whenever possible.

2) Stay with the character you are in when starting a RP to the end of that RP.

3) This is an IC Sim. If you must talk OOC, talk with brackets or the OOC tag. But please try to have OOC conversations in IMs.

4) Do not use Linden tags to retrieve another character’s name. If you don’t know the character, you have to ask for their name.

5) No Godmodding - Being indestructible, using information IC gathered OOC, etc.

6) No mixing OOC with IC.

7) If you are defeated in battle, you are “wounded” for 24 hours. You cannot engage in combat during this time. If you get to a bacta tank or medical table, your time is cut to 12 hours. But you must RP being taken to a tank or a table, and within 5 minutes of the defeat (10 minutes if you get a heal or Bacta Shot).

8) If there is a problem with an RP, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Ask for a GM or Administrator. Show Respect to Gms, security and Administrators.

9) If there is a griefing issue, first ask for a member of the Telos Security.

10) A GM, Admin or Security member that is engaged in sim duties cannot also be in the RP that is currently in progress.

A WORD TO NEWBIES: We want to encourage good Role Playing, and will happily help you. For best results, spend some time and $L on your avatar, and quietly watch others play before participating. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a local member. Do not ask for help In public chat, learn how to use SL’s Instant Messaging (IM).

This is a private sim and what we say goes. We do not have to explain ourselves to people who like to argue.

1. Please do not Teleport anyone to the surface, this is considered God Modding, have them walk as it brings potential RP situations.

2. Please do not Rez over 100 Prim without the consult of an Admin or GM online, if the GM leaves, ensure you or they pass the word on to another GM of the situation.

3. Please, if you are not using it… take it off, or if you have Mod rights to it.. stop the scripts by editing it - clicking tools at the top - Stop scripts running in selection.

Griefing will be defined broadly and treated harshly. You’ll get a warning on a good day, but we are prepared to ban anyone who doesn’t play to our standards. There is no character role in Telos IV for “The Annoying Asshole.”

**Force Prophecies is absolutely banned and NOT allowed on Telos IV. Force Prophecies is a multi-tool/anti-griefer program that is absolutely NOT made for Role-playing (it also causes a lot of lag). If you are found using Force Prophecies, you will be considered griefing. So please, do not wear it at all.**

**Please make sure you limit the amount of scripts that you wear (only what is needed). The more scripts running, the more lag. We want this to be fun for everyone.**

Do not rez your own ship unless it is in an appropriate hanger. If you have landed on the ground, you should leave from the same point. Please UNREZ the ship after landing to save prims. You can put it back when you takeoff. These ships are to be used as part of RP … not to randomly run over crowds of people as this will ALSO be considered griefing.

Weapons and Equipment
Weapons must not be freebie weapons. This causes lag.

It should go without saying that anyone setting off bombs or devices that cause large-scale disturbances will be ejected and banned without the courtesy of a warning. No Flamethrowers.

No weaponry can employ a menu, text command, or target assist/tracking based targeting system.

More than one weapon cannot be used at one time (this does not apply to duel sabers or any other weapon that has no actual effect from being duel wielded).

Weapons should not push in any way shape or form, save for minor degrees of push from a weapon designated as a Force power by a GM.

Personal shielding is not to be used in any form. Personal shielding being anything that reduces the amount of damage that a person receives from incoming attacks (this does not include the block/LD system in the RCS its self.)

You CANNOT have your avi “fly” during battle. You may fly at other times though in 3 second bursts at a time.

Cage devices are to be fully restricted unless they are set on a temporary timer of 25 seconds or less, at which point it will de-rez.

Role-playing is required with the idea of creating an immersive environment. It is a chance to be creative. If you don’t wish to participate in this style of Role-play, don’t waste our time and yours. EXCESSIVE RL AND OOC CHATTER IN PUBLIC WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

During the occasions that you must briefly talk OOC (Out of Character) please use brackets (( )).
For example:

((Hi everyone! I’m new to SL and need to know where to get hair and skin so I don’t look like such a noob)).

