Can I Get Some More Prims, Please?

January 24th, 2008 | Category: How To, Land Issues, Prims

Anybody who owns land, rents land, etc, knows you always need more prims, you almost never have enough for what you really want, so you usually end up doing without, or with less attractive items than what you REALLY wanted. The latest knowledge base article covers just this situation.

Knowledge Base Article of the Week time means I get to make a Mel Brooks reference for no reason! Or almost no reason. This week’s article should provide some much-needed context: How can I get more prims on my land? (click on the link to view the article directly, after providing your Second Life login or guest credentials) Astute readers will be able to guess at the article’s subject matter, but what you may not know is that it also discusses the Object Bonus setting for Private Regions. Now you do! Source: Knowledge Base Article of the Week #13: Spaceprims II — The Search For More Prims

The kb article covers owning more than one parcel in a region and combining them in one parcel, etc, the other method is by using the object bonus.

If you are the owner or Estate Manager of a Private Region, you can set a global Object Bonus for all parcels in the Region. You may want to do this if you plan on building heavily in small parcels while leaving large areas of your Region empty. Source: How can I get more prims on my land?

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TUi NEO Level 3: Prim Animation

November 18th, 2007 | Category: Animation, Building, Prims

What: TUi NEO LVL3: prim animation

When: 10pm SLT November 17, 2007

Where: Located in Polarity

Description: Have you ever wanted to animate prims, be it flapping wings a simple door or a full stop motion animation sequence? Well then this is the class for you. In this class we will learn to use the helpful puppeteer software this software allows users to move prims with out having to learn to script. This is a level 3 class and you will need to be able to rez, move, link prims and know your way around the build menu. LVL 3, Class Cost : Free & Puppeteer free edition software available in the class room. Please note spaces are limited.

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