Guns N’ Roses Performing Tonight at Pera Vista

May 10th, 2008 | Category: Concerts, Dance, Live Music, Mozy Pera

My friend and sometime contributor Mozy Pera has just let me know about something special going on at her place tonight.

Gunz N’ Roses will be performing on Pera Vista Tonight, SATURDAY MAY 10 at 6PM…don’t miss out!!

Second Life URL.

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Second Life News for May 10, 2008

May 10th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Video Tutorials list simplified! And *20* video quick tips! Quote from the site - Friendly greetings! Torley, enthusiastic teacher of Second Life skills here. For your ease-of-use, I’ve reorganized the big page o’ Video Tutorials so you can faster find what you want to learn. One of the new features is that when you view the lists for “Tip of the Week” (30+ of ‘em) and “Quicktips” (75+!), columns can be sorted by category!

From: Second Life Blog Sculpted prims made simple - Video Tip of the Week #32 Quote from the site - Another HOT topic I’ve been asked to do! Sculpted prims are enjoyed by the masses, but making them is a mystery to many because they’re mostly modeled with external tools. Fear not, for with Sculptypaint by Cel Edman, I show you in a little over 10 minutes JUST HOW EASY it can be to make sculpties. Even if you’ve never built anything before.

From: Second Life Blog Bay City - Up And Running! Quote from the site - Now open for Resident inspection — Bay City! Regions intended for a vibrant urban experience, double primmed for your pleasure. Roads, parks, a movie theater and city services are already in place, maintained by Linden Lab.

From: Second Life Blog Knowledge Base Article of the Week #25: Liberal Media (On A Parcel) Quote from the site - This week on KBAotW, I’d like to introduce you to a little feature called Media On A Parcel. With Parcel Media, you can share your movies, music, images, and even webpages with other Residents on your land. Movie night, anyone?

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Grid availability in April Quote from the site - We’ve just updated the Quality Metrics page, and the numbers show what you already know: April was not a good month for Second Life Grid availability. Our internal outage tracking tool estimates that about 630,000 usage hours were lost to global system failures over the course of the month, which is about 1.9% of the total (up from 0.06% in February and 0.22% in March), and resident surveys clearly indicate great unhappiness coinciding with these failures.

From: Animation Magazine Second Life Doc Debuts Quote from the site - Dutch production company Submarine today began rolling out Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey, a documentary made entirely in Linden Labs’ online virtual reality community known as Second Life. The unique production will unfold in ten episodes at

From: LA Times A Second Life for corporate America Quote from the site - To save money in these tough times, universities, conference planners and global firms have started holding gatherings for far-flung employees and students in the online world known as Second Life.

From: A Little Grafting of Second Life into a Legal Research Class Quote from the site - Can immersive online environments such as Second Life enhance legal research instruction? Experiments in full class lectures and other uses of Second Life in higher education offer a mixture of hype and excitement. Second Life obviously won’t replace traditional law school teaching, but can Second Life be used modestly to enhance traditional classroom legal research instruction?

From: Science News Scientists Get a 2nd Life Quote from the site - To track down neuroscientist Corey Hart, you could stop by his laboratory, located on the second floor of Drexel University’s medical building in Philadelphia. Or, you could visit the lab of Luciftias Neurocam, located in the virtual world of Second Life.

From: The Guardian Teenagers to take embarrassing ailments to Second Life doctors Quote from the site - Spanish health authorities launched a virtual portal through the Second Life website yesterday designed to help young people too embarrassed to speak to a doctor about sexually transmitted disease or a drug problem.

From: Ambling in Second Life VWCE2008M Quote from the site - OK, come on, ‘fess up… what am I missing? I was minding my own business, out for a late night stroll among the islands of SL, and stumbled upon VWCE2008M. Now, if you know my modus operandi, you will see immediately why I went for a squint at this sim.

From: Radar Online Statism Rears Its Ugly Avatar In Geek Paradise Quote from the site - “Gambling was prohibited in July 2007. Unregulated banks were banned in January 2008. The February prohibition of exploitative billboards was preceded by the debut of a… ‘Department of Public Works” dedicated to “improving the experience for residents living on or visiting the… mainland.”