You may also use the OOC chat command, such as the one in DCS - /9ooc

Please keep these to a minimum around those who ARE role-playing, or preferably use IM’s. Disturbing others is not acceptable. People found breaking the role-play will be asked to either participate or leave. If you want to have an OOC discussion, PLEASE USE IMS OR AN OOC AREA.



The Telos IV Security Force have a dual role. They function in character as part of the city’s RP, but also act as out-of-character administrators of griefing disputes. If they speak to you in IM in their OOC admin role, their word is considered the law.

OOC arguments on the Sim will NOT be tolerated. We go out of our way to hire Security Officers who are fair, so just do what they ask, and don’t be a pain in the ass. If a Security Officer is not available, go to a GM or an Administrator.

GMs are not IC roles. They are here to handle problems that arise within role-play. They also come up with RP ideas for the Sim.

A list of these people can be found at -

AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED, THIS IS NOT A “SHOOT ‘EM UP” SIM!! Combat is intended to facilitate good role play NOT replace it. Those that come here merely to randomly shoot without being a citizen or a part of any official city group will be looked upon as griefers and WILL BE EJECTED. If you can RP your combat, even better.

If you are victorious of a fight involving combat, the victim is NOT DEAD. They are incapacitated and at your mercy. You may choose to RP capturing or whatever your will, but if the victim does not wish to rp the scene, a Fade to Black approach, should be respected.

You cannot have your avi “fly” during battle. You may fly at other times though.

And finally have fun, be mature, and if you have any problems, contact the Telos IV Enforcement Team for assistance! You can also contact a GM or an Admin.

Defeat is not permanent, but please no accusations of cheating or foul play against others (nothing is ever entirely balanced, especially in the freedom of SL, though we do our best to keep it fair). Be ready to accept responsibility, whatever the outcome - combat isn’t for everyone.

Defeat in battle renders you No-Combat for 24 HOURS. If you get to a medical bed or bacta tank within 5 minutes, your Non-Combat time is cut down to 12 HOURS. Also, if a “friend” heals you or gives you a bacta shot, you get 10 minutes to get to a medical bed or bacta tank.

A player can use cloaking or invisibility but they must decloak before attacking.

Thank you.

Telos has a Vent Server:

IP -
Port - 3911
Password - morpheus

Telos IV Role-play 101

To play and portray a role. Sometimes described as “Acting without a script” or “Improvised theater”

But how to do it in a good way?
Write a dozen lines of text?
Letting scripts do the work for you?

There is a lot of variations on Role-playing.
This text is a try to describe one of them that I prefer to use.
It’s split up in a few parts each detailing an aspect of it.

Don’t decide it all.
First of all Role-playing is about having fun.
One thing that isn’t too fun is when one person tries to decide everything.
Make sure to let the other role-players decide on actions involving their character.

Let’s see an example…

Example one. The bad way.
Steve Stevenson draws his shotgun aiming it at Amys head and pulls the trigger splattering her brains all over the wall.

Well in this example Amy dies. She doesn’t have much of an option does she?
Let’s see the same but giving Amy the options of deciding the outcome?

Example two. The good way.
Steve Stevenson draws his shotgun aims it at Amy pulling the trigger hoping he’ll hit her in the head.
Amy swallows hard as she sees the gun and quickly runs for the door but as she takes her first step the shot is sound and she feels a sharp pain as the shot hits her shoulder as she falls to the floor fainting from the pain.

This way Amy gets to decide what happens.
She agrees to being shot but not killed and she even faints giving Steve the advantage of having her out of the way without needing to kill her.
The Role-play can go on with no one having to sacrifice their character for good.

Also It might be a good idea asking the other person in IM’s about if something is ok before doing it.

Please speak slowly.
Often you decide to add both speech and actions to what you do in Role-play.
But how would the others know when they can do something without interrupting.
When you RP it’s nice to simply take one line each when things are going on.

After all if you do everything in different posts it gets cluttered up very quickly with normal posts and /me posts

Steve looks down at Amy
You shouldn’t have laughed at me girl.
Steve inhales on his cigarette
This will teach you and everyone else not to mess with me
Steve spits on Amys unconscious body before heading for the door intending to leave.

