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Sistine Chapel Re-Creation in Second Life

August 06th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore, Sistine Chapel

Here is a good looking version of the Sistine Chapel in SL, Sistine Chapel Re-Creation 188, 90, 25. One that is worth checking out for the beautiful artwork alone. Second Life URL. This is one virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel worth looking at.

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel

Please Read:

All visitors to the Sistine Chapel must agree to a Code of Conduct.

When you approach the Sistine Chapel, you will be presented with an “NDE Agree Box” that will ask to take control of your avatar. This will allow us to present you with the Code of Conduct and freeze your avatar while you review it. During this process you will be given a notecard that you should KEEP so that you can read it. This notecard will contain the Code of Conduct.

If you agree with the terms, we will release control of your avatar and you will then be permitted to enter the Sistine Chapel.

If you do not let us take control of your avatar, or if you do not agree with the terms, you will not be permitted into the Sistine Chapel and your avatar will be relocated to another area of Vassar Island. However, you will still be allowed to visit the rest of the island. Note that the way in which Second Life removes you from an area is not very graceful, so we apologize in advance should you be “dropped” on another part of the island.

A record will be kept showing the date and time that you agreed to the terms. You will only be asked to agree to the terms once, unless the terms change.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the Sistine Chapel on Vassar Island.

Please IM Bret Rydell with any questions.

NOTE: Some problems with SL have caused the registration system to generate errors to those trying to register. If you get one, please IM Bret Rydell with a copy of the CHAT HISTORY that shows the error. We are trying to see how we can work around this problem in SL. Thank you.

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Treasure Island Home of the Sexy Pirate

August 06th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore, Treasure Island

I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for Treasure Island 126, 87, 33. Second Life URL.

I was the least impressed with this sim, sure, everything looks great, but what is there to do other than shoot cannonballs at the other ships? I guess I missed it.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island Fighting Area

Treasure Island

Second Life URL

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The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley

August 04th, 2007 | Category: Harry Potter, Sims to Explore

I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley - Sunset Harbor 172, 138, 27. Second Life URL.

The Leaky Cauldron

Inside the Leaky Cauldron

I tell you what, it may not be the flashiest sim, it may not have the most people, the Leaky Cauldron and all the shops in Wizards Alley are definitely interesting as hell. The whole time I was in the Leaky Cauldron, Slytherin students, Ravenclaw students, Gryffindor students, citizens, Wizard merchants, and others were talking about muggles hating wizards, wizards hating muggles, some defending the other, a couple crimes had just been committed, so this is definitely on interesting sim. Here are some of the conversations going on the little bit I was in there:

[0:24] Acanthus Larkham: You what?
[0:24] Hazuki Yiyuan: you’re deeper than you let on…
[0:24] Natasha Larkham: I like… Tyler papa…
[0:24] Mooneyfleur Beck: cool, do you know what it means?
[0:25] Acanthus Larkham: I must meet this boy.
[0:25] Armen Bingyi asks in a false offhanded way “I suppose you’d best tell us what mine looks like too Hazuki”
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: I’m not sure…I’d guess it means you’re cheerful usually but there’s a kind of strength deep down you’re not showing
[0:25] Mooney Fleur Lupin blushes a little
[0:25] Acanthus Larkham: Has he mentioned his family?
[0:25] Natasha Larkham: please papa, will you meet him before making judgment?
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: hm…brown, red, yellow…I think you’re more serious than you present outwardly. Do you have something you want to prove to someone?
[0:25] Vikkie Vuckovic: Hazuki that is a great gift…my maternal mother is a seer and she taught me that those who can touch what cannot be seen with the human eye have an insight into the true nature of another
[0:25] Armen Bingyi ’s eyes widen
[0:25] Libbie Bonetto glances at Armen
[0:25] Natasha Larkham: yes father, he said his family is one with great heritage
[0:25] Mooney Fleur Lupin: jajaja you are just teasing!
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: I don’t know what this is though…I just…*feel* things sometimes
[0:26] DeathNote Recreant laughs at Kyo’s reaction not sure if it was good or bad but she decides it’s good, who wouldn’t want to be kissed by her!? Surely she was cute…surely..? She only had a moment of doubt before she was back on her feet. “Kyo, you’re certainly on the shy side for a slytherin.” She grinned, obviously not minding that at all.
[0:26] Natasha Larkham: and we share the same opinion on mudb…. muggleborns
[0:26] Libbie Bonetto nods and looks at Vikkie, “You will always know a person’s true nature”
[0:27] Acanthus Larkham: Yes well I do recall many young men saying those things to young ladies they fancied when I was a lad, and half of them were the children of muggle roustabouts.
[0:27] Mooney Fleur Lupin: Hazuki you mentioned a professor you liked the most… but never said his name…
[0:27] Hazuki Yiyuan: Oh, Professor Biedermann
[0:27] Mooney Fleur Lupin wonders whether it might be her grandpa
[0:27] Natasha Larkham looks at the floor
[0:27] Natasha Larkham: please meet him father… he is a very respectable boy
[0:27] Hazuki Yiyuan: the Alchemy professor…he’s old, but he hasn’t been broken by it. If anything he feels stronger now
[0:28] Hazuki Yiyuan: he’s been through something terrible, too…he has a constant black cloud following him but it’s not threatening just sad
[0:28] Armen Bingyi begins urgently whispering to Libbie again
[0:28] Acanthus Larkham: Oh I do intend to meet with the boy. If he will ever be brave enough to reveal himself.
[0:28] Natasha Larkham looks at her father and then looks away…
[0:28] Mooney Fleur Lupin “oh!” she says a little disappointed ” that’s …interesting”
[0:28] Kyoshi Uriza: Me? I’m not shy! I just wasn’t paying attention…
[0:28] Natasha Larkham: mother met him
[0:29] Vikkie Vuckovic: oh I meant to take Alchemy when the new term starts
[0:29] Hazuki Yiyuan: Which professor is your grandfather?
[0:29] Libbie Bonetto gazes out the window, lost in thought
[0:29] Vikkie Vuckovic: my father is gifted with potions and alchemy and wants me to work on my skills
[0:29] Armen Bingyi steals glances at Libbie
[0:29] DeathNote Recreant giggles when Kyo gets defensive. “Oooh, someone’s shy about admitting to their shyness….”
[0:29] Acanthus Larkham: “Yes but your mother” glances at Graves “is a woman and susceptible to overlook things which I can most plainly see.”
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: how did you know my grandpa was a teacher?
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: you really are a seer
[0:30] Natasha Larkham looks defeated
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: his name was Remus Lupin
[0:31] Mooneyfleur Beck: he was at Hogwarts for only a year more than 30 years ago
[0:31] Hazuki Yiyuan: you said he was
[0:31] Mooneyfleur Beck: no I didn’t
[0:31] Hazuki Yiyuan: …Lupin? I read about him in the library…wasn’t he one of Harry Potter’s friends?
[0:31] Kyoshi Uriza stares at Dea for a short time before deciding to simply change the subject, “When are you showing me the broom shop anyway?”
[0:31] Mooney Fleur Lupin: yes indeed
[0:31] Acanthus Larkham suddenly notices his daughter’s skirt
[0:32] Acanthus Larkham: Natasha that is not what we picked out for you!
[0:32] Mooney Fleur Lupin thinks “I am so proud of him”
[0:32] Natasha Larkham looks at her skirt… and turns red
[0:32] Natasha Larkham: I…
[0:32] Hazuki Yiyuan: you did say he was…didn’t you? I’m starting to fuzz out again…
[0:32] Natasha Larkham looks like she’s gonna cry
[0:32] Acanthus Larkham: That skirt will simply not do.
[0:32] Hazuki Yiyuan: this happens when I do things like trying to see someone’s aura too much…I get a little dizzy and unfocused
[0:32] Natasha Larkham: I’m sorry father
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin: yes and my grandma meet him too the grandma on my other side of the family she was a triwizard champion along with him
[0:33] Hazuki Yiyuan: Quite a distinguished history…
[0:33] Acanthus Larkham: Not as sorry as I to see how readily you forget your father’s concern.
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin: champion
[0:33] DeathNote Recreant: Whenever. *smiles serenely* If you feel like going now…we’ll go.
[0:33] Armen Bingyi is fighting back sleep. “I should be going. . . It’s already later than it should be for walking about at night. . . ”
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin turns red and says timidly “yeah I guess”
[0:33] Libbie Bonetto: My parents were admirers of Potter, Lupin and the others
[0:34] Natasha Larkham looks at the floor and a tear falls from her eye
[0:34] Acanthus Larkham: Now change at once, sweetness!
[0:34] Natasha Larkham: yes father
[0:34] Vikkie Vuckovic: even where I am from everyone has heard of them!
[0:34] Libbie Bonetto: they joined in the battle in Hogwarts, though they weren’t of age yet
[0:34] Mooney Fleur Lupin: who are your parents Libbie?