From: No there there An experience of working in Second Life Quote from the site - Today I set a new virtual work record, spending six hours straight in Second Life doing what could be described as work. Five of those hours were spent at the virtual campus of Case Western Reserve University attending a conference titled Collaboration Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008.

From: Stop the Seal Hunt Second Life Concert to Help End Seal Hunt Quote from the site - Animal lovers and Second Lifers are being encouraged to attend a live virtual event to help end commercial seal hunting – with guest appearances by a US musician and a UK politician. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) concert on Saturday 10 May (3pm SLT & 11pm BST) will feature singer/songwriter Juel Resistance and Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East, Kerry McCarthy.

From: post gazette Cybertainment: Second Life is focus of documentary filmed in virtual world Quote from the site - “Molotov Alva and his Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey” is the first documentary filmed entirely in the virtual world of Second Life. The half-hour “Molotov Alva” premieres 8 p.m. May 15 on Cinemax, and repeats 7:30 a.m. May 30.In “Molotov Alva,” filmmaker Douglas Gayeton leaves his real life to immerse himself totally in a new Second Life existence.

From: NZ Herald Virtual world already dwarfs New York Quote from the site - Forget expanding Dubai, forget sprawling Las Vegas, forget the mushrooming skyscrapers of Shanghai. There’s a city state which, at just five years old, has enjoyed such turbocharged growth that its square mileage already dwarfs New York. Not bad for a place that doesn’t exist.

From: Northern Star Attempted ‘Second Life’ ban doesn’t solve real problem Quote from the site - First, they told you not to drink until 21. Then, they said you couldn’t watch rated “R” movies until you were 17.

From: digicmb Final Project Report for HealthInfo Island Project in Second Life Now Available! Quote from the site - A final project report from the Alliance Library System marks the latest chapter in an exciting experiment funded by the Greater Midwest Region of the National Library of Medicine (GMR/NNLM).

From: The Chronicle Co-Founder of Second Life Says Academics Are Biggest Trailblazers in Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Cory Ondrejka, the co-founder of the virtual world Second Life who is now a visiting professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, said in a speech today that virtual worlds are here to stay, and that professors are among the most active pioneers.

From: New World Notes What’s Your SL Name-To-RL Name Google Search Ratio? Quote from the site - So here’s a fun if disconcerting exercise: Google your Second Life avatar’s name, and be sure to put it in quotes. Note the number of Results you get. Now do the same with your real life name (also in quotes) and tally those Results, as well. Which number is larger? Marvelous Second Life blogger Kit Meredith did that recently, and though she’s an IP lawyer in real life, discovered that far as Google is concerned, her avatar is more popular than her.

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Second Life News for May 5, 2008

May 05th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Botgirl Lives The ongoing quest for SLurpose Quote from the site - Just like a personal hook-up, a hot crush on Second Life itself has a shelf life of just weeks or months. Unless one can find some kind of deeper purpose or new position, boredom and dissatisfaction will likely emerge. If the initial chasm of disillusionment is crossed successfully, ongoing conscious effort is required to keep things fresh.

From: The Independent Andrew Keen on New Media Quote from the site - How is new media changing the communications business? What has been the impact of Web 2.0 on advertising and PR? And what can a traditional marketer learn from the intrinsic openness of new media?

From: Torley Second Life has advanced arts and crafts like photography Quote from the site - That title can be read a couple (or more) ways, and I mean both (or more) of them: I’ve often written about how Second Life empowers people to discover new talents and rediscover old ones.

From: Second Life Left Unity 3-D Immersive Virtual Environments: Platform for Radical Democracy or Communicative Capitalism? Quote from the site - 3-D immersive virtual environments (IVEs) are at the forefront of ‘the physical Internet.’ (Scola 2005) They allow users to communicate with each other through avatars, their digital personas, rather than relying solely on text.

From: SpaceRef NASA CoLab Open House Quote from the site - Join us for the afternoon at our new location in Building 17 at NASA Ames Research Center, room 114!

