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Havok4 Fireside Chat with Sidewinder Linden

April 15th, 2008 | Category: Chat, Discussion, Grid Performance, Lindens, Simulator

Please join us tonight, Tuesday, April 15th at 6:00 pm SLT at the ISTE Island Beach/Campfire area for a presentation/discussion about the Havok4 physics engine by Sidewinder Linden, program manager.

Havok4 is currently being rolled out across Second Life (literally as we speak), with the goals of a more realistic simulator experience, increased viewer stability, and greater design capabilities for inworld developers.

We will be doing a rolling restart this Wednesday and Thursday to roll out the patches to the server that were to be rolled out with last week’s cancelled rolling restart. Changes include security patches, performance improvements for Havok4 (including the issue that “openspace” or “void” sims have with Havok4), and code designed to mitigate the load on the central database systems. Source: Rolling restart Wed/Thu April 16/17 for 1.21 Server Deploy

Via Tonight on ISTE Island: Havok4 Fireside Chat with Sidewinder Linden from The Story of My Second Life

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Emergency/Nursing Education Simulator

November 09th, 2007 | Category: Education, Emergency, Nursing, Simulator

What: Emergency/Nursing Education Simulator,

When: Mon 11/12/07 1:15p SLT

Where: ISTE Island

Description: This presentation beginning at ISTE Auditorium coincides with the RL unveiling of an innovative SL emergency/nursing education simulator (NESIM) at CIT in Nashville. Live patient simulations will be created and role played while RN student teams use the NESIM simulator to apply critical thinking skills and interventions. Please open the attached notecard for more info.

Be prompt. This is a multi-location presentation in SL. The presentation will begin and end at ISTE Auditorium.

From the notecard:

SL Event Information and Instructions

Join the group, CIT ‘07 SL Nursing Ed Sim, before the conference. The presentation will be in voice, in group mode using this group. Please go to Preferences, Voice Chat, put a check in the boxes Enable voice chat and Start Viewer in Push-to-Talk mode. Please make sure that Push-to-Talk in toggle mode is not checked. This will eliminate sounds from your rl on the listening end. Please only press to speak, Push-to-Talk trigger, if specifically invited to by the moderator, padlurowncanoe Dibou.

A landmark to NESIM will be sent out in a group notice. NESIM is usually “access list only” but will be open to the CIT during the presentation.

Please IM text the moderator, padlurowncanoe Dibou, with questions during the presentation. She will forward them to the appropriate presenter. Any questions not addressed during the Q&A, will receive a personal response, post-presentation.

Direct pre and post event questions to padlurowncanoe Dibou by IM, notecard, or email,

Direct NESIM pre and post event inquiries to JS Vavoom by notecard or email,

SL and RL Event Outline

Live SL Musician, Komuso Tokugawa, will entertain with a few songs as attendees arrive, attain notecards, and set up group and SL voice preference for the event. The RL event will observe and listen on the big screen as RL presenters greet, pass out materials, and provide an overview of SL.

Opening Remarks - padlurowncanoe Dibou (Cathy Walker)

NESIM Project overview - JS Vavoom (John Miller) and Dante Abrusto (Jeff Cain)

NESIM simulator description - JS Vavoom (John Miller) and markin Pau (David Bodily)

Go to NESIM for live demo with Tacoma Community College RN students.

Q&A at NESIM — text moderator, padlurowncanoe Dibou, with questions.

Return to ISTE. Results and future SL education plans - JS, markin, and Dante (John, David, and Jeff)

Q&A at ISTE — text moderator, padlurowncanoe Dibou, with questions.


John Miller MN, BSN, ADN, RN, instructor of nursing, Tacoma Community College (SL - JS Vavoom)

David Bodily BSN, RN, instructor of nursing, Western Wyoming Community College (SL - markin Pau)

Geoff Cain MS, instructional designer, Tacoma Community College (SL Dante Abrusto)

RN Students

Rebecca Bean, RN nursing student, Tacoma Community College (SL - 2B Schmooz)

Marisa Aslanian, RN nursing student, Tacoma Community College (SL - BayBay Bedrosian)

A Special Thanks To
Andy Duckworth, BA, distance learning coordinator, Tacoma Community College

Event Coordinator
Cathy Walker, Educational Technology and Network Admin, St. Vincent de Paul (SL - padlurowncanoe Dibou)

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