So if you want to go to a virtual hogwarts, talk about muggles, play some quidditch, or any number of Harry Potter things, this is the sim for you.

Welcome to the Harry Potter Role-playing Sim!
We’re very glad to have you here. Feel free to look around, but please be aware of our “role-playing zones”.

Hogwarts Castle & Phoenix Estates sim- High RP: everyone stays in character. If you are not in the Hogwarts Reborn group, you cannot enter this area.
Wizard’s Alley, Market Square & Leaky Cauldron - Low RP: These are primarily out-of-character areas. Please be aware that you MUST stay within the Wizard’s Alley area as the other parts of Sunset Harbor are NOT associated with our sim and the people there enjoy their privacy.

PLEASE NOTE: Shouting in either sim is an IMMEDIATELY BANNABLE OFFENSE. Putting down or rezzing objects is an IMMEDIATELY BANNABLE OFFENSE. If you trespass into a privately rented area, you may also be banned. There is NO FLYING inSunset Harbor (Wizard’s Alley)

Please be aware that pornographic, semi-nude, Gor, and BDSM avatars are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN on all islands. All clothing, items pertaining to any of the above must be changed/removed immediately.

If you have any questions, feel free to IM the New Member Ministers.

After you have submitted your character sheet, you need to do the following:

1. Attend an Orientation class. Contact your New Member Minister for dates and times.
2. Wait one week. Observe how people do things and get acquainted with the role-playing group.
3. Ask to be invited to the out-of-character group if you so wish.

During the one week probationary period, you will not be allowed to enter Hogwarts Castle as it is a high-role-play area. Once you have completed the orientation class and week waiting period, the New Members Minister will give you an invite to the role-playing group, Hogwarts Reborn.

A note from a broom range:
Thank you for your interest in the Wicked Workshop’s broom range. Our broom maker, Angus Mesmer, is ever a perfectionist, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, drop him an IM. We are proud of our broom range here and consider them some of the best available in the wizarding world. Below are some notes and information for after purchasing one of our brooms.

- All of our brooms can be copied and modified. If you wish to modify the appearance of your broom in any way, it is HIGHLY recommended that you first make a backup copy of the original. We are not responsible for botched brooms.

- All brooms attach to your pelvis. If you aren’t entirely happy with how it is positioned, feel free to change that. To “activate” the broom, WEAR it. You do not have to rez it on the ground, just wear it from your inventory.

- All brooms are fully scripted and are easy to control. We promise you some of the best handling you will ever find which is especially important if you like to play Quidditch. Simply start flying to begin and use the direction keys to move around (up, down, left, right, pgup, pgdown all work). Our brooms operate VERY smoothly in mouselook also, solving a problem many have had with other broom ranges. There are five speeds in the broom and can be operated with the simple commands:

!Slower - A leisurely cruise.
!Slow - A steady pace.
!Normal (default) - Good for beginners to flying. !Fast - For the more serious flyer.
!Faster - For the Quidditch star.

If you ever forget these commands during flight, simply type !Help.

- If you have made your own broom and just want our flight script or flight animation, please IM Theodore DuCasse. The script will cost $300 and/or the animation $50 (no mod, copy, no transfer permissions on both). A full permissions version of the script is not available at any price.

