Rigging Search in Second Life with Spamatars

January 02nd, 2008 | Category: Search, Shopping

A post over at Grid Expectations points out how B&B Skins has become one of the most visited places in Second Life, at least according to the visitor counts. Here is a shot of the room below the store that she found full of avatars, what she we call them, marketing avatars, advertising avatars, spamatars, any good names for them?

advertising avatars

unused alts

When I popped in tonight I didn’t think I would see any, and I didn’t. Which brings to my mind right off, is, if they aren’t really “cheating” then why aren’t they still there?

Empty room at B&B Skins

So, I checked a couple times tonight, with the latest time I checked being 2:30 am Eastern time. They have a couple avatars in tubes as avatar models, both live profiles, and both with B&B Skins in their picks.

B&B Models 2

B&B Models 1
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Tip: How to Be Found in Search

December 01st, 2007 | Category: Second Life Tips

Need some help with Second Life’s new search? Torley has posted some quick tips on how to get yourself and your stuff listed. I hear that picks from avatars are really important and I bet eventually links from the web will help out as well.

Thus, this Tip of the Week — a continuation of “How to use the new Search” with Jeska’s great encouragement — is how to show your stuff in our new Search:

Get objects for sale listed (and freebies too!)
Show your profile details
Show your group details Source: Tip of the Week #13 - How to show your stuff in our new Search

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