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January 22nd, 2010 | Category: Second Life News

Here are some vidoes posted on Youtube.

Second Life News for July 2, 2008

July 02nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life (Part 2 of “We Are Living in a Virtual World”) Quote from the site - This week we build on our June 10 post about virtual worlds and focus on the well-known site, Second Life. To better understand how Second Life can help share HIV information and provide support to those who are HIV-positive, we continued our conversation with our colleagues from the NIH-funded Health Info Island, Lori Bell and Carol Perryman.

From: SL iReports Economic pressures threaten surfing sims Quote from the site - Economic pressures are taking their toll on surf sims in Second Life and it seems certain that more surf sims will close during the coming months, according to the Second Life surfing blog SurfWatch. Rezzable, one of Second Life’s leading sim owner/developers, announced the closing of Surfline Aloha and Surfline Epic sims at the end of June, just a couple of months after completely redesigning and relaunching the surf sims.

From: LifeLongLearningLab Second Life Roundtable: Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Future Developments Quote from the site - The Second Life Roundtable: Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Future Developments was held in Second Life on Monday, June 30, 2008, as part of a week-long celebration of Second Life’s fifth anniversary.

From: My New Media Weblog Second Life - My World Quote from the site - Finally I am excited about Second Life. My opinion about it is changing form a pessimistic position to a more optimistic one. Second Life allows people to communicate and the fact that your avatars are present, it makes the communication visually interesting.

From: Business Wire CIGNA Creating a Virtual Health Care Community Quote from the site - Today CIGNA, a leading health service company, is announcing the development of a virtual health care community. This computer-simulated world is situated on a Second Life island, where seminars, interactive displays, educational games and virtual health consultations help foster real and sustainable behavior change that improves health.

From: Second Life Good Morning from San Antonio! Quote from the site - Talk about sensory and emotional overload!LOL Yesterday, at 8:30 a.m. the entire DEN in SL LC presented together face-to-face. Although most of us had the opportunity (fortune) to meet face-to-face on Saturday night (I landing late and cursing the shuttle service to the hotel — I was the last stop), Celestia met some of the LC for the first time only 45 minutes before the presentation.

From: SLWTF Be one with the ball Quote from the site - There are few things that make me happier in Second Life than finding set of Japanese regions I haven’t encountered before. I’m going to spend the next few posts extolling the wonderful, wacky weirdness we’ve all come to expect.

From: The Industry Standard Cigna deploys a Second Life island for health education Quote from the site - Hoping to make healthcare education hip, Cigna Healthcare is announcing today it has created a virtual environment in the Second Life virtual world to educate people on how to improve their health.

From: Linux Insider Virtual Worlds: And the Children Shall Lead Quote from the site - Virtual worlds like Second Life may not claim as much traffic as top social networking or video-sharing sites, but opportunities are there, writes Parks Associates’ Michael Cai. One relatively strong area is youth-oriented 3-D virtual worlds, where gaming comes into play.

From: The Journal Gazette Virtual ventures pay off Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global companies have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life.

From: A taste of Second Life Inquiry in a Networked World - LTEA2008 in Second Life Quote from the site - Last week I attended a couple of sessions at the “Learning Through Enquiry Alliance (LTEA) Conference 2008 - Inquiry in a Networked World”, held by the University of Sheffield, CILASS (Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences).
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Second Life News for June 24, 2008

June 24th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: metanomics How to find young shareholders on Second Life Quote from the site - ArcelorMittal is quite some company. It is the world’s largest steelmaker. Lakshmi N. Mittal, the Indian London-based billionaire industrialist as Wikipedia says, acquired and merged steel companies all over the world, until now with great success. However, there is a point of concern: who wants to be shareholder of the company? Young people are not interested, so it seems. Can the company seduce them using Second Life?

From: BusinessWeek McKinsey’s new article on open innovation Quote from the site - I just read the McKinsey Quarterly’s just-published article, “What’s New in Open Innovation?” — it’s available online. Most of the article features an overview of what’s been going on in terms of businesses co-creating with customers and consumers. You know, “user-generated content” or “crowd-sourcing.”

From: Discovery Space 10 Spacey Things to do in Second Life Quote from the site - Rocketing to the International Space Station, seeing an asteroid wallop Mars or witnessing the Big Bang might seem like things you’d do in a dream. Thankfully, there’s Second Life – a virtual world inhabited and created by its residents – that offers a chance to do all of these and more… for free.

From: PRLog Metanomics Begins Second Season on SLCN.TV Quote from the site - Metanomics, the web’s premier program about the business and policy of virtual worlds, begins an exciting second season on Monday, June 23rd at Noon PST. For the kick-off program Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield (Beyers Sellers in Second Life) features USC’s Second Life and the Public Good Community Challenge, with guests Douglas Thomas (Doctor Ludovico In Second Life), Associate Professor at the USC School of Communication, and Rik Panganiban (Rik Riel in Second Life) from Global Kids.

From: EEtimes Second Life creator: Virtual worlds achieving real results Quote from the site - Virtual worlds might seem like kid stuff, but they could end up making big contributions to society, according to Cory Ondrejka, senior vice president of digital strategies at EMI Music, told the Freescale Technology Forum in Orlando, Fla.

From: Electronics Weekly Warren Savage On: Our Virtual Future Quote from the site - A couple weeks ago I found myself standing on the floor of the Design Automation Conference in a circle of old colleagues, exchanging business cards and being updated on each other’s careers and lives. One of our group quipped that “the people who come here never change, only the logos on the business cards.” An astute comment nervously recognized as such by everyone in our increasingly greying group.

