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The Battle Grounds

March 21st, 2008 | Category: Sims Worth Exploring, Training, War, Weapons

Looks like they have fleshed out the sandbox near Primula Rasa, it’s called Battle Grounds and I don’t think it’s for building stuff.

Weapons Drawn. The Battle Grounds erupt and guns blaze, soldiers, gladiators and warriors from the Grid’s far corners come to test their mettle and reclaim a shard of the crystal and fabled lore. Beware - Killing Fields.

The Battle Grounds

The Battle Grounds 2

The Battle Grounds 3

They look like they are ready for somebody to get hurt.

Emergency Services
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Weapons Info and News from Second Life

August 19th, 2007 | Category: Weapons

Been seeing a lot of hits for weapons so I thought I would include some news, info and video about weapons in Second Life.

Terrorism In Second Life? Give Me A Break The article cites well-known reports of “griefing” in Second Life — malicious practical joking — and employs a lot of breathless prose and distortion to make it seem like the global terror network is on the brink of using Second Life to launch a real-world terror campaign against all decent people everywhere. The original article I read, that this story probably comes from, was more leaning towards them using it to organize and communicate with each other, but the main stream press certainly likes to through in the big words and add something to every story that comes in.

Second Life Open Weapon System - RFC Combat Games in Second Life are rare, not for lack of want. One blocker for creating such games is creating alternate weapon systems. Second Life’s built in health and damage implementation make it near impossible to create a game that restricts cheating. In order to make it easy to create a wide range of combat games, I am designing an open weapon system that is meant to be flexible, secure, and powerful.

Help:Weapons in Second Life Second Life has weapons, and just like in First Life irresponsible use of weapons will get you in trouble. In SL it can get you suspended or banned.

This article shows a broad view of weaponry in general, in both legal and illegal genres. Visit the Combat article for more information on combat, which is legal in specified areas (usually combat sandboxes).

Combat Combat HUDs are the most powerful weapons in Second Life. These devices enable you to simply say (or click) a command, such as “kill joh”, resulting in the nearest person (within 96m) with joh in their name being killed instantly - shields or no shields. Underground bots and phase devices (in a nutshell devices that make you undetectable to sensors) are the only protection against this type of combat HUD.

Combat HUDs usually offer a substantial arsenal of attacks that you can deploy, other than the standard “kill person” command. These include orbiting, “burning” people, trapping, auto-killing, etc.

SHOOTING TO KILL: THE COMBAT OF TARTARUS All that in mind, Ryen Jade recently brought me in-world, to have a look at the combat system of Tartarus, the project of some twenty residents he leads. (The samurai-themed Strife Onizuka is the chief scripter for the weaponry.) Billed as an attempt to create a cyberpunk city resembling a cross between the MMORPG Neocron or the film Blade Runner, Tartarus will involve not a little amount of bloody mayhem. So once I had one of their stand-in six-guns in hand, I went into first-person mouselook, and went to town.

SHOOTING TO KILL, PART TWO: THE COMPACT EXPLODER OF FRANCIS CHUNG The latest model of Francis Chung’s Compact eXploder (v. 1.2.38) comes with an owner’s manual that’s nearly 2000 words long, including a technical FAQ and a descriptive background that’s translated from the Japanese. (The weapon is inspired by the work of anime artist Masamune Shirow, lead creator of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Appleseed”. “[T]he Seburo is this fictitious company that he made up,” Ms. Chung explains, “just for background in his series. This is sort of my tribute…”)

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Nasty HUD 2.0, Great Second Life Weapon

August 11th, 2007 | Category: Weapons

Nasty HUD 2.0
The Nasty HUD is just what it says it is, NASTY. I have used it to my own personal satisfaction many times, this one time; the guy actually stumbled around for a few seconds before blinking offline. If you have problems with griefers, this is the tool for you, click, click, click and their done. Only L$1300 at SL Exchange.

Nasty HUD 2.0 The Best And Nastiest Sl Weapon For Speed / Power / Effectiveness! In Nopush Areas Too

Exclusive New Attack!
Orbits Instantly to billions in NO-PUSH areas!
Kills Instantly!
Works on Shielded avatars!
Easy to use! Menu/HUD/Chat driven!

Version 2 includes the New Ultra-Fast And Effective Attack!
A following, second-wave 1.0 attack is still used just in case… ;)
It is a HUD: from your inventory, right-click it and then choose “Wear” You will see a small red triangle on the bottom center of your screen.

Click it OR chat /667m, Click a target on menu, Confirm!

Script/Rez Zones:
Orbits instantly to billions of meters or sends your victim “nowhere” in SL limbo…
Even in worst case victim will disappear from your view just in some seconds (generally some sims away)

Damage-enabled zones:
Kills instantly

Will often deform victims or make them or their attachments invisible to their eyes (until relog). Can make some scripted systems (like shields) unusable: they will have to rez a fresh copy from the box.

Works if target is shielded! (except when sitting on an object in no damage area) Sitting avatars have a * on their names on menu. Every time you choose a target it is locked (until next Targeting, HUD wear or Relog) You can hit last target saying /667OWN or use a gesture to trigger the attack with a key.

This thing is nasty. So please use it in combat sims, or with consenting people, or against griefing!

Have Fun!

Piero Padar Source: Nasty HUD 2.0 The Best And Nastiest Sl Weapon For Speed / Power / Effectiveness! In Nopush Areas Too

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