- Our broom maker does make custom brooms by request. Prices depend on how long the brooms will take to craft and its complexity, and prices for a custom broom begin at L$300. Please IM Angus Mesmer if you are interested in one.

Second Life URL.

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SL Globe Theater @ sLiterary’s Cookie Island

July 25th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

Here is another of the nominated sims for the 7 Wonders of the Grid, SL Globe Theater @ sLiterary. Second Life URL.

The SL Globe Theatre is a historically-accurate Second Life replica of the original Elizabethan Globe Theatre, where many of William Shakespeare’s plays first saw light. It is situated on sLiterary’s Cookie Island sim, bordering the MiniThames River and the adjacent Elizabethan District, where a community of writers and thespians dwell.

There are events held in the SL Globe Theatre throughout the season, and bookings-in-advance are always welcome.

While there are photos aplenty on this site, your best bet is to come see this theatre live now, here at sLiterary’s Cookie Island.

Overhead of the SL Globe Theater

SL Globe Theater

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Tombstone - Broken Rose 19,121,22

July 25th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

Here is another of the sims nominated for the 7 Wondows of the Grid, Tombstone Where you can roleplay in the Western 1890’s. Second Life URL.

Welcome to Tombstone Arizona - Wild West Roleplay - Set in the period 1897- In the Territory of Arizona-

This SIM is a mature roleplay enviroment BASED on the desert town of Tombstone in Arizona .

It is rated (Mature) because of the Gun system we have here as well as the nature of a rough and tumble Wild West Town location complete with Saloon, Brothel and shadey Characters.

Children Avatars are welcome but no sexual themes tolerated in relation to child AVs.

Please feel welcome to take part in the role play.

We have provided for you clothing FREE at the entrance that you have just arrived in. This is the “Stage Depot” and one of 2 areas that “Gunplay” is not allowed. The 2nd area is the HOTEL. Only clothes and weapons of late 19th Century to be worn. You may choose to outfit yourself in the tradional “cowboy” look, the long modest dress for the ladies, or choose to outfit yourself in traditional Native skins. All are FREE. In town, you may wish to visit the many fine shops to expand your attire.

Fizzworks Gun Shop in Town sells the only available gun system presently valid in Tombstone. Features a draw mode and full HUD for ease of use. Stop in and pick up a FREE HUD. Always where the HUD IF you are planning to take part in combat.
To find Fizzworks look for the sign above shop ‘left’ Side of the street. (It’s also got a gun shop sign.) A Weapons testing range is provided BEHIND the gunshop where you may practice drawing and firing your weapon. RANDOM gunfire in town will result in your arrest and/or deteniton by the Sheriff or one of his men.

Understand that if you are a “fantasy” Avatar, your powers are NOT VALID or welcome here. You are welcome to hide this idenity with the FREE clothing and continue to Role Play as a HUMAN in the “Old Wild West”. We ask that Furrys dress accordingly. Expect to be given the welcome any traveller into a town would recieve.

Modern vehicles and devices are not allowed.

If you are speaking OOC (Out Of Character), please denote so by speaking in brackets. ((such as this)) [[or this]]. This is a role playing SIM, staying in character will help all of us to reap the full benefits as well as denoting OOC chat. Whenever possible, it is considerate to keep OOC chatter to IMs if it is only between two people.

You will find that there are some OOC (out of character) areas in the sim, clearly marked. Kindly follow any instruction that you recieve there mainly: While in an OOC area, DO NOT interract with Townsfolk engaged in Role Playing.

Native American Indians speak their own language. Native Americans may speak with — around sentences– to denote they are using their own language. Roleplay-wise unless you speak Native American you should not understand what is being said. Other languages can only be spoken if you actually write in that language (ie German, French).
If you wish to inquire more on this visit their area, where you will receive a n/card. DO NOT enter the Native American Village at the top of the mesa unles you are INVITED. If you have chosen the clothing of a Native because this is your Role Playing interest, you may wish to contact another Native on the mesa for further instructions on how you may recieve support from the local Tribes.