From: Ewing Fashion Agency EFA Celebrates Second Life’s Fifth Birthday Quote from the site - From June 23rd to July 7th, Second Life will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark this event, a number of designated sims were allocated to exhibitors. Ewing Fashion Agency’s application was approved and with access to the “fashion” sim with less than three days before the sim opening, the race to complete the ehxibition was on.

From: Computer World Have your avatar call my avatar: Doing business virtually Quote from the site - What do Xerox printers, Fenway Park, green creatures and an executive zipping around with a personal jetpack have in common? Are you stumped? You might not be if you had an avatar.

From: E-Access Blog Charity Embraces Social Networks And Second Life Quote from the site - A leading charity is using a wide range of social networking and multimedia sites - Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube and iTunes - to provide support and information to parents of disabled children and help them contact each other.
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Second Life News for June 18, 2005

June 18th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: SL iReports Blood is Thicker. Quote from the site - In Second Life there are many opportunities for Role Playing. Old West, Victorian Era, Domination/Submission and others. One of them is based on Vampires. The players in the game say their interest is similar to other super natural entertainment. Dracon Dyszel, ‘Clan Voice’ says, “Tell me do we all not have an affinity for the mythical?” Information from Bloodlines indicates there are five objectives in the game. Become a Vampire, by being drained and then replenishing your blood to full capacity.

From: Second Life Blog Play your own radio station with MediaMaster Quote from the site - I love followup. As Resident Enlightenment Manager, one of my prime responsibilities is to share useful + fun (usefun!) info that helps solve your problems and makes your Second Life smoother… and overall moar awesome.

From: Mary Mary Quite Contrary Meet the Author in Second Life Quote from the site - Cay Horstmann will be talking about his new book Core Java Volume II - Advanced Features and its predecessor Core Java, Volume I in Second Life at 9 a.m. PT

From: Learning technology teacher development blog for ELT Teaching Speaking in Second Life Quote from the site - For me, one of the main blocks to really developing online language learning courses has been the inability to supply real communicative speaking practice. VOIP software like Skype has certainly pushed the bounds of what is possible, as has the development of more effective web based video conferencing platforms, but in my opinion the biggest step towards making this possible has been the developments made in virtual worlds like and Second Life….

From: eightbar Wimbledon 08 in Second Life, the build progresses Quote from the site - With Wimbledon looming large and already qualifying starting this week you may think we are leaving it a little late to complete the build and presence in Second Life. In many ways you would be right. However, we are all giving it some time, knowing full well that we will also build during the event.

From: The Daily Reveille University establishes virtual presence in Second Life Quote from the site - A recent Internet phenomenon has taken universities, businesses and even the Federal Reserve by storm. Second Life, a virtual world created by Linden Research, Inc., allows people to create avatars - virtual identities - to interact with that world and its residents.

From: SLiReports Are Virtual Gamers Mocking the American Cancer Society? Quote from the site - Is an outlandish mockery of the American Cancer Society happening right now? A truly bizarre thing has happened; it appears people have flipped their noggins and have forgotten this serious battle against Cancer.

From: Second Life Blog Who are Lindens? - Video Tip of the Week #37 Quote from the site - “Lindens” (not to be confused with Linden dollars, or L$) are employees of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. We’re inworld as avatars too, and I advocate us to experience SL so that we both (1) share the enjoyment and (2) understand what’s important to you.

From: Firefox news When Virtual Meets Reality: WoW, Second Life May Become Targets of Terrorists, CIA Quote from the site - That’s how some are viewing the United States government’s new plan to search out real-life terrorists in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Second Life.

From: WSJ Arcelor Ventures Into Virtual World Quote from the site - ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker by volume, plans to hold its first shareholder meeting in the virtual Internet world of Second Life on Tuesday as it attempts to reach out to younger shareholders.

From: Educause Connect 7 Things You Should Know About Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life is a virtual world with tens of millions of square meters of virtual lands, more than 13 million “residents,” and a thriving economy. Large numbers of colleges and universities—or, in some cases, individual departments or faculty—are active in Second Life, not only for academic purposes but also for campus visits, recruiting activities for prospective students, and fundraising.

From: Savage Minds Ethnography of the Virtual Quote from the site - I just finished reading Tom Boellstorff’s ethnography, Coming of Age in Second Life, which I first learned about on last year. I have to admit coming to this book with a certain degree of antipathy towards its subject. It always seemed to me that playing Second Life was much more cumbersome, time consuming, and less entertaining than reading the real estate or personals sections on Craig’s List.

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Second Life News for June 3, 2008

June 03rd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Business Wire The Tech Museum of Innovation Announces the Opening of the Tech Virtual Test Zone Gallery Quote from the site - The Tech Museum of Innovation (The Tech), one of the nation’s premiere science and technology museums, today announced the opening of The Tech Virtual Test Zone, a new area in the museum showcasing the world’s first hands-on, interactive exhibits conceptualized and developed originally in the virtual world of Second Life®. These new exhibits are the result of The Tech’s virtual exhibit design initiative and competition called The Tech Virtual, which was announced in December 2007 and aims to revolutionize the way new museum exhibitions are developed.

From: Business Wire Vollee Debuts Second Life on Mobile Quote from the site - Second Life, the 3D virtual world platform created by Linden Lab, can now be accessed from mobile devices. For the first time, Residents can explore the entire virtual world from their handsets via a free beta application available at The new service is powered by Vollee, the 3G streaming services provider, and anyone with a qualified 3G or Wi-Fi enabled handset can easily download a thin-client to their device and log-in using their existing Second Life accounts.

