Open House on Lighthouse Learning Island

September 04th, 2008 | Category: Education, Meet and Greet, Teaching

From a Group Notice:

Lighthouse Learning Island will hold an Open House from 5-6pm (SLT) /8-9pm (EST) on October 20th. Lighthouse Learning Island is an island dedicated to K-12 educational learning communities. There will be representatives from each of the 5 school districts and 3 educational service centers present to talk to you about the ways they are using Second Life to support and enhance teaching and learning.

You can find out more about Lighthouse Learning Island here:

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ISTE Speaker Series session on the NETS for Teachers Refresh Project

March 07th, 2008 | Category: Education, Teaching

From a group notice:

Please join us for a special ISTE Speaker Series session on the NETS for Teachers Refresh Project this Monday, March 10, 4-6 PM SLT. This is your chance to provide your input about the new standards for teachers. Complete details are below. To learn more about the NETS Refresh, please visit:

NETS.T Refresh: A Shared Vision, A Shared Voice for Educators in an Increasingly Digital World
Presented by Leslie Conery, ISTE Deputy CEO, and Anita McAnear, NECC Program Chair/L&L Acquisitions Editor

Monday, March 10, 4-6 PM SLT, on ISTE Island in Second Life

Innovation and creativity top the list of student learning technology standards recently released by the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). Educators from all 50 states and 22 countries contributed to ISTE’s new student standards. Now, you can help shape new educational standards for teachers that prepare students learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world. Join us for this interactive, collaborative session to refresh the NETS for Teachers.

We have had more than 2,000 educators weigh in on the NETS*T so far. We are closing in on the end of the data collection phase and plan to release the next generation of the NETS?T at NECC in San Antonio. We want to hear from those who use Second Life because they are on the cutting edge of innovative technology integration and will bring a critical perspective to the refresh.

NOTE: This is a two-hour interactive session which will require the use of voice in order to hear the presenters. The group activities will be conducted in both voice and chat options.

Facilitators will be leading you through interactive, small-group activities, but it would be helpful for you to familiarize yourself with the following short documents or to have them open and handy during the session. (Typically, these NETS town hall meetings are face to face with hard copy documents, so a virtual activity of this sort will be a little different.)

NETS for Teachers 2000

NETS for Teachers 2008 Working Draft

NETS?T Framework Questions

NETS for Teachers Worksheet

NETS-S Essential Conditions to Leverage Technology for Learning:

We hope you can join us Monday and participate in this important process!


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