From: everyday second life Shakespeare in Second Life Quote from the site - Someone is playing Shakespeare in Second Life, and I think you should do like me and go see them. What they’re playing is «The Mousetrap», the so-called play within the play in «Hamlet», and it lasts half an hour.

From: The Observer Your 10 o’clock meeting is being held in Second Life Quote from the site - Forget expanding Dubai, forget sprawling Las Vegas, forget the mushrooming skyscrapers of Shanghai. There’s a city state which, at just five years old, has enjoyed such turbocharged growth that its square mileage already dwarfs New York. Not bad for a place that doesn’t exist.

From: The Republican Island on the Internet Quote from the site - Students and faculty at Springfield Technical Community College will soon be taking a step into the future via a wholly online world known as Second Life.

From: Second Life Community Convention CFP: Second Life Education community conference Quote from the site - The Second Life Education community conference is a proud member of the Second Life Community Convention – the official Linden Lab-sponsored and approved event for everyone spending significant time in the best of all possible virtual worlds! This conference is for everyone currently or seriously thinking of engaging in teaching and learning in Second Life.

From: Purplegrrl’s Second life The problems with observing a learning community Quote from the site - I must admit I thought observing a learning community would be much easier than it really is. The first problem I have found is sometimes when there is an learning event I am unable to attend as I have other commitments (many work) as many of you may have read in my previous blog entry I am studying a group in second life.

From: Sean Percival Virtual Exits: Second Life Residents Turn Their Back Quote from the site - Second Life, the virtual world that millions call “home” and millions of others enjoy having a good laugh at. An experiment, the future, completely useless? Those statements are probably all both correct and incorrect at the same time.

From: Second Thoughts Turning My Back on Governor Linden Quote from the site - Hey, time to go on strike against Governor Linden and Second Life. Or, let’s call it more properly: a work slow-down for 7 days where I’m just not going to blog about Second Life, bad or good, or roam all over hell’s half acre sticking up for this virtual world to all the haters — I need to picket with the handy sign I keep in my closet for every conceivable demo: UNFAIR.

From: Pioneering Ideas The “Second Life” of NY Times Magazine Cover Feature, CeaseFire Quote from the site - This weekend’s New York Times Magazine cover story profiles CeaseFire, a violence prevention program built on a public health model that attacks the spread of violence much like epidemiologists attack the spread of infectious diseases.

From: Torley An illuminating tale of the history behind Second Life’s facelights Quote from the site - A facelight, in its most basic form, consists of an invisible prim (object) which is attached to your Second Life avatar, via one of your face’s free points — perhaps chin or nose, but not skull because that’s often where prim hair goes.

From: Rehula Tips to make your own best photography in Second Life Quote from the site - I think everyone’s passion in Second Life is taking pictures of your best moments in Second Life. We can find tons of models, but we can’t find tons of PROFESSIONAL photograpers. I mean by photographer as :

- Have a good sense of perspective, use and abuse of the editing tools that professionals image editors gives to us, and of course, the ability to be creative in using poses.

From: Kate’s So-Called Second Life Good Guide for SL Beginners Quote from the site - Once I figured out the basics of avatar fashion in Second Life, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I thought maybe a little building, maybe a little scripting .. but more so I could have a good time, not to become a hard core builder or anything.

From: Educational Gaming Commons Second Life Education Community Conference 2008 Quote from the site - The Second Life Education community conference is a proud member of the Second Life Community Convention – the official Linden Lab-sponsored and approved event for everyone spending significant time in the best of all possible virtual worlds! This conference is for everyone currently or seriously thinking of engaging in teaching and learning in Second Life.

From: Welt Online JavaOne Conference Social Networking Tools Available to Help You Stay Connected Quote from the site - If you’re unable to attend JavaOne in-person, have no fear, you can get the best of the best in the Second Life virtual world.