From: iReports Virtual Nazi griefs Jewish SL residents Quote from the site - On Sunday morning, June 1, Anais Atlantis logged on to Second Life to shop for virtual Judaica at The Jewish Store on Agila. At the “Official Store of Second Life Synagogue and TMA Jewish Neighborhood,” Anais found everything a Jewish gift shop should have: Star of David necklaces, Hanukkah menorahs (candelabrum), Mezuzahs (doorpost cases) and Tallitot (prayer shawls).

From: Game Life Paralyzed Man ‘Walks’ In Second Life Quote from the site - Researchers at Japan’s Keio University have created an experimental headset designed to monitor brain waves that allowed a man who had been paralyzed for more than 30 years to control a Second Life avatar using only his thoughts.

From: The force that through… Beauty in Second Life… Quote from the site - Today I was down loading the new edition of Sculptie paint. This is a software tool for making irregular shaped objects called “sculpted prims”in Second Life. The creator is Cel Edman (at least that is his avatar’s name) and today I briefly chatted with him and visited two of his second life sites.

From: Gina Hughes San Jose State sets up campus in Second Life Quote from the site - Many universities have an online presence, but San Jose State University is doing something different by setting up a virtual campus in Second Life, the popular virtual world everyone’s still buzzing about. Instead of offering the usual webcast courses, or podcasts, the school has set up a virtual university in Second Life that spreads across 16 digital acres filled with buildings designed for students in the Library Sciences Department.

From: The White Room Come celebrate Sweden’s National Day in Second Life (June 6) Quote from the site - On June 6 Swedes celebrate their national day. This year the celebrations in Second Life are going to be extra special — three days of shows and activities by some of Second Life’s most talented artists.

From: Mercury News Pizarro: Tech Museum gets virtual life - and real, global publicity Quote from the site - A virtual world needs virtual museums, and San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation has jumped on board the Second Life bandwagon. The Tech Virtual Test Zone is a gallery opening Wednesday at the downtown San Jose museum showcasing prototypes of amateur artists’ and designers’ exhibits that were conceived in Second Life, the Internet-based world developed by Linden Lab of San Francisco that lets users create the environment.

From: The Seattle Times Real work grows in virtual world Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global companies have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life.

From: Time to embrace your avatar Quote from the site - Gerri Sinclair is a true Renaissance woman. In fact, she was a Renaissance drama scholar before turning her mind to computers, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership about on-line avatars in virtual worlds.

From: Business Wire AMD Foundation Launches ”AMD Changing the Game” Quote from the site - AMD today announced the launch of AMD Changing the Game, the first initiative of the newly formed AMD Foundation. The AMD Changing the Game program is intended to improve critical technical and life skills by teaching kids to develop digital games with social content. The program is rooted in AMD’s commitment and experience in supporting education with the company’s passion and expertise in the gaming industry. The program’s launch accompanies AMD’s sponsorship and participation at the Fifth Annual Games for Change Festival to be held June 3 - 4 at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

From: The Cindy Kesey Show The Plague of Popularity: Do You Take Your Second Life Friends for Granted? Quote from the site - I don’t know about you, but I spent many of my teen years filled with angst and consumed by a persistent desire to be part of the popular crowd. It was unfortunate I was plagued with parents who thought expensive name-brand clothing was extravagant and unnecessary. I say unfortunate because–probably like many of you–I grew up in an era known for its rampant materialism and shallow definitions of success.

From: SLWTF Satisfy your inner geek Quote from the site - I’ve always been a bit of a science geek, but only just a bit. I enjoy a good episode of Novabut I don’t have the DVR set to record it. I know what an astronomical units and an Oort clouds are, but I can’t name all the moons of Jupiter.

From: Second Life Blog “Inside the Lab” Podcast, a Discussion on Education in Second Life Quote from the site - I had the pleasure of talking with Pathfinder Linden and Claudia Linden about some of the fascinating education projects taking place in Second Life. These two expert Lindens share some of what they’ve learned working with educators inworld and at conferences, as well as from participation with some of the groups described in the podcast (see links, below.)

From: Second Life Blog Let friends & groups edit your objects - Video Tip of the Week #36 Quote from the site - Sharing is caring! (Or something like that.) And a big benefit of Second Life is being able to collaborate with friends & groups of people you share interests with — live, in realtime.

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Second Life News for June 2, 2008

June 02nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Linux Insider The Tangible Value of Virtual Money Quote from the site - The Linden Dollar, Second Life’s currency, may not have much value — it takes 270 of them to equal a U.S. dollar — but it forms the basis of an economy. That economy supports a living for some and is wildly lucrative for an elite few.

From: Savoir Hair Pudge - Awkward in Jr. High Quote from the site - The Awkward in Jr High style is casual, updo with the hair piled just below the crown and thick strands falling out the sides. The face is edged with soft, straight-cut bangs with long framing pieces falling in front of the ears.

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life A personal reflection on the meeting in Guildford Quote from the site - On the 24th of May a collection of eminent theologians, lawyers, communicators and internet experts came together on the invitation of the Bishop of Guildford to discuss the Anglican Ministry in Second Life. This is my personal reflection on that incredible meeting.

From: Massively Second Life daily news Quote from the site - Play2train — Showing off the virtual Elks Rehabilitation hospital.
Buy traffic — An apparently doomed startup business model.

From: design news Second Life Utilized to Design a Personal Mass Transit System Quote from the site - In October 2007, I made the prophetic prediction in my blog: “Second Life Will Revolutionize Engineering Design”. This statement resulted after several months of research on computer-generated immersive 3-D universes, which culminated in an in-print Design News article, “Second Life: A Virtual Universe for Real Engineering”.

From: The White Room NPIRL at the Swedish Embassy in Second Life Quote from the site - How many times have you heard the name PetGirl (Tina) Bergman in this blog? Well if you think I am going on about her and duplicate myself to much like an old drunk you better stop read this blog because this will go on:) She is fantastic person that really fights for SL from a residential point of view.