DEATH! By gun or Bow and arrow: If you are shot to 0 Hearts under FWC system you are considered to be ‘Unconcious’ and should remain LAYING ON THE GROUND for 3 Minutes before using revive.
Anyone around you may now kill you for example stand over you and shoot using EMOTES
((example /me approaches John and shoots him a couple of times to ensure he is dead.))
or rob you and leave you to recover later. **After Reviving you have to wait 30 minutes or you become officaly dead if you’re shot again**.
If you are KILLED you are considered dead in character for ‘2 HOURS’ and should remain umarmed if remaining in Tombstone.
That means you can remain out of character but not interfere with roleplay for the period and must wear a GHOST (flip title) Tag. It is generally a good idea to record your “TOD- Time of Death” along with the word GHOST.

Standard roleplay based emote combat is valid for brawls etc or story based roleplay, this means typing your actions ..with a few guidelines.
a) no one liner poor roleplay - ham it up, imagine you’re in a film!
b) no griefing - see below
c) no forcing actions upon another without reply - poor sporstmanship.

You cannot kill the UNARMED. Like most western films the bad guys even only shoot those with a chance to fight. Having a HUD on does NOT mean you are armed. You wear a HUD because you are prepared to ‘die’ (temporarily) in the sim whilst taking part in role play. Firing on the UNARMED can be considered RANDOM gunfire and/or Griefing.

The only way a person can be HANGED on the gallows is by Authorised Marshall and Sheriffs of Tombstone and that is after a fair court trial. If you are arrested or detained in Tombstone you have the right to hire an Attorney or have the Town appoint one for you. Getting an Attorney is a very good idea. It can reduce the size of a fine you are asked to pay.

If someone armed roleplays an encounter with you and you refuse to arm (draw!) you are considered surrendered , you cannot be killed but SHOULD COMPLY as you would with a real person with a gun to your head.

Note that Tombstone is NOT purely a combat sim, it is a WILD WEST ROLE PLAY SIM. . Shooting people without proper roleplay reasoning is not appropriate here and WILL be considered GRIEFING. You can expect to be banned from this SIM for 3-6 days.

Consent - If parties engaged in a roleplay wish to honour each other’s actions even if they go against rules above they can do so. Rules are only their to protect people’s play experience.

Griefing defined as actions against another that cause a real detriment to their playing experience. This includes the persistent harassment of others or roleplaying themes of a poor taste that offend that person. Also consult the SL policy definitions of Griefing and Griefers. Expect an Abuse Report to be sent to Linden labs immediatly. This includes harrasment to another using IMs.

Griefers will be banned from the SIM, City Admins are not ‘required’ to give reasons as this is a private place.

You will find that everyone is friendly and helpful to you unless you give them cause not to be.

Any problems contact MadMinxMag or Adrian Wise.

and finally, Enjoy your stay in Tombstone Arizona

A view of the main drag in Tombstone

A view of the main drag in Tombstone

Overhead view of Tombstone

Overhead view of Tombstone

The best part about this town, is it is populated by actual avatars who roleplay according to character classes they choose. Check out this conversation I wondered into, hilarious.

