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OnRez Viewer Update

November 04th, 2007 | Category: OnRez Viewer, Second Life Browser

The Electric Sheep Company have released an update to the OnRez Second Life Viewer with a couple new features and some bug fixes. It certainly was easier to download than the night of the show. Get it here.

The two new features are:

  • Voice Chat: Now when you start a person-to-person or group voice chat the Talk button will be depressed for you. Previously you had to click “Join Call” then activate the Talk button. Now there’s one less click.

  • The integrated Web Browser now has status text on the bottom left of the Browser window. It will report on page load status.

The bug fixes are:

  • Fixed Appearance Editor bug so that avatar will fully turn in most cases

  • Two letter Region names are now accessible via the location bar, general searches still require at least 3 characters
  • Fixed a bug in the Web Browser where the browser window appeared black until the browser window regained focus
  • Made several color tweaks to improve legibility and contrast

Source: OnRez Viewer: Update

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CSI:NY What Do You Think & the Aftereffects

By Stone Culdesac

Well, as usual I missed the first 20 minutes of the episode, daggone kids ;). Anyway, if someone wants to let me know what I missed, I would appreciate it. I am currently downloading, again, the OnRez browser, and it is going painfully slow, about 1/10th of my normal download speeds, so I wonder how many potential users Second Life is losing right now. I wish I would’ve copied my previous download to my flash drive now, dangit.

So, I will limit myself in this post to talk about the episode and virtual New York. More and more avatars are showing up, but most have been here awhile, and as my download is stuck at 3%, we may not see too many newbies for awhile. As I type this, the download site has gone down a couple times at least, I wonder if anyone has been able to get it as the logged in numbers have not changed much tonight, or, they are separate and secret, like everything else.

So, I don’t know what to think about the download, either they planned poorly, or many more tried to get it than they planned for, either way, they should have had some other sites to download it from, such as Amazon S3 or Second Life itself. This is certainly a poor way to start thousands of possible users in Second Life, at least they could download the client from Linden Labs, if they knew how.

Mozy Pera
There was one lady here answering questions, but she left after a bit and no one was there to help newbies. The beautiful Mozy Pera, a veteran of SL and accomplished builder, and I helped a few of them, we tried to take some dancing, which probably wasn’t the best move, although I can see one still shaking his groove thing right now. Mozy and her husband were helping some the last I chatted with them. Mozy said, “I think the people who are involved in that CSI sim should have been around to offer some support to visitors, “networking is the key to success” …and there was nobody on that sim to offer anyone any help getting around when I visited. I felt bad for the noobies….many were so new and so lost.” She mentioned having trouble getting anything to work, couldn’t download the toolbar or the OnRez browser. I hope some try at least one more time, or visit Second Life site itself and get the SL viewer. Visit Mozy’s sim Pera Home & Garden Center for some great deals on all kinds of cool stuff, waterfalls, furniture and more.

While the sim certainly could have used some help, what I saw of the show was very good, it didn’t try to make anyone look like a loser, the fight scene was okay, although, I don’t really have an opinion on the hand to hand fighting yet, as I have not tried it out. I saw somewhere someone was complaining because they thought he was using a gamepad or something, when it looked to me like a numberpad from the keyboard, but, again I missed the beginning of it. Of course it leaves you hanging at the end, the show itself will wrap it up in February, but you can try to catch her inworld, the whole point of the sim.

Note: The download is working fine now, so either everyone quit trying or they fixed the problem, still no more users online than before.

On the orientation section of Virtual New York City, they have several stations setup to tell you how to do stuff. You can even get a Rookie Detective Badge.

NY Orientation

Some basic help and a message from Anthony Zuiker.

NY Orientation 2

How to communicate and meet the team.

NY Orientation 3

Test finding the evidence and checking to review in the toolbar.
Read more

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OnRez Browser Officially Released

October 24th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Browser, Second Life Clients

The Electric Sheep Company has officially released version 1.0 of the OnRez Browser they are using with the CSI:NY Down the Rabbit Hole episode tonight, downloading it now to try it out. Get it here.