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Real Life Meets Second Life Windsurfing

May 02nd, 2008 | Category: Press release, RL Meets SL

Press release via email:

Real life and Second Life windsurfers are set to face off in tomorrow’s Secondreef wave riding competition at Majini Island in the Bishara Resorts group of sims

Majini Island , Second Life — 2 May 2008 - Secondreef, organizers of a pro-windsurfing competition taking place at Pozo Izquierdo in Gran Canaria on Saturday have teamed up with event organizer Poid Mahovlich and Bishara Resorts to hold a windsurf event at Majini Island in Second Life on the same day. The event follows a similar tie-up with Secondreef last year which saw a Second Life competition take place at Chi Island.

Majini Island

“We are proud and excited to be hosting the Secondreef windsurfing event in Second Life and the competition will be streamed live from Majini Island to screens in Pozo Izquierdo in the Canary Islands,” said Poid Mahovlich, the event organizer. “The Majini Island windsurfing competition takes place as the event in Poza is winding down in order that both Second Life and real life windsurfers can take part.”

The competition in the Canary Islands, ‘Canarian Wave riders ‘08′, takes place over four days from May 1st to 4th and is expected to bring more than thirty windsurfers to Pozo Izquierdo, including some of the best in European windsurfing.

The Secondreef Windsurfing Competition, takes place at Majini Island, part of the Bishara Resorts sim, starting at 10am Second Life Time (SLT) or 6pm Gran Canaria time on Saturday 3 May 2008. Competitors from the real life competition will compete with Second Life windsurfers in five-person qualifying heats leading into semi-finals and finals. Majini Island has a Heather Goodliffe Epic wave with one of the longest runs in Second Life and the wave has been especially tuned-up for the competition. Windsurfers will compete using Sebastian Saramago’s boards with Heather Goodliffe windsurfer scripts, while judges from the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Craig Stallion, Keala Mimistrobell, Sally LaSalle and VW Sands will be awarding points for jumps and wave riding tricks.

“This competition is a wave riding competition. Wave usage, flow and style all count for the good rider, but windsurfing has an excitement all it’s own in that the tricks and overall dynamics are different,” said VW Sands, Bishara Resorts manager and competition judge. “We’re all looking forward to a fast paced free-style event with the biggest, fastest wave that Second Life has to offer!”

Second Life URL for spectators.

Photos from the 2007 event are here.

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Grand Opening: The Roadhouse

A few friends of mine are opening a bar, and Friday night is the grand opening. The Roadhouse, a little biker bar in Gula, with some great tunes and events everyday. This place even has a cage for the band to play in, just like the movie Roadhouse.

The Grand Opening is this Friday at 7PM SLT and everyone is invited. They are planning on having live entertainment and I guarantee you will have a good time, stop by and check it out. A couple events that are already listed are best tattoo, stupid avatar tricks, and a skydiving contest based on accuracy and style.

Tell ‘em Stone sent you and get a free beer. ;)

The Roadhouse

Inside the Roadhouse

The Roadhouse Cage

Second Life URL

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Second Life News for May 1, 2008

May 01st, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: New World Notes The Second Life Of Star Wars: In Fan-Made Mini-MMORPG, Metaverse Meets Lucas-verse Quote from the site - Game developers haven’t catered very well to Star Wars fans who want to live in George Lucas’ world. While there’s innumerable action and strategy titles based on the franchise, and the single-player RPG Knights of the Old Republic series is beloved, fans who joined Sony Online’s Star Wars Galaxies hoping to roleplay together were soon disappointed.

From: Grady Booch Grady Booch via Second Life! Quote from the site - I’m presenting a keynote at the next International Association os Software Architects (IASA) IT Architect conferences on May 22 - 23 in New York City.

From: Second Life First Person Aggregators out, Aggregators in Quote from the site - Time for me to eat some crow, because it’s official. I’ve completely given up on Sweet Second Life. Yes, it’s the same blog aggregator I noted months ago for being a good way to discover new and interesting Second Life blogs. But I’m done with it.

From: MaryMaryQuiteContrary Quote from the site - Sun is a global company.

We have more than 30,000 employees in 100 countries.

We all live on the network.

From: Second Life Blog New Highway Routes - LDPW Poll Quote from the site - So our gangs of skilled Moles are ready with the components to expand the Second Life road network. We’ll try to match the roads to the terrain, and to the existing road styles … but our eager little insectivores have some creative ideas, too.