[21:25] Imi Peccable: I can give you that
[21:25] Jude1 Hammerer: I have been insulted!
[21:25] Jude1 Hammerer: And why I will gladly take your two dollars, I shall not give back what is more or less legally mine!
[21:25] Imi Peccable: Um no
[21:26] Imi Peccable: Only if you release QUilla
[21:26] Jude1 Hammerer: I’m waiting for the two dollars, by the way.
[21:26] Imi Peccable: I don’t think you really understand what’s going on
[21:27] Jude1 Hammerer: mamm, I have no doubt that is the case!
[21:27] Jude1 Hammerer: But I am pretty sure you can illuminate it for me for a small stash of money.
[21:27] Imi Peccable: Oh for heavens sake. ARe you gonig to shoot a woman in the street?
[21:28] Imi Peccable: WIth the sheriff over there?
[21:28] Stevie Basevi is Offline
[21:28] Stevie Basevi is Online
[21:29] Jude1 Hammerer: I was flexxing my trigger finger, I am much more athletic than I have wont to be in the past, due to mey medical regimine!
[21:29] Jude1 Hammerer: (ahem, ‘regiemen)’)
[21:29] Imi Peccable: (regimen)
[21:29] Imi Peccable: But who’s paying attention?
[21:30] Imi Peccable: SO how much for Quilla?
[21:30] Jude1 Hammerer: Mam are you castig aspersions on my character?
[21:30] Imi Peccable: MOst definitely
[21:31] Jude1 Hammerer: I will get you in the most crushing, cruel manner possible in a desolate place that is shot through wiht law breakers!
[21:31] Jude1 Hammerer: I shall sue you for SLANDER!
[21:32] Imi Peccable: Um..truth is a defense
[21:32] Imi Peccable: ANd no one really likes you once they get to know you
[21:32] Jude1 Hammerer: ma, you heap outrage on top of . . well, more outrage!
[21:32] Imi Peccable: Yes, well back to the business at hand? how much?
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: I can no longer do business with you, I ‘m afraid.
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: I am defined by my honor, or little else.
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: So you’ll have to pay up big time.
[21:34] Imi Peccable: SO how much are we talking about?
[21:34] Jude1 Hammerer: How much money do you have, lady?
[21:35] Imi Peccable: That’s not the way I negotiate
[21:35] Esecutore Rossini shows to be somehow interested by the words
[21:35] Imi Peccable: What is you offer?
[21:35] Jude1 Hammerer: Listen, everyone kknows I am a man of unimpeachable reputation!
[21:35] Imi Peccable: NO one believes that
[21:35] Imi Peccable: Stop stalling and name your price
[21:35] Jude1 Hammerer: *whispers ot stranger next to him* PLAY ALONG WITH ME, HERE, ALRIGHT?

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S.S. Galaxy Queen of the Sagitarian Sea

July 24th, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

Here is another of the nominated 7 wonders of the Grid, S.S. Galaxy Queen of the Sagittarian Sea 58, 42, 21. Second Life URL.

This thing is huge! It’s hard to take a picture that gives you an idea of how big it is until you see it up close. I wish I could fly above it to get an overhead photo.

SS Galaxy Ship Info

Welcome aboard the SS Galaxy, the only full size, full scaled, and full featured cruise ship in SL. The SS Galaxy anchored in the Sagittarian Estate, spans 3 Sims with more than 8 decks of fun and entertainment. Proudly carrying on the tradition of luxury, glorious, and sophisticated floating palaces of the world, the SS Galaxy offers an array of amenities and activities on board, and a variety of staterooms & suites to choose from. Whither you are looking for a room to stay, or just want to party and enjoy the cruise, we welcome you.

Please search the Galaxy Cruise group and join us. It is free to join and you will get updates on ship events and parties, also room vacancy notice. Come cruise the Galaxy with us!

Nova Straaf
Owner & Managing Director

The entrance to the Galaxy

The deck of the Galaxy

The front of the Galaxy

Lots and lots of stuff to do on this puppy too. After the break.
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Greenies Home Rezzable

July 23rd, 2007 | Category: Places to Visit, Rezzable, Sims to Explore

Here is another of the 7 wonders of the Grid, this is for Greenies Home Rezzable 147, 187, 61. Second Life URL.

Welcome to the Greenies Home on the grid.

Wander around, explore…try some wacky games. Join us and Green the Grid!!

@@@@Psst - the Greenies have a little secret. You may stumble into TELEPORTS in the sim - you’ll know them when they appear. Sit on the glowing orb to be transported. If you get stuck finding one though, look under the sink for a glowing light.


You’ll fine the scale of things here somewhat outside your usual SL experience, so you’ll need to set draw distance to a high value (300 meters plus!). To do this:

1) open preferences. ( [Ctrl-P] or “Preferences” under the Edit menu)
2) click on the “graphics” tab on the left of the preferences panel.
3) find the draw distance box and type in a number between 300 and 512 (bigger is better but might be slower on older computers)
4) hit enter or click ok.