Visit the Official CSI:NY Virtual Experience from CBS. Here’s some of what’s new in Virtual NY.

High Flying Mystery Game

The vic is wearing badly charred wings. Who caused this Icarus-like death? Collect evidence and interview suspects to solve the virtual crime. Raise your investigator rank when you catch the killer!

Tour the Prop House

Check out the Prop House for a behind-the-scenes look at the props and set pieces that went into the making of episode #405, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Don’t forget to pick up your Virtual CSI: NY souvenir t-shirt while you’re there!

Crime Scene Fun

For a quick crime fix, head to the south end of Central Park to the Crime Scene Fun plaza. Test your skills at the Killer Profiles Jigsaw Game!

Plus, links to the Murder by Zuiker game and where to submit your entries, plus, track Venus down before she kills again!

I tried the OnRez browser out for a few minutes/laps around virtual New York, and it seemed to work pretty well, I used an alt so I didn’t have all my stuff etc to test anything, it was slow with about 50 or 60 avatars across the four sims, but it could’ve been my connection as well. The search worked much like the OnRez guys said it would, you type in what you are searching for and up pops the results page almost exactly like the one in the Second Life viewer, with the tabs along the top. It defaults to using the all tab, so, most searches will probably have to be performed twice, once intially and then once in the proper tab, but I will do some more testing when I get a chance to play with the browser some more.

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CSI: NY - Down the Rabbit Hole

October 18th, 2007 | Category: RL Meets SL, Search, Second Life Browser, TV

By Stone Culdesac

I don’t believe I had seen the name of the CSI: NY episode that will feature the star going inworld in Second Life to try to track down a killer, the episode name is Down the Rabbit Hole. I also did not know that game one of the World Series is going to air that night as well, wonder how that will affect viewers? Think many baseball fans and Second Life Users cross over? I’m sure they do and I bet most will Tivo or record it on their DVR. Notice I didn’t say which they would record.

I also wanted to comment on Prokofy’s posts and comment about the Electric Sheep Company and how they are handing search in the OnRez browser. The Prok seems to think they have hidden it where it is hard to find and that they are getting an unfair advantage, she says things like classifieds will be hard to find, if you can find them at all, that the search will only search the OnRez site and whatever they have scrapped from Second Life. Now, I admire how she stands up for the community, how she tries to protect her own interests, but I’m not going to get worked up over it until I see the browser for myself. No use on going on someone else’s word just to find out they were wrong or mistaken. Take a chill pill Prok and wait until you get a copy of the OnRez browser for yourself to try.

Giff Constable has posted on the ESC blog about some of the issues the Prok has raised, and goes on to mention that the SL search will be the only search in the OnRez browser initially, but they are working on their own search saying that Second Life’s search is flawed, which it is, and that they are trying to improve it. As long as the improvements don’t just mean adding the stuff they have for sale or their own sims, I look forward to trying it out for myself.

There have been a lot of questions about Search in the new Viewer. Here is the scoop. There are two input boxes at the top of the OnRez Viewer. In one you can enter a location name (complete or partial) OR a url and it will teleport you or open a website inside the viewer. The other search input box queries Linden Lab’s standard mix of services [All, Classifieds, Events, Popular P laces, Land Sales, Places, People, and Groups] and pops up the tabbed window you are all used to seeing. As of next week’s launch, that is the only search feature in the Viewer but we are actively working on improving Second Life’s search since it is, to put it rather mildly, flawed. To be explicit, we eagerly await Linden Lab’s improvements and as most people know, we are experimenting with solutions of our own and we will roll them out when they are ready (and ready encompasses many things like data coverage, data accuracy, scalability, accessibility of privacy options, etc). Source: Viewer Clarifications; Big Picture

On the site they have a CSI:NY section, with many forum members and posts, if you are a CSI: NY fan you should check it out, they have a pole in which only 31 readers have voted about whether they are going to tune in or not, you have to register or there would be more votes I’m sure, but 30 out of 31 have voted “Tune in! Hopefully it will live up to all the hype.” I know that doesn’t mean much, but it doesn’t sound like any of the CSI: NY regulars are disappointed about the episode, yet.