From: MixedRealities Kelly Services works with Clever Zebra offering staffing services in Second Life Quote from the site - Kelly Services, the staffing services company, will provide staff for companies and organizations in Second Life. It will be real life jobs for functions in Second Life, so senior director Dave Fenech of Kelly Services just announced at the vBusiness Expo conference and expo in Second Life.

From: Business Communicators of Second Life Cultures of Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Over the last two days I’ve had the real pleasure of being back in the classroom, straining at times to hear over the noise of the construction of the engineering building next door.

From: hannem3kg Between RL and SL - Interview with a Second Life Professional Quote from the site - During my time studying in the US, I have developed an even greater interest in Online Communication and Internet Culture. My aim is to combine what cultural studies knows about communities, culture and human interaction with the Online space and understand it better.

From: Linux Insider Virtual Real Estate: Building on an Imaginary Foundation Quote from the site - Sure, people have become millionaires buying and selling land in virtual worlds such as Second Life, but the practice carries with it a higher risk than real property transactions. The legal status of both virtual property and virtual currency remains tenuous at best.

From: Collaborative Learning Center Teaching w/ Technology Tuesdays - Second Life Quote from the site - Kari Swanson, Acting Head of the Science Libraries, took us on a tour of Second Life with her avatar Kari Meadowbrook. Second Life is a 3-dimensional online environment populated by graphical representations (avatars) of over 1 million people.

From: Twilight Musings - Imagination, Parenting, & Life The appropriately named “Havok” 4 in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life, a virtual world owned by Linden Labs which readers of this blog will hear me mention often, recently introduced the Havok 4 engine. Havok is a physics engine software that is responsible for calculating supposedly realistic interactions within the 3-D world.

From: Straight Goods Union Island opens on Second Life Quote from the site - Activists from around the world will gather online for training, strategizing, and fun.

From: Virtually Yours Second Life’s rising threat? Project Wonderland Quote from the site - It appears that there is an increasing interest in Sun’s Project Wonderland which is a platform in the same way Second Life is. I tried googling for videos of projects from Wonderland but could not find many at the moment. However, the two I have been able to land on points to a few things worth mentioning.

From: Information Week ‘Lost’ Fans Serve Up Surprising Lessons About Web 2.0 For Business Quote from the site - When I set out to do an article about fans of the TV show Lost and how they’re using the Internet, I didn’t think I’d learn anything about using Web 2.0 for business. I thought it was an article our readers might find entertaining, and that I’d enjoy doing, and nothing more than that.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Showcase, Popular Places and the Future of Traffic Quote from the site - Looking for cool places to visit within Second Life? We are too! We’re pleased to announce that the Second Life Showcase is coming to the 1.21 viewer release, which is planned for Release Candidate in 2-3 weeks and in final form in 6-7 weeks.

From: Ambling in Second Life My Alibaba Quote from the site - Out and about after an interesting day, helping with a guided tour for about a dozen newcomers, I stumbled upon the intriguingly-entitled My Alibaba sim and its immediately adjacent neighbour, the rather more prosaically named HongKong Island sim.

From: Your 2nd Place Time Versus Social Networking and Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - With so many things competing for people’s time on the Internet…

Personally, I was surprised that LinkedIn didn’t make it into this video. I’ve never had a MySpace page, and I wouldn’t want one. Friendster? Nope. Facebook? Semi-useful though the poking and super wall junk is annoying. Second Life?

From: Massively Xbox out, Nintendo in Quote from the site - Close to one year ago, we stumbled onto a new Microsoft island in Second Life, called Microsoft Xbox. The island was brand-new, and was still closed to the public, and there was a lot of speculation as to what it was for.

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Solar Energy in a Virtual World

April 24th, 2008 | Category: Discussion, Environmental, cisco

From group notice:

Note: The event has probably already started.

