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Playing with Windlight, Finally

February 06th, 2008 | Category: Second Life Clients, Second Life Viewer, Windlight

Finally got the Windlight client to work for me, if you are having trouble with the client, in my case everything was washed out looking, except for the cool reflections, then you should first download the latest drivers for your video card, new ATI drivers were released last month I believe, and the drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce were released in December. Combined with the latest release of the Windlight client and my pictures are already looking better.

Here are a couple new shots of Primula Rasa.

Primula Rasa Entrance

Primula Rasa Entrance 2

We were able to solve a lot of the ATI shader problems that existed, but in order to really take advantage of these fixes, we implore you to get the latest Catalyst drivers for your card.

In other news, this release includes most of the changes from the new 1.19.0 Release Candidate, including old-school login auth. With most of the login issues resolved, we should be able to get much better crash and performance stats with this new First Look. We’re getting very close to merging into RC, and are hoping to use better crash statistics to drive the crash rate far below where it currently stands.
Source: New WindLight Viewer (79185) + ATI talk

Here are some shots of the OLD sim I mentioned here.


Darkwood 2
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Windlight Overview and Tips

November 16th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Tips, Windlight

Torley has posted another tip on the Second Life Blog, this one is concerning something he has talked about for a long time, Windlight. He gives you the easy how to get started, an overview of the simplified graphics preferences in the first look client as well as an idea on how to use glow. In my previous post on Windlight, I could not get the water to reflect like they do, and it’s probably my graphics card, while it has 256 megs, it is a few years old, so I will try updating my drivers, etc, and see if I can’t get it to work better without buying a new video card and I will post some pics if I can make a difference. Check this pic from Torley out.


I’ll be continuing to make more project updates on WindLight; some of these are candid notes based on community feedback that get gelled into formal actions later.

My Guide to High-Quality Photography has gotten 15,000+ views since I posted about it! Found it useful? Share with friend! And special thanks to Randall Lovenkraft and Tid Kidd (check out her wiki page) for editing it and making it better!

The Watermelon Nation group, part of “How to create and join a group“, is now 58-odd members strong! Thanks for watching & joining; like flaggers, it’s always extra-cool to see interaction with the stuff featured in my vidtuts. Source: Tip of the Week #11: Welcome to WindLight!

Lots of great info once again, here is the video tutorial he posted.

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Windlight First Look Viewer Updated

November 15th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Clients, Second Life Viewer, Windlight

The day after the new release candidate with the new search is released, Linden Labs has released a new version of the Windlight First Look viewer, version, and this version contains the new search, so I guess one time will be the number of times I log into yesterdays release candidate. Anyway, this is my time trying the Windlight client and it looks pretty good, I really like some of the effects you can use, I have become attached to the Sheer Surreality preset, but, that’s probably just the mood I am in.

They list five major new enhancements to the Windlight viewer,

1) Windlight itself brings back Classic Clouds, the moon, fallback (aka non-shader) WindLight is now much faster and of higher quality, which ensures those with older hardware still get fast, beautiful new skies, UI improvements to the Sky Editor dialog and a new Basic Environment Editor dialog.

2) Photorealistic water for those with powerful-enough graphics cards they now offer an amazing, much more physically-accurate water model, check this pic!

Second Life Windlight examples

3) All objects can now have a glow attribute assigned to them.

4) Avatar imposters - This should be a huge help to those hitting the popular spots as it can give you up to 40% fps increase in crowded scenes. It doesn’t go into detail about how they do it, but I assume it uses some kind of generic avatar to get the sim loaded quickly, just guessing.

5) Improved graphics preferences tab, which has been simplified and re-organized.

There is more exciting work planned for WindLight, including estate controls for custom skies/water and making skies/water available as trade able inventory items. Stay tuned for more info.

Also, there are several known issues we’re working on. You can find a complete list in the Release Notes. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Behavior in Leopard on Macs can be overly slow, and textures may be misplaced.

  • Shiny doesn’t look the same as before. We’re working to get it very close, if not better.
  • NVIDIA beta drivers 169.04 currently do not support shaders.
  • Some of your colors and textures might appear overexposed or washed out with the new lighting framework.

Source: WindLight First Look is back

Not sure how Torley and some of those guys have gotten those great effects on some of their pics, like this one, click for a bigger view:

improved second life graphics

But, here are a few pics I took tonight using it, I guess I just need better subject matter at a different time of the day, I guess, and probably a video card driver update and some good old fashioned tweaking to make it better.


Here’s a new shot from The Wall.

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