Now What if someone else would want to do something there?
How would they know when Steve was done?
To avoid it simply write it all in one post.
If you need to speak in an action or /me post just add ” around the speech.
If you need to make an action in a speech just add * around the action.

Steve looks down at Amy “You shouldn’t have laughed at me girl.” he inhales on his cigarette. “This will teach you and everyone else not to mess with me.” He spits at Amys unconscious body before heading for the door intending to leave.

One line and quite simple at that.

Long posts
What if you can’t fit what you want to do on one line?
Second life has limits in how long you can type.

Well then simply add … or >>> to the end of the line beginning a new with … or <<< to let others know you’re not finished.

It’s a really simple way to let others know and it makes it much easier.
Don’t overdo it though. After all the other player does want to do something before you have written a whole novel.

Out Of Character
Sometimes people doesn’t Role-play.
If others are role-playing it’s decent to take OOC or Out Of Character speech somewhere else or in Instant Messages.

Steve leans into Amy whispering something in her ear.
IM: What I say to you is “Remain very still and act like we’re in love or I will blow this place apart and you know me better than to know I’m not kidding.”

If you need to say something OOC for everyone to hear place it within double parentheses (()) Or within something similar agreed on beforehand like [[ ]] or <>

Steve sneers “you might have beaten me but I’ll return someday” he quickly turns and jumps out the window ((I need to be leaving now. Have to catch a buss. See you all some other day))

If several is standing around just talking OOC then it’s of course free to talk as normal just discussing.
Just remember to inform everyone that shows up that you’re not IC, In Character, at the moment so confusion isn’t made.

Forewarn your friends and enemies
Before you RP make sure to let people know how long you can be online.
If the time then changes well then you cannot help it.
Just don’t engage in a lot of heavy RP if you need to leave in 5 minutes time.
It’s not very fair to leave others in the middle of something.

You can however continue an RP at a later time picking up where you left off.
but it will require the same people so it might be good to wrap things up before leaving.

So before you RP talk in OOC or in IM letting the others know if you need to leave a certain time.

Combat systems
**Role-play is main emphasis of Telos IV, not combat. Combat needs to be keep to a minimum (see Rules). However, there are often times when the outcome of two characters could go either way. During these times combat might be the appropriate way to determine the outcome.**

Combat this thing that some way or another can enhance or destroy a role-play.
Well sure it’s fun to win a combat.
But what if you lose?
Not everyone cam deal with being on the loosing side especially if they had to reply on the arbitrary powers of themselves and another player.
Now having to deal with a game master being the judge can be even worse with claims of picking favorites.
While I myself usually stress the point of not killing in role-play.
It’s not fun for anyone having to make a new character and while you might rid yourself of an “opponent” next time you might be the one biting the dust.
Still combat does happen and sometimes Role-play cannot deal with it so other measures needed to be accounted for.
There exist scripted systems that can be used for combat.
If you engage in battles like this then do not whine if you loose.
Lag is not an excuse since you knew the risks of engaging in battle.

End notes

I hope that this was easy to understand and that it helps you with your Role-play.
I don’t claim it to be the only way or the best way.
I do however claim that it works since It’s been tried a lot.

There is one thing though.
Before you play make sure you all follow the same way to RP
Avoiding confusions at the beginning saves a lot of time clearing up misunderstandings.

And in the end don’t take it too seriously.
It’s meant to be fun after all.

Comments and ideas are welcome.
Flames will be utterly ignored.

Star wars Furry Jedi Capable Species

Bimm - Short dear with no antlers
Bothan* - Dog, wolf
Cathar - Cat or nekochan (depending on interpretation)
Chadra-Fan* - Chipmunks, bats with no wings
Drall* - Furry pig
Ewok* - Small bear
Farghul* - Cat
Frozian - Siamese cat
Jenet - Short, low hair, were-wolf
Kushiban - small rabbit
Lepi - Green rabbit
Nazzar - Horse (ish)
Ranth - No muzzle wolf
Sarkan - Tall thin dinosaur
Shi’ido** - Shape shifter
Spiner - Were-bear
Squib* - Small rabbit (bigger then Kushiban)
Wookiee* - Bear (Bigfoot?)
Yinchorri* - Bulky dinosaur
Zehethbra - Stocky wolverine