From: The Learning Circuits Blog Second Life Training? Quote from the site - More specifically: In what situations, do you believe it makes sense to develop a learning experience that will be delivered within Second Life?

From: Faculty Ideas about Technology Second Life in Practice Quote from the site - Lately many universities have discovered Second Life’s potential for education and have taken actions to integrate this immersive environment into their practices. Among some of the practices, University of Leicester in the UK has created a virtual zoo in Second Life, where students learn ecology in an interactive fashion.

From: Ambling in Second Life Are You Going to ExitReality? Quote from the site - Naming a product must be hellishly difficult, mustn’t it? So many factors to take into account. Consider, for example, those infamous automobiles where the name sounded fine in one language but meant things like “tiny male member” or “fecal matter” in others.

From: Slacker Online Product Review: Second Life Quote from the site - Lately a significant internet craze has focused upon a virtual online world called “Second Life“. Second life is created by a company called Linden Lab which I suppose hopes to “monetize” it or some other such ill-defined voudu affectation.

From: Quote from the site -

From: sered second life Second Life and EVE Online: to game or not to game Quote from the site - Second Life is a social, virtual 3D world, as most of you undoubtedly know. It offers a means to act out your creativity and fantasies - within certain (legal or ethical) boundaries, these days.

From: Second Life DEN Mark Your Calendars - June Events Quote from the site - Can you believe it?!?! Tomorrow is June 1st! I know that some of us are already on summer ‘time’ (don’t like to call it ‘vacation’ since most of us ‘work’ during the summer! LOL), others are about to, and yet others (like myself) have a WHOLE month to go before we reach that time!

From: social media When corporate employees hang out in Second Life Quote from the site - LA Times: Sun staff and executives hang out in Second Life.

From: Drunk Driving Victim Using Near-Death Experience to Educate Quote from the site - Jade Combie isn’t shy about showing what happened to her the night Joshua Lipton nearly killed her. But dealing with the the injuries is only half her battle.

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Second Life News for May 29, 2008

May 29th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: OhioNet Getting a Second Life: An Introduction to the Metaverse for Libraries Quote from the site - Laura Solomon is the Library Services Manager for OPLIN and former Web Applications Manager for Cleveland Public Library. She has been doing web development and design for over ten years, in both libraries and as an independent consultant.

From: Rezzable Surfline’s Treasures Quote from the site - Even the most relaxing beach can be busy with events. For the past three weeks Surfline has been rolling out the freebies. A couple of weeks ago was a lovely golden & orange strapless sundress, normally valued over $250L. Last week, rich chocolate pair of boardies that looks just as good on the ladies. This week,a beautiful sundress, with bursting blue print.

From: Spindrift SciEye welcomes Phoenix lander to Mars! Quote from the site - The rl [real life] earthlings got to watch Phoenix in parachuted descent after entry and from its camera after landing; we NASA JPL, Ames, & CoLab worker avatars, plus the independents of the ISM [International Space Museum] got a better view as we watched Phoenix arrive and land on Martian terrain at Explorer Island.

From: Rezzable Copyright & the Garden Quote from the site - It was brought to our attention the p_OO_f Gallery has placed for sale some photos of the Rezzable Garden of NPIRL Delights. This has upset the artists which work was on sale: they were never asked for permission for the sales of their works. Neither were they given proper attribution for the time and effort they put into the builds. Rather, the seller claimed the items on sale as ‘copyrighted to me’.

From: Send2Press Museum of Robots in Second Life Announces the Build-A-Robot Competition Quote from the site - Museum of Robots ( in Second Life announces the “Build-a-Robot” Competition, and invites all Second Life residents to participate. According to the organizers, “Our goal is to explore what a robot is, how it can be expressed within the parameters of Second Life, and to encourage creativity and originality. Our definition of ‘robot’ is unlimited: any creation that the designer thinks can be called a robot is acceptable.”

From: The Austrailian Old funds for new worlds Quote from the site - Font Size: Decrease Increase Print Page: Print Mahesh Sharma | May 29, 2008
VIRTUAL worlds and computer games are not everyone’s idea of art, but these technologies come into their own when you take into account it’s not just what you see and hear but what you do and how you interact with them that creates the art.

From: 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life Quote from the site - The popular virtual world of Second Life attracts online gamers, former Sim City addicts, entrepreneurs-in-training, and tech-savvy teachers. The educational possibilities through Second Life allow teachers and employers to reach out to students beyond their traditional classrooms and school districts, expose young children to global issues and new friends around the world, design their own avatars and environments for highly customized training sessions and interactive discussions, practice real-world skills and manage real-life situations in a safe environment, and most of all keep students engaged in a technologically-driven society.
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Second Life News for May 22, 2008

May 22nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Times Online The office psychologist. Second (corporate) Life Quote from the site - The boundaries between work and personal life have been blurring for years, but the next generation of office technology will mush them into a social gloop.

From: Scothoser’s Corner Tourism Industry in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life isn’t really a game, because there are no real objectives that you need to accomplish. For this reason, a lot of people are turned off. But, let’s say you don’t have the money to visit exotic locations around the world, but would like to see them for yourself? Second Life is a very inexpensive way to see the locations through someone else’s eyes.

From: Eric Jennings Does playing second life affect your real life? Quote from the site - Second Life, the popular online virtual world, supposedly affects your real life interactions with humans based upon some new research. The research that Jeremy Balinson and his colleagues did at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Instruction Lab “suggests that the qualities you acquire online — whether it’s confidence or insecurity — can spill over and change your conduct in the real world, often without your awareness.”

