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More Free Starax Goldfish

Free Starax Goldfish

Found another spot to grab some free Starax Goldfish, three different kinds here, including a two tone goldfish that I don’t believe I had seen one before, here in Petronius near Primula Rasa.

Interesting shot of some sea life in Spell Caster.

Interesting Sea Life

Interesting Sea Life 2

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Starax Giant Demon Statue, King Kong and More

February 17th, 2008 | Category: Art, Places to Visit, Starax Stratosky

Here is a little collection of Starax stuff I found on BlogHUD and Second Life search tonight, as I said I would look occasionally in this post, and I found quite a few things I had not seen yet.

Starax Giant Demon at Plum.

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 2

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 3

Starax Stratosky Giant Demon 4

This one below is called Imagoel doll by Starax on Utopia.
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More Starax Stratosky Sculptures

February 16th, 2008 | Category: Art, Starax Stratosky

Found some more Starax sculptures, I mentioned in this post I would look around occasionally for some more Starax stuff and found one I hadn’t seen yet, at The Rockwell Ginsberg Gallery.

This one is called the Devil and the Angel.

Devil and the Angel by Starax

The Angel by Starax Stratosky

Devil by Starax Stratosky

Here is the Lion, which I saw at Blackwater Art Sculpture Gallery, but this one looks a little shinier, smoother than the one at Blackwater.
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Starax Stratosky Collections

January 19th, 2008 | Category: Art, Starax Stratosky

This will be the first post in what I am sure will be a large number of Second Life art collections, reviews, etc. The first one is going to be about one of the most famous Second Life artists, Starax Stratosky and some wonderful things he has created, statues, fish, animals and more. If you have any of his art and would like me to showcase it contact me at eubeenhadd at I would love some shots and some stories about the wand as well. ;) I took a lot of pics and will be uploading them to flickr later.

There are a few collections of Starax art that I have found so far, the first is the Open Air Starax Collection.

Open Air Starax Collection

This one is called Drowned.

Drowned by Starax

This is Samson and is available free inworld.

Samson by Starax

This is Angel Trap.

Starax Angel Trap

The second is the Blackwater Art Sculpture Gallery.
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