If you have a slow computer or connection you might want to set draw distance back down before you leave this sim as it can create lag in busy areas (like malls).


Greenies sim is LARGE and has elements way higher than SL may allow you to fly comfortably (or at all). Eventually most people in SL acquire a flight assistance tool. If you’ve got one you’re set, but if not we’ve made a few for your convenience. Simply click these links to get them into your inventory and wear them. Choose only one type of flight assist at a time though, or you may find yourself “over assisted” and flying uncontrollably.

[insert freebies here]

Alien greenies jetboots (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetpack (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetboots (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetboots (just for looks);

Greenies jethat (just for looks):


If you want to watch the television there’s plenty of room on the big seat to watch with friends. You should have a movie control at the bottom of your screen. If not go to [preferences] > [audio and video] and ensure “play streaming video when available” is selected. Click the movie play button at the bottom of your screen to watch. More episodes (available via TV remote) will be coming online soon.

Do anything EVIL on sim and you will be banned

ENJOY your time at Greenies Home! Come back soon as the sim will be always be changing!

CONTACTS for more information:

General Questions about Sim:
Pavig Lok
Verde Raymaker

Suggestions for Improvements and/or Wacky Ideas:
Pavig Lok
LittleToe Bartlett

Media Requests
RightAsRain Rimbaud

Landing in Greenies

The big room

Big Cat

Popularity: 3%


The Pot Healer Adventure - Numbakulla Island Project 214, 17, 22

July 23rd, 2007 | Category: Sims to Explore

I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for The Pot Healer Adventure - Numbakulla Island Project 214, 17, 22. Second Life URL.

A Notecard when you first arrive reads:

Welcome to Numbakulla, a mysterious quest game which is free to play for everyone. It has been open for over 18 months now.

Numbakulla is notionally owned by a collective of people who donated money to keep Numbakulla open. Currently the tier fee for Numbakulla is currently sponsored by Oclee Hornet and Nemesis Content Creation, but many people have donated amounts large and small to keep it free to play and open to all.

The game was built by a team of people which included Ratt Foo, Cierrah Blair, Sky Everett, Baron Grayson, Caliandris Pendragon, Moopf Murray, Ambyance2 Anubis, Lost Therian, Selador Cellardor, Zapoteth Zaius.

The game has since been supported and played by many people. Welcome. Please take a notebook and wear it. It is the game controller. It can be removed when you are not playing in numbakulla, but should be worn when you are here.
Caliandris Pendragon
February 2007

The Pot Healer Adventure

You land on the edge of the Island with what looks like a destroyed ship, a roaring fire, and some stuff strewn about, an empty chest, a suitcase with clothes to explore in, shoes for men and a pair for women, a notebook and a shovel. Looks like this could be fun, I will have to explore it when I have more time. A piece of parchment called the Numbakulla letter is below.

Exploring Outfit

To the explorers who come after me…
It was my grandfather who first told me about the family legend of Numbakulla. Often as a child I would sit and listen to him talk about the history of the island and the sacred task of looking after the trees. Eventually, my interest grew, and I resolved to find the island, and discover whether his tales were true.

So it was I came here, ten years ago, on a quest to make a link with my ancestors, and read their minds through what remained on the island. In that time, I have made myself a house in the great tree, which is not one of the sacred trees of Numbakulla, but a beautiful tree nonetheless. I have tried to repair things where I may, and have kept a record of my explorations.

I am leaving now, my old bones can’t work any more on the restoration of Numbakulla, and I will have to leave it to younger, fitter descendants to finish the work. I have found much of interest, and have no one to pass it on to. The island guards its secrets well.

I have discovered much history, and have recorded what I may. I found some viewer cards…have made some of my own…if it is meant to be, you will find them, and the viewers you need to read them.

I discovered that there are pot pieces scattered around Numbakulla. Each piece represents a part of making a pot, which was a very special activity to the Numbakullans. There are seven to find and a lot more information. You may find that the flower hut village is a good place to start your exploration.

If you want to find more of the history I have discovered, look in the library I have made.

May the spirit that lives smile upon your exploration!

Overhead view of Nambakulla Island

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