There is also a five or six page discussion of the show on the Second Life forums, SL CSI Promo…will the grid survive Oct 24th?, most don’t seem concerned about the search yet, as they are taking the wait and see approach. I figured the Prok would’ve posted about it, but she’s probably banned from there or something, guessing.

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The OnRez Browser and Second Life

October 16th, 2007 | Category: New Residents, Second Life Browser, Second Life Clients

By Stone Culdesac

Browsing the web while in the OnRez viewer
I just finished reading James Wagner Au’s post about the new OnRez browser form the Electric Sheep Company, he got a little demo from ESC when he was at the Virtual Worlds Expo. He was worried that the OnRez browser would AOL-ize the Second Life experience, because the build button was gone and some other changes they had made to make it easier to use. Of course, that post was just from some screenshots they had sent him, he had not seen the browser itself yet.

In a follow up post, Worldwide World: OnRez integrates Web browsing into metaverse experience, is where he got to see and use the OnRez browser in Second Life and he gives a little mini review/thumbs up.

Anyway, back to the AOL-ize statement, if you ask me, this is exactly what Second Life needs, an AOL version that is very simple to use and easier to get around Second Life with. With the Herald proclaiming that Orientation Island has been broke for months and is trapping new residents, why wouldn’t the whole grid want to make it easier for the “normal people” to go inworld? The more people in Second Life actually using the program, the bigger the grid gets, the more money people will make, the more people in the more people to pull people in, it’s a snowball affect. With the upcoming CSI: NY they have the possibility of pulling millions of new residents in, if it is easy for them to use, they will recommend it to their friends and try to get them to go inworld, and it will just keep getting bigger. I can understand what he is saying about people not being able to see the build button, or it’s harder for them to get started, but, come on, we need more people in Second Life, we need it to get bigger, and while people are signing up, if they can’t get out of OI, then they will never come back. With the OnRez browser, Second Life will have a better shot at keeping this users and getting them to actually login again and again.

If you look at virtual worlds, they will develop much like the web did, the creators come first, and the followers come next, some will create, some will never create, but they all still use it. With Second Life, it’s a lot harder to get started, so users move on quickly, with the OnRez client being more like a browser, these new users are already going to be more comfortable than they are with the default SL client.

James mentions one thing he likes a lot, and that is the address bar, you can enter Second Life locations and teleport straight there, if you enter a keyword, it will give you a list of possible matches to choose from, if you enter a web address, a browser will open in the OnRez browser, instead of an external window, and take you too that webpage. If you have one monitor, this will probably be a godsend, as you won’t have to minimize SL to do anything else, people like me with two or more monitors will probably continue using the external browser to do web stuff while in SL.

By integrating HTML addresses and virtual locations into the same navigation interface, the OnRez version of Second Life effectively swallows the Web.

Some qualifications from Forseti (Giff Constable): the browser within OnRez isn’t yet fully-featured; it doesn’t run Flash or some other key plug-ins, for instance. (I found that out after I entered into the OnRez address window, and got sound, but no video.) Giff says they’re planning on incorporating those in later versions, but then, there’s another catch: while the OnRez viewer is an outgrowth of Linden Lab’s open source initiative, OnRez itself is close sourced, created with a special commercial license the Sheep received from Linden. Not necessarily a bad thing, of course, and Giff tells me they plan to open source some of the OnRez features, but that may slow its evolution as a fully functioning operating system.

So now I need to ingest some barbecued crow: OnRez isn’t the AOL of Second Life, as I caviled. It’s more like its Firefox. And when it’s made publicly available, I’ll probably be one of the first to start using it. Go to this link to sign-up for an automated notification, for when it is. Source: Worldwide World: OnRez integrates Web browsing into metaverse experience

I myself can’t wait to try it out, although I have a feeling I will continue using the default client, if the OnRez browser is not as resource intensive, it will be great for those situations when you have a PC that may not be the best to login to Second Life with. Plus, I can try to get more people to try it out, hopefully without having to explain as much as you normally each and every time you help someone get started. As I mentioned earlier, you can go to and signup for notifications of when the browser will be released.