From: Laurelyne in Second Life Laurel’s Pick of Places to Go - Blarney Stone Irish Bar Quote from the site - The Blarney Stone is one of my most favorite places in Second Life. Join the group to get notice of events all over all the Dublin sims! Frequent events range from coffee hours for chat and meeting new friends to DJ and live music events beamed from Ireland and England.

From: hackenslash Company touts potential of Second Life to Filipinos Quote from the site - AVATRIAN LLC, a US company focused on creating virtual items, said Filipino firms must tap online virtual worlds, particularly Second Life, in creating brand awareness in newer markets, especially those not familiar with their products.

From: Daily Herald Keep reporting on ‘Second Life’ fair Quote from the site - Regarding “Kirk: Limit access to social networking sites” (May 5), I play “Second Life” and there are some things about “Second Life” that you failed to make clear in your article.

From: New Zealand Herald Researchers teach an avatar to think Quote from the site - Edd Hifeng barely merits a second glance in “Second Life”. A steel-gray robot with lanky limbs and linebacker shoulders, he looks like a typical avatar in the popular virtual world.

From: ars technica Second Life prank in real world disrupts Russian politics Quote from the site - In an example of life imitating art, it seems that the infamous flying phallus attack of Second Life has actually crossed over into the real world and was used to disrupt a political meeting in Russia.

From: AOL Travel Virtual Adventures in Second Life Quote from the site - Okay, so when you play outdoor sports in Second Life—the online 3-D world that mimics the actual world—there are no potential wipeouts, no sudden bursts of adrenalin, no sweet thrills of just doing it. And a pixilated view of a mountain can’t even compare to the Niagara Escarpment, let alone Mount Assiniboine. But there are real benefits to virtual adventure.

From: Thinking Past The Square… A Second Life Quote from the site - So, here I am sitting on my bed in New Zealand. Within a few clicks I can find myself in my Second Life. Last night I was shopping for bmx’s, clothes and new hair do’s. I found myself talking with educators from all over the world.

From: Kapp Notes Second Life Created Virtual Documentary Quote from the site - Second Life and movies have had a history. In my post Second Life at the Movies, I discuss the possibility of a full-feature length movie being created in Second Life.

From: Second Life Blog New Release Candidate Viewer: 1.20 RC7 Available Quote from the site - When you last saw our Release Candidate in the previous iteration, we were tightening the gates for only last “critical” fixes, and hoping to have our last candidate then. In the intervening week, however, we just did not make enough progress on the stability of this viewer (as seen from all the great Crash Reports you send us — keep them coming!)

From: Second Life Blog Calling All Cultures to the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration Quote from the site - Each year, on the date that Second Life came out of beta (June 23rd 2003), Residents and Lindens have gathered to celebrate the amazing world we’ve been creating. This June 23rd, our community marks its Fifth Birthday, and the volunteer Birthday Team (who has been planning this party since last year) picked a theme that will be hard to resist– “Celebrating the cultural diversity of Second Life”.

From: New World Notes When Did Making Friends Become So Complicated? Quote from the site - In Second Life’s early years, making Friends was easy: you just had to select Offer Friendship from your menu. Of course, it’s still that simple, technically speaking. Socially, it seemed about that effortless back then too, because for the most part, friendships were made shortly after meeting someone– or even as a means of meeting someone.

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Second Life News for May 17, 2008

May 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: torley linden How I dealt with technical challenges behind Second Life video tutorial production Quote from the site - Second Life poses some unique hurdles to make video tutorials for. I want to share my experiences in hopes it’ll benefit someone(s) who’s interested in making SL vidtuts but has run into the same obstacles I have. And if you’ve never seen one of my vidtuts before, watch and learn something valuable in just a few minutes!

From: Smart Buildings Today (May 14) in Second Life Quote from the site - The Serious Games Institute is holding a virtual seminar today both in the SGI at Coventry University and in their virtual auditorium in Second Life.

From: business 360 A second act for Second Life? Quote from the site - Call them growing pains. The virtual world Second Life has had a tough time of it lately.

Last month, its founder Philip Rosedale said he will step down as CEO of Linden Labs - the company which runs the community. He said he was staying on full-time as chairman preferring to focus on innovation rather than people management.

From: Virtual Africa Respecting Land Owners in Second Life… Quote from the site - Have you spoken to a few owners of virtual land in Second Life (R) the past month or two? In developing a new media strategy and virtual world presence, we follow the trends as closely as possible, and it is with some distress and a pinch of interest that we listen to the discontent of land owners. Prices of private islands (sims) have been slashed by Linden Lab.

From: The Anglican Church in Second Life What do you want from a church in SL? Quote from the site - The following is a report of the group discussion that occurred last Saturday, revolving around the general topic of “Being Christian In Second Life.” These discussions happen every Saturday at 11 a.m. SLT, at the benches in front of the Parish House. All are welcome to attend! Arundel Dragonash, who co-moderates these discussions (along with Joyous Schism) prepared the following summary.

From: Second Life, First Person Self Jealousy Quote from the site - Are you jealous of your Second Self? That’s the question that a recent post by Dandellion Kimban implores us to ponder as we muddle through this grand experiment in dual identities that is Second Life.

From: Fast Wonder Jeska Dzwigalski on Second Life at Community 2.0 Quote from the site - Here are my notes from Jeska’s presentation at community 2.0. In other words, these are my interpretations of her words (not my words), and she talks pretty fast, so I might have some typos or other errors.

From: California Library Association CLA Second Life Q & A Panel Quote from the site - So you have conducted library orientation for many years. You have taught a one credit class for freshmen in information literacy. You have responded when professors wanted you to teach reference or database tools to their classes. These traditional approaches to information literacy are now eclipsed by users who just ignore the library and Google it.

