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February 01st, 2008 | Category: Second Life Tips

Couple tips worth checking out on the Second Life Blog today, the first one was by Jeremy Linden regarding keeping your account safe.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Knowledge Base Article of the Week! This week, we’ll explore a few ways to safeguard your Second Life account and password against phishing and other forms of account hijacking. Just click the link and enter your Support login information to see the article.

Something as simple as using your Second Life password for an account on a third-party website can potentially compromise your Second Life account. Think carefully when choosing your passwords, and don’t give them out to anybody; Linden Lab will never ask you for your account password! Source: Knowledge Base Article of the Week #14: Safeguarding your account

The Second Life website has been having some problems, so the wiki article Safeguarding your account: Helpful tips MAY have trouble loading, it was kind of slow for me, but it eventually opened, you will have to login.

Torley says since he didn’t have a tip last week, you get two this week.

Since I didn’t have a video tutorial last week, I have TWO (2) for you today:

Text chat macros
YES, you can magically turn abbreviations into full sentences, or even paragraphs! Makes your commonly-used sayings easy! Try this one out with friends… lovely for parties. Source: Tips of the Week #19: Text chat macros & #20: QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker

QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker
And this is the promised follow-up to “How to report a bug” — searching the Issue Tracker to find what you care about is easier than you might think it is!

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Second Life News for November 15, 2007

November 15th, 2007 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Scheduled Maintenance Quote from the site - Second Life will be undergoing some Scheduled Maintenance starting at 7 AM PST on November 15, 2007.

From: Ambling in Second Life Get on Yer Bike for Africa Quote from the site - Here’s a press release from my friends on the Virtual Africa project. If you want more information, please IM Alanagh Recreant inworld. All help will be gratefully received!

From: NMC Campus Observer Sunseed Bardeen’s Retrospective on Second Life Quote from the site - Thanks to a blog post from Nancy White, we’ve just come across a fabulous thought piece on Second Life by David Sibbet, who lives in SL as Sunseed Bardeen. His retrospective is an important written work (it is a 40 page illustrated PDF) that finally adds some signal to all the noise we see in mainstream media coverage of Second Life.

From: Virtually there Quote from the site - In a virtual Irish pub in a corner of virtual Dublin, the discussion has turned to underwear and, more specifically, who in the room isn’t wearing any. The theme is Irish, but the mood is cosmopolitan - and, in this pocket of the digital world of Second Life, nobody seems to be aware that they’re sitting in the middle of an elaborate tourism promotion.

From: AppScout Second Life: Virtual Movie Merchandise Quote from the site - This past weekend, author and screenwriter Neil Gaiman (”Sandman,” Stardust) joined the Brooklyn crew of Electric Sheep Company in Second Life to talk about his new film, Beowulf. The film features a lot of computer-graphics action, including some reportedly racy CG of Angelina Jolie. Jolie admitted to TransWorldNews that seeing herself in computer-graphic form was a little embarrassing: “I was a little shy,” she says. “I was really surprised that I felt that exposed.”

From: WRAL Union Touts Second Life Virtual Protest against IBM as a Success Quote from the site - That “virtual strike” against IBM in the 3D world of Second Life has helped lead to settlement of the labor dispute, says the union that organized the event.

“The agreement signed by IBM Italy and the trade union Rappresentanze Sindacali Unitarie (R.S.U.) not only includes the performance bonuses from 2007 up until 2010 but also payments by IBM into a national health insurance fund…

From: Discovery Education Workshops at Lighthouse Learning Island Quote from the site - Beth Kohnke (RL- Beth Knittle) and JuliaAnn Mills (RL- Julia Colby), who are members of the DEN is Second Life also are part of Lighthouse Learning Island. They will be hosting a few learning opportunities on Second Life in the next couple of months.

From: Computerworld Second Life: What’s There Is Potential Quote from the site - I’ve been a Second Lifer for a year. I’ve had many of the same problems, experienced some of the same fears, and have repeatedly slammed the relentless hype about the virtual world and the activities there.