Added: For some reason wordpress wouldn’t let me leave a comment on my own blog, so I am just adding my reply to prokofy’s comment below.

I read both of the posts that you link too, and while you have a couple good points on how they could instantly become the SL Google with this new browser and the new users that they send, I believe I will wait until I ACTUALLY TRY IT FIRST prof, unlike you, I am not going to get all bent out of shape on the word from others without trying it out for myself. If it shakes out anything like online search, then the best search engine will win anyway, and if they exclude the Second Life search, one would think it would be easy for the Lindens to ban the Sheeps spider grid wide, and you know that wouldn’t be good for ESC. There will have to be some give and take, so instead of getting my blood pressure all worked up as you are, I will wait until they actually release and go through the whole setup process for myself before I pass judgement. Thanks for stopping by Prof.

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Movable Life, Second Life Browser

October 07th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Browser, Second Life Clients

Movable Life, Second Life browser
Here is another Second Life browser for everyone to try out, Movable Life. Movable Life allows you to connect without the 3D aspect of Second Life, you can chat, IM, search, teleport, manage friends, groups, manage your inventory and more. I logged in with an avatar I had never used yet to see if it worked, he has no inventory, or friends and I could not get the search to work, mostly I received errors, and I could not teleport. Now, this could be because of some of the problems that Second Life has been having in recent days, as on their blog it says they are still watching to see if they re-occur. So, maybe I’ll try it again latter, not sure if I will ever try it with my main account, it says on the front page they don’t save it and to check the terms.

MovableLife allows Second Life users to log in to Second Life using only a web browser. MovableLife allows you to chat, IM, search, teleport, manage friends, groups, and much more. If you just want a quick and easy Second Life experience without all the 3D graphics, then MovableLife is exactly what you are looking for.
We do not store your Second Life account information on our servers, it is transferred directly to the Second Life servers. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Here is the quote from their terms of service about your account password.

2.7 Linden Account. You must have a Linden Account in good standing to use the Movable Life Services, except for those portions of this Site to which 3Di allows access without registration. You acknowledges and agrees that your Linden Account password is passed to this Site encrypted, and passed to Linden Lab’s server encrypted without being stored or logged in this Site.

“You acknowledges and agrees that your Linden Account password is passed to this Site encrypted”, does not a privacy policy make. It says that I agree that it is encrypted, nowhere does it say that it is encrypted. Maybe, just maybe, once it says we don’t save your account details and it is encrypted to Second Life, I may login with my main account. Whether you all do or not is completely up to you.

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Your Second Life Inside the Browser

July 10th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Browser

Not only can you occupy your time reading blogs and news articles, watching videos and listening to music while you are at work, someday you could be in Second Life in Firefox or IE. Well, some people have been already, I couldn’t get it to work for me, most likely because it is being hammered from visitors from sites like this one, go ahead and try it for yourself here, see if you get lucky. Anyway, a student in the UK has written an AJAX application that allows you to login to Second Life, she’s calling it AjaxLife, you can reply to received IM’s, local chat, and teleport around, but you can’t really move around, or buy or transfer anything. But it has great promise.


  • Basic map

  • Teleports
  • Accepting/declining teleport offers
  • Local chat, instant messages (partially - you can’t start them except with online friends)
  • Inventory received notifications
  • Friend on/offline notifications
  • Balance change notifications, etc.
  • It also correctly logs you in and out, and notifies you if you were disconnected for any reason.

Known issues

  • If you’re on the TG and you zoom out too far, the top half gets chopped off.

  • Both grids can see each-other on the map.
  • IE7 refuses to register double clicks on the map, making it impossible to teleport using it. IE6 works fine here.
  • There’s no interface to start IMs implemented, although you can respond to those sent to you.
  • Sometimes SL sends the teleport messages in the wrong order, resulting in the modal teleport wait dialog never leaving.
  • Teleports sometimes complete without notification that they ever started.
  • IE tends to screw up with dragging the map

Source: AjaxLife

Hit her site for the latest attempt, and some screenshots.

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