From: No there there Pursuing a solution for printing a notecard in realXtend Quote from the site - I have a list of things I consider essential functionality for a knowledge worker in a virtual world like Second Life or realXtend. One of the items on the top of the list is printing a notecard. The lack of printing functionality was reported a year ago in the Linden Lab JIRA database (VWR-391), but it has been a low priority bug because there is a workaround - copy all the text on the notecard, paste it into your favorite text editor outside Second Life and print it from there. It’s about as clunky as the machine below.

From: Orient Lodge Second Life Parallel Processes Quote from the site - I spend two days away from my computer and come back to over 2000 unread email messages and several interesting discussions. Last year, Gartner, “the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company”, predicted that 80 Percent of Active Internet Users Will Have A “Second Life” in the Virtual World by the End of 2011.

From: Wall Street Journal Businesses Take Their Avatars and Go Home Quote from the site - Ninety percent of forays by businesses into virtual worlds–animated online communities where people can do things they do in the real world (and some things they wouldn’t)–fail within 18 months. That’s according to the tech researchers at the Gartner Group, although we could have told you the same thing, if not with a specific statistic.

From: The Huffington Post Second Life Gets Its Virtual Auteur: Douglas Gayeton and Molotov Alva Quote from the site - Second Life now has is own film auteur. He is Douglas Gayeton; and his movie, debuting tonight May 15 as a half hour on Cinemax Reel Life, is Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator” –a unique and ground-breaking kind of documentary about Second Life, from HBO Documentary Films, constructed entirely as a sequence of dispatches from the online virtual world it’s portraying.

From: Wall Street Journal My Virtual Summer Job Quote from the site - With summer jobs in short supply, more young people are pursuing money-making opportunities in Web fantasy worlds. Alexandra Alter on the new online workers.
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Second Life News for May 13, 2008

May 13th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Business Standard Second lease of Life Quote from the site - As the war to attract and retain talent rages, companies are using a variety of new, innovative hooks to catch the right talent. Some of them have cast their nets in Second Life.

From: Virtual Job Candy Virtual World News: Congressman Mark Kirk v. Second Life Quote from the site - On Tuesday May 6, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) held a press conference in Chicago to denounce institutionally-sponsored access to virtual worlds and social networking sites like Second Life. Rep. Kirk reaffirmed his commitment to a bill sponsored over a year ago that would require federally-funded institutions such as schools and libraries to block children’s access to any “commercial social networking Web site or chat room unless used for an educational purpose with adult supervision.”

From: The Suburban Masquerade How Second Life made me $26,320 richer in just one day! Quote from the site - Yep, I was paid the above amount for a magazine article I wrote on Second Life. Unfortunately, that’s my fee in Linden dollars (the SL currency.) In U.S. dollars…well…let’s just say the amount was substantially less.

From: Rowin’s blog Second Life on a mobile phone - part 2 Quote from the site - As an alternative to the Vollee mobile phone Second Life client I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, there’s this Samsung mobile phone due out later this year in the US which also claims to run SL.

From: Game Politics More on Congressman’s Campaign to Regulate Second Life Quote from the site - Recently GamePolitics reported that Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) had called upon the Federal Trade Commission to issue a parental alert regarding online game Second Life.

From: PSFK Spain Opens STD Clinic On Second Life Quote from the site - Spanish-speaking teens can virtually visit a health clinic anonymously on Second Life to ask doctors embarrassing questions that may be left unasked face-to-face.

From: dusan writer’s metaverse Mega Prim Creation Patch for Second Life Viewer Quote from the site - The long standing mega prim controversy may be partly resolved - by adding it to the Second Life building tools.

From: Ananke Media Systems First Second Life Portrait Contest Quote from the site - The contest is restricted to Second Life residents and it is a photography contest; artistic media other than photography are not allowed. Submissions will start on May 15th and will finish on June 4th.

From: WSJ Online: My So-Called Second Life Quote from the site - There are roughly one million active residents of Second Life. But for people who haven’t visited that virtual world — or don’t intend to — director Douglas Gayeton has brought back a dispatch.

From: Princeton University Press Coming of Age in Second Life:
An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human
Quote from the site - Millions of people around the world today spend portions of their lives in online virtual worlds. Second Life is one of the largest of these virtual worlds. The residents of Second Life create communities, buy property and build homes, go to concerts, meet in bars, attend weddings and religious services, buy and sell virtual goods and services, find friendship, fall in love–the possibilities are endless, and all encountered through a computer screen.

From: Smart Mobs Public Goods in Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - I agreed to help judge the competition for Second Life and the Public Good: A Community Challenge gives real rewards. I need to say no to all offers for the rest of the summer, so I can concentrate on the social media classroom/collaboratory, but I couldn’t say no to this.

From: Linux Insider Not Much Life in China’s Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Chinese virtual worlds such as HiPiHi, NovoKing and UOneNet are currently in their early stages; however, corporate players are starting to take notice since that’s one place they can find their target demographic.

From: techdirt Your Second Life Avatar May Impact How You Act In Real Life Quote from the site - Slashdot points us to a clip from NPR’s All Things Considered discussing some research out of Stanford about how the appearance of your virtual avatar may impact your actions in real life. In the story, two examples are given.

From: Second Life Blog Bring your “A” game Quote from the site - So, you know a lot about Second Life, right? You’ve got ideas, big ideas, and are tired of waiting around for Linden Lab to make it just so. The challenge of stabilizing, maintaining, and extending the Second Life Grid, and the dozens of services and thousands of machines it entails, excites you.

From: New World Notes Vigilant Bunnies: Second Life’s Playboy Staffers Investigate Knock-Offs, Offer Partnerships To Some Violators Quote from the site - According to CNN, virtual Playboy Bunnies are leaving their island paradise to track down unauthorized Playboy products being sold in Second Life.