0715SLT - Cisco Corp Pavilion - Solar Energy in a Virtual World

Cisco is honored to host Richard King, Director, Solar Decathlon and Glenn Strahs, Program Analyst, Office of Solar Technology, for a presentation to discuss the use of virtual worlds to enable the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to engage in solar energy related technology prototyping, consumer-professional education, and collaboration as a means to both publicly and internally carry out its mission.

Not inworld to be able to grab the landmark, here is the SLURL for one of their stages, so you may have to look for it, sorry.

Second Life URL.

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M Linden is the New CEO of Linden Labs

April 23rd, 2008 | Category: Lindens, Press release, Second Life News, Virtual Worlds

As you may or may not know, Phillip Linden has announced the hiring of the new CEO for Linden Lab, Mark Kingdon, who has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a partner and CEO of Organic. He will be known as M Linden and he will be focused on improving the in-world experience and stability and reliability of Second Life, something they should have been more focused on for years.

He is going to start on May 15th. Like I said when we started looking, I am not going anywhere, and will be working with Mark to help lead Linden and Second Life onward. I am really looking forward to working with him, as he has so many skills and capabilities that will help us and that I can also learn from - here are a few: He will have an intense focus on improving the in-world experience and stability and reliability of Second Life. He has extensive hands-on experience with user experience design, which will be critical in making Second Life an easier and better experience for more people. Finally, he has a ton of experience leading companies and products with global reach, which is now essential given that the great majority of Second Life usage is international and Linden Lab will continue to grow as an international company with offices in many locations. Source: Announcing our New CEO!

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Second Life News for April 23, 2008

April 23rd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: TechCrunch HiPiHi Opens Its Doors To The Public Quote from the site - HiPiHi, China’s answer to Second Life has opened its doors to the public with a beta test that includes free features. We first wrote about HiPiHi in August 2007 when the company called for the establishment of virtual world standards and interoperability.

From: sered second life Second Life 1.20 RC2 on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Quote from the site - As with many Linux related issues, finding a solution can be frustrating; it can also take quite some time. In the end though, the solution is often simple. After I installed the beta of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, Second Life didn’t work as it should; the screen redraws and flickers were a pain on the eyes.

From: Librarian’s Matter Murdoch University Island in Second Life Quote from the site - Tonight’s interview with the State Library of Victoria went very well. We discovered that you need to use “push to talk” to stop the echo from speakers creating feedback - but once we knew that, we were flying.

From: eSchool News Gaming helps students hone 21st-century skills Quote from the site - Online gaming can help students develop many of the skills they’ll be required to use upon leaving school, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, agreed educators who spoke during an April 16 webinar on gaming in education.

From: Purplegrrl’s Second life Jokaydian the new frontier Quote from the site - Last weekend I attended the Jokaydian April festival. You may think where is Jokaydia I have never heard of this place is it in the south coast some where one of those hippy towns or is it a Star Trek planet But no Jokaydia is a island in Second Life.

From: Lifekludger Second Life performance of The Wall by Pink Floyd Quote from the site - I was awake at 5am the other morning so I could go to a artistic performance in Second Life. The performance was of Pink Floyd’s The Wall concert set to the original music from The Wall. And it was spectacular. It is so popular we had to be there an hour before start to make sure we could get into the sim.

From: bit by bit Reflection on “Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds by Kevin Jarrett and Sylvia Martinez (K12Online07) Quote from the site - What an incredible and thorough presentation by Kevin Jarrett, Sylvia Martinez and other contributors. I really appreciated that Kevin and Sylvia presented using VoiceThread and will add my own comments to the posting soon.

From: nmc Panel in Storytelling in Virtual Environments | Location: Second Life Quote from the site - The Center for Digital Storytelling (CDS) and the Museum of the Person are celebrating the International Day for Sharing Life Stories on May 16. The following day – May 17 – the CDS is proposing a reflection on storytelling in virtual environments in the form of a panel in Second Life.

From: Popular Science Second Life Prepping for a Second Boom Quote from the site - The knock on popular virtual world Second Life has been that it’s a little slow, and not entirely easy to sue. Sure, it has roughly 13 million registered citizens, but only a few hundred thousand are actual devotees who spend a fair amount of time in the alternate universe.