*Rarely seen as Jedi
**Shape shifter that fears Jedi order, almost unheard of as Jedi but are permitted with proper RP

Telos IV - Star Wars Role-play Planet

Telos IV - Star Wars Role-play Planet 2

Telos IV - Star Wars Role-play Planet 3

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The Inspire Space Park

August 20th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

Found this interesting blog post on New World News about a sim that was created on the mainland called The Inspire Space Park, and how it couldn’t get any traffic there because of the Matrix casino who had avatars camping there all the time, so they could hardly ever get more than 8 avatars in it at one time. But since the Lindens banned gambling in Second Life, the casino has been shut down and this sim has really taken off. The traffic has gone from 2,000 to over 20,000 because there are no longer 30 camping avatars below.

The Inspire Space Park [direct teleport here] is high above Shinda, an ancient region on Second Life’s main continent; that was my first surprise, after Eppie Hock messaged me, enthusing about the place. Many of the world’s best creators have abandoned the mainland, preferring to create on private islands where they can totally control the environment. But instead, here was a dream cosmos and designated “chill space” of ambient music and vibrant, astronomical color, lovingly built high above the billboards and shopping malls that clutter the continents– a place, as this video only hints at, capable of creating floating bliss.

We are expanding our presence in the sim next door, Butsu, to be higher tempo dance area, and are considering some residential areas, higher above the park and dance planet for people who want to “live in space.” I will begin attempting to attract DJs from outside SL… I have a load of ambient music artists I’d like to have perform live. Source: SPACE IS THE PLACE

Here is the video they are referring too.

Second Life URL.

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Top Art Installations

August 20th, 2007 | Category: Art, Sims to Explore

Here is a great review of the top 10 art installations in Second Life from New World Notes. This one he says is the toughest list he had to make, as there are some nice creations in sl, like recreations of the Sistine Chapel, etc, to consider as well. Here are the first three, hit the link to see the rest of the top 10.

1. DanCoyote Antonelli’s Arts & Letters Installation
A brilliant new way of describing space in Second Life, filled with interactive exhibits and breath-taking panoramic paintings. The image above is of one of the artist’s works - “Exploding Starax”.

2. Sabine Stonebender’s Installation at Zero Point in Kelham
This is an amazing journey into a land born straight out of imagination. Its electric colors and the architecture of the space, including the scripted ride are things you must experience for yourself.

3. Seifert’s The Future Installation
With an interesting blend of mathematics and art, Seifert Surface is both a visionary and a skilled artist. His installation is an experience comprised of a journey through his futuristic teleporting system and a myriad of sculptures, some interactive and some pushing the limits of prim modeling in Second Life. Source: Top 10 Art Installations of Second Life Amalthea Blanc surveys the SL arts scene for New World Notes

Even if you don’t want to see the sims in the art scene, that blog is a must read.

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

August 17th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration have created a great sim in which you can see lots of the things they do in real life, flying into hurricanes, ride with a weather balloon, you can see how tsunami’s are made, watch a glacier melt, they have a conference room in which they can transmit to the real world and from the real world to Second Life, lots and lots of great stuff.

Second Life URL.


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

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Great Second Life Railway

August 07th, 2007 | Category: Railroad, Sims to Explore

I visited the Great Second Life Railway today, the idea is each land owner gives a few meters for right of way to allow the train to go through Second Life, I assume as much of it as it can. And it goes through a lot of different properties; I saw castles, pyramids, mansions, horse ranches, combat regions and much more, definitely worth checking out. Second Life URL.

Great Second Life Train

Great Second Life Railway

Great Second Life Railway

Great Second Life Railway

Horam Expecta Veniet - “Await the Hour Will Come.”


The GSLR wants to #
— have fun creating and maintaining a ‘model railway’
— make sure all the railways neighbors and land contributors are comfortable with, and preferably happy about, the railway. This includes landowners whose views might be affected by the track, or whose terrain might be affected by trenching.
— extend the railway to more of SL, in one or more ’segments’.