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Second Life News for May 10, 2008

May 10th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Video Tutorials list simplified! And *20* video quick tips! Quote from the site - Friendly greetings! Torley, enthusiastic teacher of Second Life skills here. For your ease-of-use, I’ve reorganized the big page o’ Video Tutorials so you can faster find what you want to learn. One of the new features is that when you view the lists for “Tip of the Week” (30+ of ‘em) and “Quicktips” (75+!), columns can be sorted by category!

From: Second Life Blog Sculpted prims made simple - Video Tip of the Week #32 Quote from the site - Another HOT topic I’ve been asked to do! Sculpted prims are enjoyed by the masses, but making them is a mystery to many because they’re mostly modeled with external tools. Fear not, for with Sculptypaint by Cel Edman, I show you in a little over 10 minutes JUST HOW EASY it can be to make sculpties. Even if you’ve never built anything before.

From: Second Life Blog Bay City - Up And Running! Quote from the site - Now open for Resident inspection — Bay City! Regions intended for a vibrant urban experience, double primmed for your pleasure. Roads, parks, a movie theater and city services are already in place, maintained by Linden Lab.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #25: Liberal Media (On A Parcel) Quote from the site - This week on KBAotW, I’d like to introduce you to a little feature called Media On A Parcel. With Parcel Media, you can share your movies, music, images, and even webpages with other Residents on your land. Movie night, anyone?

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Grid availability in April Quote from the site - We’ve just updated the Quality Metrics page, and the numbers show what you already know: April was not a good month for Second Life Grid availability. Our internal outage tracking tool estimates that about 630,000 usage hours were lost to global system failures over the course of the month, which is about 1.9% of the total (up from 0.06% in February and 0.22% in March), and resident surveys clearly indicate great unhappiness coinciding with these failures.

From: Animation Magazine Second Life Doc Debuts Quote from the site - Dutch production company Submarine today began rolling out Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey, a documentary made entirely in Linden Labs’ online virtual reality community known as Second Life. The unique production will unfold in ten episodes at

From: LA Times A Second Life for corporate America Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global firms have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life.

From: A Little Grafting of Second Life into a Legal Research Class Quote from the site - Can immersive online environments such as Second Life enhance legal research instruction? Experiments in full class lectures and other uses of Second Life in higher education offer a mixture of hype and excitement. Second Life obviously won’t replace traditional law school teaching, but can Second Life be used modestly to enhance traditional classroom legal research instruction?

From: Science News Scientists Get a 2nd Life Quote from the site - To track down neuroscientist Corey Hart, you could stop by his laboratory, located on the second floor of Drexel University’s medical building in Philadelphia. Or, you could visit the lab of Luciftias Neurocam, located in the virtual world of Second Life.

From: The Guardian Teenagers to take embarrassing ailments to Second Life doctors Quote from the site - Spanish health authorities launched a virtual portal through the Second Life website yesterday designed to help young people too embarrassed to speak to a doctor about sexually transmitted disease or a drug problem.

From: Ambling in Second Life VWCE2008M Quote from the site - OK, come on, ‘fess up… what am I missing? I was minding my own business, out for a late night stroll among the islands of SL, and stumbled upon VWCE2008M. Now, if you know my modus operandi, you will see immediately why I went for a squint at this sim.

From: Radar Online Statism Rears Its Ugly Avatar In Geek Paradise Quote from the site - “Gambling was prohibited in July 2007. Unregulated banks were banned in January 2008. The February prohibition of exploitative billboards was preceded by the debut of a… ‘Department of Public Works” dedicated to “improving the experience for residents living on or visiting the… mainland.”

From: No there there An experience of working in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I set a new virtual work record, spending six hours straight in Second Life doing what could be described as work. Five of those hours were spent at the virtual campus of Case Western Reserve University attending a conference titled Collaboration Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008.

From: Stop the Seal Hunt Second Life Concert to Help End Seal Hunt Quote from the site - Animal lovers and Second Lifers are being encouraged to attend a live virtual event to help end commercial seal hunting – with guest appearances by a US musician and a UK politician. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) concert on Saturday 10 May (3pm SLT & 11pm BST) will feature singer/songwriter Juel Resistance and Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy.

From: post gazette Cybertainment: Second Life is focus of documentary filmed in virtual world Quote from the site - “Molotov Alva and his Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey” is the first documentary filmed entirely in the virtual world of Second Life. The half-hour “Molotov Alva” premieres 8 p.m. May 15 on Cinemax, and repeats 7:30 a.m. May 30.In “Molotov Alva,” filmmaker Douglas Gayeton leaves his real life to immerse himself totally in a new Second Life existence.

From: NZ Herald Virtual world already dwarfs New York Quote from the site - Forget expanding Dubai, forget sprawling Las Vegas, forget the mushrooming skyscrapers of Shanghai. There’s a city state which, at just five years old, has enjoyed such turbocharged growth that its square mileage already dwarfs New York. Not bad for a place that doesn’t exist.

From: Northern Star Attempted ‘Second Life’ ban doesn’t solve real problem Quote from the site - First, they told you not to drink until 21. Then, they said you couldn’t watch rated “R” movies until you were 17.

From: digicmb Final Project Report for HealthInfo Island Project in Second Life Now Available! Quote from the site - A final project report from the Alliance Library System marks the latest chapter in an exciting experiment funded by the Greater Midwest Region of the National Library of Medicine (GMR/NNLM).

From: The Chronicle Co-Founder of Second Life Says Academics Are Biggest Trailblazers in Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Cory Ondrejka, the co-founder of the virtual world Second Life who is now a visiting professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, said in a speech today that virtual worlds are here to stay, and that professors are among the most active pioneers.

