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Here are all of the second life blogs and websites I have run onto, if you have one or know someone who has one, email me at eubeenhadd at and I will check it out and add it to the list. Updated: April 12, 2008.

Smart Lindens Investing, Saving and Personal Finance in Second Life.

Second Life Photos and News Online aggregation pulling in info from some of the tops blogs and photos uploaded to flickr concerning Second Life

Second Life Video Lots and lots of virtual world videos.

Second Life Tutorial Videos and Reviews

Signup for Second Life for free

Second Life Exchange Great site selling almost anything you could need for your Second Life.

Second Life Herald

Second Life Insider

SL Treasures

Second Sex A blog about Second Life escorts, from a Second Life escort.

Sexual Health SIM in Second Life

Your 2nd Place

Reuters Second Life Blog The official Reuters presence in Second Life.

Virtually Blind About Legal Issues that affect virtual worlds like Second Life.

New World Notes.

Vint Falken Second Life ‘main grid’ Resident and Blogger who likes photography.

‘Kota’s Knickers

2nd Lifer

All Things Tiessa

Angry Bunny

Bella in Second Life

Daltonic Gin


Evan’s Avenue

How’s your world?

Kean Kelly

Laverne’s Second Life

Livin’ La Vida Segunda

Loki’s musings

Looker Lumet

M is for Myg


Oh, hush!


Second Life Voyage

Stella Errans

The Shockwave Writer

Tiana Creations

Torley Lives

Veyron’s Adventures

Wrath Paine vs. SL

Zoe Connolly

Second Life Crew

SL Forum

Second Life Posts on Informationweek.

Eppie’s Corner Great reviews of sims from Eppie Hock.

Second Thoughts

SL Reports

The Second Life Record Reporting the reality of virtuality.

Metaverse Journal Australia’s Second Life News Source.

Nexeus Fatale journal (blog), podcast (NF Mix), and discussions about Music, Second Life and upcoming events.

Second Effects Business, Particle Effects and Exploration in Second Life.

SurfWatch Second Life surfing blog

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  1. Dana Nourie January 7th, 2009 1:13 am


    Will you please add my Second Life blog:


  2. Starfire Silverstar February 15th, 2009 9:20 am


    Please add my SL blog to your list http;//

    and my business partner’s SL blog too

    thank you! xxxses!

  3. Gavin Garfield March 12th, 2009 6:39 pm

    I’d love to have my SL World Explorers blog added to your list :)

    Thanks so much! - G

  4. twinrandy March 4th, 2011 7:01 pm

    SL is the biggest piece of technology crap I have even seen. I have never been able to connect and they have no technical support. I hope that there is some event whether it be government intervention that makes it shut down. And people who have time to live in SL but whine they don’t have time in the real world need to be diagnosed and treated for mental illness.
    This is a sick place and if you can’t even connect and have to deal with grid status?

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