From: AdWeek Organic CEO Kingdon Leaves for Second Life Quote from the site - Mark Kingdon, CEO of Omnicom Group digital agency Organic, is leaving the shop to take the post of chief executive at Linden Lab, the company behind the virtual world Second Life.

From: Paul’s Memoirs OK, So Second Life support really IS rubbish. Quote from the site - Last weekend I sent a support ticket to Second Life asking them how I could fix an issue with not being able to connect to regions running Windows Vista Ultimate with Verizon Online DSL (3megabit).

From: Experiencing E-learning Tools for Getting Started in Second Life Quote from the site - Elena at Lively Learning posted some comments about Second Life for education in response to my liveblogging of the TCC Keynote Why do we need a Second Life? (Her original post is in Russian; the Google translation gave me enough to get the gist of her post.)

From: Information Week Second Life Gets New CEO Quote from the site - The Second Life community today got its first good news in what seems like forever — Linden Lab, the creator and operator of the virtual world, announced its pick for new CEO. At first glance, his resumé looks like the right combination of business acumen and creativity needed to restart the engines on the foundering ship.

From: Paid Content Industry Moves: Second Life Parent Appoints Former Organic CEO as Its New CEO Quote from the site - Linden Lab, the parent company of Second Life, has appointed a big name CEO: Mark Kingdon, till now the CEO of Omnicom digital agency Organic, is stepping down to come on as the CEO of Linden. Kingdon will succeed founder Philip Rosedale, the founder who gave up his CEO role earlier this year; he remains chairman.

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] Stipends are going to be taking longer than before Quote from the site - As anyone who has been here long knows, Second Life is a world that is constantly evolving and changing. Many of those changes are a result of growth. As our population has continued to grow, we are finding it is taking longer to process weekly stipends.

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Sunbelt University Class Schedule

April 23rd, 2008 | Category: Building, Education, How To, Second Life Tips

From a group notice, here is the Sunbelt University Class Schedule for April 21st to April 27th. I’ve heard some good comments about their classes so check em out.

April 22nd Jewelry class is canceled. Teacher is on break.

April 27th, 12pm slt - class limit 15
Sunbelt Uni: Level 2 Class - Sculpted Attachments (Sculptypaint 3)
Sponsored by Sunbelt
Learn how to create shoes, cuffs and a scarf in Sculptypaint. This class is part 3 of the basic and advanced Sculptypaint classes held at NCI.

April 27th Scripting 103 Class at 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm! Fun!

Second Life URL

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SL Book Fair 2008

April 23rd, 2008 | Category: Books, Fair, Places to Visit, Storytelling

From notecard and group notice:

The Second Life Book Fair 2008 will be held April 25-27, on Book Island and Publishing Island, and with loads of events, there is something sure to please everyone. Here are some direct SLURL’s to event areas.

Book Island Stage

Cartland Court

Beach Discussion Area

Publishing Island Stage

Here is the event schedule:

Friday 25th
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Second Life News for April 22, 2008

April 22nd, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: metanomics Take This, Jon Stewart! Non-Profits in Second Life Quote from the site - After her testimony to the US Congress, Susan Tenby, Senior Manager of the non-profit TechSoup was the object of the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who said “Damn you Susan Tenby” because she took the SL name he wanted, Glitteractica Cookie.

From: Cnet Apple stores to get virtual counterparts? Quote from the site - A patent filing by Apple is prompting speculation that the Mac and iPod maker could be getting ready to open up Apple stores in the virtual realm–perhaps in Second Life.

From: Tech.Blorge Apple to gain online presence in Second Life? Quote from the site - Apple could be about to venture in to a new and innovative online presence, possibly on virtual world Second Life. Speculation over the move has come about after the iPod, Mac and iPhone maker has filed a patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office called Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere.

From: Gizmodo Apple Patent Filing Hints at Second Life-Style Storefront Quote from the site - A recent patent filing by Apple Inc. entitled Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere indicates that Steve Jobs’ next BOOM could involve a hat tip to virtual worlds like Second Life. According to the filing, Apple is considering a more interactive visual representation of its online store complete with changing weather and avatars. Let the griefer brainstorming session begin.

