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Here are some great starter videos for someone just getting started in Second Life, I like the virtual world, but there is always something new to learn about it. Introduction to Second Life - Part 1, Introduction to Second Life - Part 2, Introduction to Second Life - Part 3, and Introduction to Second Life - Part 4.

avatars - The avatar is the graphical representation of you in Second Life, your appearance, looks, etc. Here is mine:

Of course I look nothing like that in real life, a couple ladies, Michelle Chevalier and Aribella Lafleur helped me make him. You can make your avatar look as much as you as you like, or you can go the other way and not even consider real life, it is completely up to you. Some avatars are looking more and more like real life people all the time.

Here is a video that will help show you how to change your avatar’s appearance.

build, builder - To build is to create an object in Second Life. A good place to start to learn about building is the Second Life wiki, specifically the Creation Portal, with clothing tutorials, texture creation tools, tips and tweaks for using Second Life and more. Check the LSL Tutorial wikis for lots of beginner tutorials, as well as some more advanced to help get you started learning the scripting side. Check out the Building in Second Life series By Ian Monstre and the Building and scripting series By Seeter Sullivan.

Here is a video on how to use the building grid:

grid - Technically, the Grid is made up of all the computers, also known as sims, that are hosting regions, or land, in Second Life. There are many grids, the Lindens use some for testing, but the main grid that most users connect to is Agni.

griefer - This is your basic Second Life vandal, they disrupt stuff. Usually you can protect yourself by sitting on something, on a poseball, chair, etc. Or using the teleport home button or keyboard shortcut ctrl/shift/h, if you have a home location set.

home - Your home location

instant message - The inworld chat for Second Life.

inworld - This is what it is called when you are logged into Second Life.

linden lab - The creators of Second Life

lindens - The money of Second Life, the actual exchange rate varies, but it hovers in the 260 to 270 lindens for one dollar range.

lsl - Linden Scripting Language is the language used to program objects in Second Life.

machinima - Machinima is both a collection of associated production techniques and an emergent film genre defined by those techniques. As a production technique, the term concerns the rendering of computer-generated imagery using real-time, interactive 3D engines as opposed to high-end and complex 3D animation software used by professionals. As a film genre, the term refers to movies created by the techniques described above, although, machinima productions are produced using the tools and resources available in a metaverse or game, new tools are emerging as the genre grows.

The machinima section on the wiki is a good place to start, there is a movie recording section of the wiki as well, the machinima Cam is a great tool to make your own, here are the complete instructions on how to use it. Fraps is probably the most popular of the video utilitys, camstudio, Game Recorder, Taksi, all those are for windows, a few mac programs exist, Capture Me, < ahref="">iShowU and Snapz Pro X and there is Xvidcap for Linux.

metaverse - Any 3D virtual world or environment online, Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc.

mouselook - This is usually referred to as first person, the view is from your avatar’s eyes.

notecard - A text file, it contain information about anything, you can keep, pass them to others, create your own, etc, most places pass one out if they have special rules, events or any other pertinent information.

primitive, or prim - A 3D object in the world. Each prim is represented by a set of parameters, including position, scale, rotation, shape, cut, hollow, etc.

This video talks about Sculpted Prims:

Flexible Prim:

Here is a video that shows you how to make a tiny prim:

profile - When you right click on a resident, one of the pieces of the pie is profile, which lists all of the information they have entered about themselves, under the about tab you can enter a picture of yourself, it lists all the groups you are a member of, your birn date, whether you have a paid account or free, a partner, and a section you can enter your own stuff about you, limited to 500 characters. You can list your webpage under the Web tab, the Inerests tab lists what you want to do in Second Life, your skills and languages you understand. The picks tab allows you to list your favorite places or people in Second Life, with pictures, information and teleport links. There’s a tab that lists classified ads, there’s a section you can add information about your real life and the last tab is the My Notes tab, where you can list information about that resident, which is a really easy way to not forget who the heck they are. Here is a video that shows you how to fill it in:

residents - The people, everyone who logs in to Second Life. Just as you are a resident of Earth, everyone in Second Life is a resident of that virtual world.

sim - The computers that the regions of Second Life are on.

slt - Second Life Time, same as pacific time zone, in California, where Linden Labs is located.

slurl - A Second Life URL, when clicked on a webpage, they take you to, where you click the teleport button, which pops up the map in Second Life so you can teleport there.

teleport - The main transportation in Second Life, a teleport is just what it sound like, one second your here, the next second, sometimes long seconds, your there.

texture - Is an image applied to the surface of an object.

TinySL - Turn your slurl into a ‘tiny’ slurl. So, when you copy a SLURL out of Second Life, you can shrink one like this into a short one like this, so your code will be a lot smaller and urls a LOT shorter. Like this Crimson Shadow

Here are some that apply to pretty much everything chat program:

afk - away from keyboard

brb - be right back

lol - laugh out loud

np - no problem

rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing

Etc, etc.

I will be adding to this as I remember too, if you have an addition or notice something wrong, let me know at eubeenhadd at

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    TinySL - Turn your slurl into a ‘tiny’ slurl.

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