The ‘original’ railway created by Athos Murphy has a theme/flavor for circa-1900 railroading; but other trains may eventually ride the virtual rails.


To do this, the railway needs ‘right-of-way’ space. This is basically 4 meters wide and about 5 meters high, in which the actual train will run. The actual ‘top of the track’ surface is 3 meters wide, but some ’slop’ is needed, especially on curves.

Curves are to be no less than 32 meters radius, we hope. Take a look at the curves on our existing track for examples of this. Slopes of up to 10% might be possible (a 1 meter rise or drop over the length of a 10 meter track prim); that is about a 5 degree slope.

To create the railway line with these restrictions requires about 1 prim per 10 meters of ’straight, low’ track; about 6 prims per 6.5 meters of curve (8 prims in a 90 degree turn), and up to 5 prims per 10 meters for a high bridge or fancy tunnel.


** How many prims will the train be, and will they lag the sim? **

Each of the rolling stock items will be 30 prims or less, and someday an entire train will be 3 to ’several’ of these, moving as ‘physical’ objects. The closest benchmark is probably the effect of 4 cars or bikes zooming around in a sim. Currently we can only run trolley-type trains, due to “joints” being broken (well, turned off by Linden Lab now),

** What changes will you need to make to the land? **

In order to keep within the curvature and grade requirements of the track, the GSLR might have to either raise land, lower land, or build bridges. We have access to scripting tools which can make very clean deep trenches, or narrow causeways of ‘natural’ terrain.
‘Fake’ tunnel covering terrain, and bridges in various styles, are also available; but these have a bit higher prim cost.

The GSLR is committed to blending in appropriately to the regions, and will happily plant trees and grass in open parts of our land; modify construction styles to suit - within reason. It’s a railroad, not a roller coaster.

** How noisy and frequent will trains be? **

‘Relatively quiet’. Whistling or bells will occur at stations, and the trains have a low-key rumbling sound, hard to hear outside the carriages. Trains run “on autopilot”, and you can expect a train to come by every 5 or 10 minutes.

** Will you charge people to ride the train? **

Ordinarily, travel will be free. Special train schedules, consists, private cars, custom colors, etc. would be subject to negotiation.

** I don’t want wrecked trains lying around my sim. **

The GSLR is well aware that both malice and accident can perhaps leave the train in an unfortunate position. The scripting team has added features to de-rez and re-rez a “crashed” train.

** I would like to help with right-of-way. **

The GSLR can arrange for a map, demo track segments, decorative options, etc. before a resident makes any decisions. There are currently three ideas for how to arrange right-of-way:

1) Sell land to the GSLR group. We can usually afford at least the minimum L$ 3 per square meter. Higher prices depend on negotiation, and how desperate we are. Our 4 meter wide right-of-way was chosen partly because that’s the narrowest strip of land that can be sold in SL.
2) Let the GSLR plant the track prims on a resident’s land. This will usually preserve more prims for the resident - a 40 meter ‘low and straight’ right-of-way uses 4 prims, but if owned by the railway would remove 160 square meters from the resident’s parcel, and thus also remove 36 prims from their use (a net 32 prims difference).
3) Other schemes fair to both the railway and the residents. Paying regular rents in L$ or real $ are probably not workable.

** Where do you run now? **

We have a station in Mocha, and the line runs east from there to Purple. Our ferry dock will someday support ferryboat service to Cecropia; we have a short line north from there to Calleta, hopefully to allow an interchange service with the Linden Lab-operated SLRR.

** I would like to help in other ways. **

You can join the GSLR to help with modeling, scripting, texture creation, land and money support, etc. Our members are titled ‘Engineer’; the officers are titled ‘Director’.
Obviously there are limits on what we want and need # and different areas of SL may set up sub-themes of the GSLR. We’ll have more notecards someday on technical issues (scripting needs, track and car design, operating issues, expansion plans, etc.) A store somewhere might offer track, textures, cars, clothing, and such to group members (and some of the stuff to the general public).

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