From: New World Notes What’s Your SL Name-To-RL Name Google Search Ratio? Quote from the site - So here’s a fun if disconcerting exercise: Google your Second Life avatar’s name, and be sure to put it in quotes. Note the number of Results you get. Now do the same with your real life name (also in quotes) and tally those Results, as well. Which number is larger? Marvelous Second Life blogger Kit Meredith did that recently, and though she’s an IP lawyer in real life, discovered that far as Google is concerned, her avatar is more popular than her.

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Second Life News for May 5, 2008

May 05th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Botgirl Lives The ongoing quest for SLurpose Quote from the site - Just like a personal hook-up, a hot crush on Second Life itself has a shelf life of just weeks or months. Unless one can find some kind of deeper purpose or new position, boredom and dissatisfaction will likely emerge. If the initial chasm of disillusionment is crossed successfully, ongoing conscious effort is required to keep things fresh.

From: The Independent Andrew Keen on New Media Quote from the site - How is new media changing the communications business? What has been the impact of Web 2.0 on advertising and PR? And what can a traditional marketer learn from the intrinsic openness of new media?

From: Torley Second Life has advanced arts and crafts like photography Quote from the site - That title can be read a couple (or more) ways, and I mean both (or more) of them: I’ve often written about how Second Life empowers people to discover new talents and rediscover old ones.

From: Second Life Left Unity 3-D Immersive Virtual Environments: Platform for Radical Democracy or Communicative Capitalism? Quote from the site - 3-D immersive virtual environments (IVEs) are at the forefront of ‘the physical Internet.’ (Scola 2005) They allow users to communicate with each other through avatars, their digital personas, rather than relying solely on text.

From: SpaceRef NASA CoLab Open House Quote from the site - Join us for the afternoon at our new location in Building 17 at NASA Ames Research Center, room 114!

From: everyday second life Shakespeare in Second Life Quote from the site - Someone is playing Shakespeare in Second Life, and I think you should do like me and go see them. What they’re playing is «The Mousetrap», the so-called play within the play in «Hamlet», and it lasts half an hour.

From: The Observer Your 10 o’clock meeting is being held in Second Life Quote from the site - Forget expanding Dubai, forget sprawling Las Vegas, forget the mushrooming skyscrapers of Shanghai. There’s a city state which, at just five years old, has enjoyed such turbocharged growth that its square mileage already dwarfs New York. Not bad for a place that doesn’t exist.

From: The Republican Island on the Internet Quote from the site - Students and faculty at Springfield Technical Community College will soon be taking a step into the future via a wholly online world known as Second Life.

From: Second Life Community Convention CFP: Second Life Education community conference Quote from the site - The Second Life Education community conference is a proud member of the Second Life Community Convention – the official Linden Lab-sponsored and approved event for everyone spending significant time in the best of all possible virtual worlds! This conference is for everyone currently or seriously thinking of engaging in teaching and learning in Second Life.

From: Purplegrrl’s Second life The problems with observing a learning community Quote from the site - I must admit I thought observing a learning community would be much easier than it really is. The first problem I have found is sometimes when there is an learning event I am unable to attend as I have other commitments (many work) as many of you may have read in my previous blog entry I am studying a group in second life.

From: Sean Percival Virtual Exits: Second Life Residents Turn Their Back Quote from the site - Second Life, the virtual world that millions call “home” and millions of others enjoy having a good laugh at. An experiment, the future, completely useless? Those statements are probably all both correct and incorrect at the same time.

From: Second Thoughts Turning My Back on Governor Linden Quote from the site - Hey, time to go on strike against Governor Linden and Second Life. Or, let’s call it more properly: a work slow-down for 7 days where I’m just not going to blog about Second Life, bad or good, or roam all over hell’s half acre sticking up for this virtual world to all the haters — I need to picket with the handy sign I keep in my closet for every conceivable demo: UNFAIR.

From: Pioneering Ideas The “Second Life” of NY Times Magazine Cover Feature, CeaseFire Quote from the site - This weekend’s New York Times Magazine cover story profiles CeaseFire, a violence prevention program built on a public health model that attacks the spread of violence much like epidemiologists attack the spread of infectious diseases.

From: Torley An illuminating tale of the history behind Second Life’s facelights Quote from the site - A facelight, in its most basic form, consists of an invisible prim (object) which is attached to your Second Life avatar, via one of your face’s free points — perhaps chin or nose, but not skull because that’s often where prim hair goes.

From: Rehula Tips to make your own best photography in Second Life Quote from the site - I think everyone’s passion in Second Life is taking pictures of your best moments in Second Life. We can find tons of models, but we can’t find tons of PROFESSIONAL photograpers. I mean by photographer as :

- Have a good sense of perspective, use and abuse of the editing tools that professionals image editors gives to us, and of course, the ability to be creative in using poses.

From: Kate’s So-Called Second Life Good Guide for SL Beginners Quote from the site - Once I figured out the basics of avatar fashion in Second Life, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I thought maybe a little building, maybe a little scripting .. but more so I could have a good time, not to become a hard core builder or anything.

From: Educational Gaming Commons Second Life Education Community Conference 2008 Quote from the site - The Second Life Education community conference is a proud member of the Second Life Community Convention – the official Linden Lab-sponsored and approved event for everyone spending significant time in the best of all possible virtual worlds! This conference is for everyone currently or seriously thinking of engaging in teaching and learning in Second Life.

From: Welt Online JavaOne Conference Social Networking Tools Available to Help You Stay Connected Quote from the site - If you’re unable to attend JavaOne in-person, have no fear, you can get the best of the best in the Second Life virtual world.

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