But here’s the thing: Despite the terrible user interface, the presence of strange avatars, questionable marketing campaigns, bizarre monuments to artistic vision, and the myriad other issues that have vexed people and companies trying to use Second Life, we have only just scratched the surface of this virtual world’s potential.

From: Vancouver realtor sets up shop in Second Life Quote from the site - Users of the 3-D Internet world Second Life are virtually engaging in an increasing number of real-world activities — from holding business meetings to buying toys.

From: Product Reviews Wells Fargo Relaunches Stagecoach Island: Can It Compete With Second Life? Quote from the site - Wells Fargo has decided to take on Second Life with their new virtual world, Stagecoach Island. Having absolutely nothing to do with Second Life, this virtual world stands completely on its own. Despite being created two years ago, Wells Fargo has relaunched Stagecoach Island with a new look and new attitude.

From: JonSun Spitteler in Second Life Factory and the Hacienda lecture: Urbis in Second Life Quote from the site - I haven’t had time to look at the Second Life Urbis yet, but here’s very short notice of a lecture there today and slightly longer notice of the lecture series as a whole.

From: Computerworld Second Life: Is There Any There There? Quote from the site - Until recently, I thought “second life” referred to one of those places the Bible says we’ll go after we depart this life.

Now I know it’s a virtual place, a vast collection of electrons on computers all over the world and, more to the point, a state of mind and a place for adventure, romance, business and just plain fun for millions of users.

From: Computerworld Second Life: Different World, Same Stuff Quote from the site - Cisco Systems Inc. has been staging virtual meetings between developers and channel partners in Second Life for more than a year, but this invitation was a first for me. So a presentation announcing the winners of a networking technology innovation contest — inside a Second Life simulation — seemed like the place to be.

From: ClickZ Second Life Goes Condo Quote from the site - If you’re interested in buying a condo in some far flung location, but worried you might travel all the way there only to realize it’s not what you want, Global Condo Center has the sales pitch for you! Instead of buying the property sight unseen, or poking cheesy cardboard mock ups, head on into Second Life and take a look at the virtual version of the property.


From: Mean Girls Guide to SL Guide to Escorting Quote from the site - We’ve all been there. Stood in a shop, forming some sort of small puddle of drool and other bodily excretions. Gazing excitedly at a new pair of boots that you can’t afford.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

From: The Insatiable Zoe Connolly Royal Caledon Air Force News for November 13th Quote from the site - Recently, I gave RCAF Wing Commander Phineas Messmer authority to build a fleet of rockets for the Air Force. I’ve also given him permission to create a new organisation dedicated to the exploration of aether-space.

From: Malta Media Malta in ‘Second Life’ debate on climate change Quote from the site - Maltese Foreign Minister Michael Frendo participated in a historic joint virtual press conference, together with the Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom and the Maldives, through Second Life, in a bid to draw the world’s attention to the devastating impacts of climate change on the world’s Small Island States and to highlight the effects of the global warming on individual people around the world.

From: The Second Life Record Lindens Circle the Wagons Quote from the site - Stung by yet another ageplay scandal in the media, savaged by residents howling about an end to their “fun,” mindful of resentful and litigious customers lurking everywhere, and trying to staunch the hemorage of bad news stories that constantly flow out of SL to places like the Blingsider’s new home, the Lindens are circling the wagons.

From: Digital Urban 3D Collaborative Geographic Information Systems - Virtual London in Second Life Quote from the site - Three Dimensional Collaborative Geographic Information Systems (3DC/GIS) are in their infancy, Google Earth opened up the concept of three dimensions to the mainstream but issues with data copyright, the inability to effectively tag data to buildings and the asynchronous nature of the platform have limited developments.

From: Techcrunch SL WindLight: Second Life But Not As You Know It Quote from the site - Linden Lab released the WindLight First Look Second Life client Wednesday, the first serious release of Second Life that incorporates the technology Linden Lab acquired when it took over Windward Mark Interactive in May.

We noted at the time of the acquisition that the technology would bring “better clouds and wind” to Second Life, but this was in retrospect an understatement. Having tested the new client, it not only brings photo realistic clouds to Second Life, it also introduces realistic water, and more importantly far improved shadow and time related graphical representations.

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