From: ClickZ Video Games, From Toys to Tools Quote from the site - This is a quote from a college friend who is a mother of two. In addition to her motherly instinct, you can see she has developed a strong opinion on gamers and their activity of choice. I’ll spare you the e-mail exchange we had last week and tell you that we agreed to disagree on the topic until we had a chance to talk face-to-face.

From: Wednesday’s Song Second Life is taking off Quote from the site - I’ve been a little obsessed with Second Life since that article in Electronic Musician magazine. My avatar has fancy hair now and is getting slimmer and younger.

From: rolley Problems with Second Life recording Quote from the site - We’re nearly finished the Machinima we’re doing in Second Life - today we were supposed to record the final scenes, but we had a handful of problems.

From: Events in Second Life: What’s On This Week!? Quote from the site - Continuing with our weekly roundup of events worth checking out in Second Life, here’s what’s coming up this week! Dont forget, I’m listing these events based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (because that’s where I am!)… but SL Time and ‘Check Your Local Time’ links are also listed in each entry.

From: Wired Second Life Running on A Phone Quote from the site - Years from now, when historians try to determine what caused the dramatic drop in productivity that ultimately led to the downfall of civilization, they perhaps will point to the moment Vollee got Second Life to run on a cell phone.

From: Guardian Second Life seen becoming mainstream Quote from the site - Virtual world Second Life has the potential to become mainstream once computers and connections catch up with the aspirations of its creators, its founder told Reuters in an interview on Monday. Despite the fact that user growth is slowing as a wave of publicity subsides, Philip Rosedale believes activity will increase 100-fold as improvements in computers and Second Life’s own systems make it easier and more fun to become a citizen.

From: Great Expectations BGSU Celebrates its Virtual Campus Birth/Earth Day Quote from the site - The BGSU virtual campus in Second Life is celebrating its first birthday in conjunction with an Earth Day celebration in the virtual world on Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30 - 8:30pm EST.

From: Second Life Blog Greetings from Katt Linden Quote from the site - A big part of my job is to listen. I will also be aggregating your comments here and monitoring the blogosphere, to follow developing trends and opinion. I’ll be working to update our communications tools.

From: Second Life Blog Overdue Statements for Some Residents This Month Quote from the site - Some of you may have noticed that you haven’t been billed yet for this cycle. The biller hasn’t run properly, so collecting some payments has been delayed.

From: Second Life Blog [Resolved] In World Services Unavailable Quote from the site - As we have blogged in prior posts, during peak hours we sometimes see a delay in services. We have been working to update our database clusters and are still working to add servers.

From: Reuters New Linden CEO could be named within weeks Quote from the site - Virtual world Second Life has the potential to become mainstream once computers and connections catch up with the aspirations of its creators, its founder told Reuters in an interview on Monday.

From: New World Notes Subprime Mortgage Crisis Means Metaverse Opportunity? Quote from the site - During a recent book interview, an ABC news anchor asked me what kind of impact the real world’s subprime mortgage crisis and related fallout would have on Second Life’s economy. I speculated that it would probably provide an ironic boost, noting how the last recession of 2003 was important to Second Life’s early growth.

From: New World Notes Streaming Africa: Cape Town NGO Opens SL Outreach Club Quote from the site - The unlikeliest resource for fighting poverty in Africa is a floating island with an ancient tree and a gleaming ballroom, drifting in space amid a sheet of falling rain. Someone sent me there the other night, and at first I didn’t know what it was for.

From: Torley Do you wish more people paid attention to your contact info? Quote from the site - In the very first few lines of my Second Life profile, it says this: I’ve tweaked it in subtle ways over the past few months to see if it made any sort of clear difference in the quality of incoming communications, but no, it hasn’t.

From: Molotov Alva Machinima Contest Molotov Alva Machinima Contest Quote from the site - “Molotov Alva” took us on an incredible journey… Now it’s your turn to show us “Your virtual Life”… What do you do inside your favorite world? Are you a fighter, explorer, creator, destroyer?

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