Cisco TechChat: Internet of Things

April 22nd, 2008 | Category: Chat, Technology Chats, cisco

Group Notice From: Dannette CiscoSystems

22 April 2008 at 12:00 PST

This TechChat features Jean Phillippe (JP) Vasseur, a Cisco distinguished engineer, and will focus on sensor networks. During this TechChat, JP will present a vision of the “Internet of things.” He will share his thoughts about using IP to preserve interoperability and new work on IP-based advanced protocols for networks that have unique characteristics in term of constraints and scalability.

To be held on the Cisco Bandwidth Stage.

This TechChat will be broadcast via in world music stream.

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Second Life News for April 20, 2008

April 20th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Contagious Curiosity Heroes Happen Here Launch in Second Life — April 26th, 2008 Quote from the site - Although Second Life is one place that I haven’t spent any time (yet!), my buddy and fellow evangelist from Texas, Zain Naboulsi is doing quite a bit of evangelism there. He’s now leading a ‘Heroes Happen Here’ VS/Windows/SQL 2008 LIVE virtual launch event on Saturday April 26, from 9am to 4pm CST.

From: Listening Post Second Life Slowly Turning into a Record Store Quote from the site - Keiko Takamura has figured out a way to sell her music inside the Second Life virtual world. Using a rough approximation of an iPod that she calls the myPod, Takamura allows Second Life citizens to preview her music and buy songs in the MP3 format using Linden dollars.

From: The Observer Online Around the Circle Quote from the site - Cleveland is a virtual boomtown. Building goes on at a rapid pace, the Euclid Corridor Project is finished, and Terminal Tower looms over an unpotholed Public Square. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has moved, but it’s still in town. The keyword is “virtual.”

From: Second Life Blog Tip of the Week #31: Creating & uploading animations Quote from the site - Ever want to learn how to make animations for use with Second Life? You’re just in luck! It’s been a popular request, and in spending some of my time to save a lot of yours, here’s the video tutorial… ENJOY!

From: macnn Will Apple open a store in Second Life? Quote from the site - On April 17, 2008, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s patent application titled Enhancing Online Shopping Atmosphere.

From: WSJ Disruptions on the Virtual Trail Quote from the site - The presidential campaign has gotten nasty in the real world. It’s getting nasty in the virtual world, too. As Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama duke it out in the Democratic primary, unofficial campaigns are being waged by fervent supporters in Second Life, the virtual world run by Linden Lab.

From: Orient Lodge Fiona, SpaceNavigator, SketchUp and Second Life Quote from the site - The other day, I received a product evaluation of the laptop version of 3Dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator for Notebooks. I am starting to test it as a navigation and building tool for Second Life. Support for the SpaceNavigator is part of the Second Life Client Release Candidate 1.20.

From: Forbes Taxing Virtual Worlds Quote from the site - Back on April 1, Congress held its first hearing on virtual worlds, and no, it wasn’t an April Fools prank. Warning: If the politicians can hold a hearing on it, then they can probably tax it too.

From: SLWTF Just for show Quote from the site - Mazda Nagare Island is Mazda Motor Europe’s virtual showcase for their Hakaze show car. Since the Hakaze isn’t something you can actually buy in real life, the island is more of an image builder for Mazda.

From: Network World Microsoft MVPs gathering; Microsoft in Second Life and Microsoft NASCAR won’t go Quote from the site - From the random stuff file … Microsoft is hosting a shindig for 1,800 of its Most Valuable Professionals in Seattle this week. Microsoft has awarded the MVP designation to 4,000 professionals worldwide.

From: Infonatives Why Second Life and other virtual worlds will never be relevant Quote from the site - There’s a lot of hype about Second Life in libraryland, and I have to be quite honest: I’ve never understood it. Sure, it’s fun, but it isn’t very interesting other than in a “Hey-amusing-computer-game -where-I-can-chat-with-people-pretty-much-like-I-would-in-a-chat-room kind of way. Woo.

From: Second Life Blog Second Life Simulator v1.21.0.85362 Update is on the Beta Preview with 12 Physics Fixes (2008-04-19) Quote from the site - This is an update of the server-side code that runs at our data centers. This is not a viewer update. Please do not post about viewer problems here, as it distracts from the core discussion about beta testing of the next release of the simulator (server) software.
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Heroes Happen Here Launch in Second Life

April 15th, 2008 | Category: Discussion, Education, Microsoft, Seminars, Technology

Hero Event

Microsoft is doing something pretty cool, they are holding a launch for the Visual Studio Team System 2008 in Second Life on April 26th, 2008. It will run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm Second Life Time, an agenda is available here. You can download Virtual PC images of the Visual Studio Team System 2008 here and try out the hands on labs here. It says when you attend the event you get promotional versions of all three products, so it may be worth dropping inworld to check it out. Second Life URL.

Once again we are poised to make history for Microsoft by holding the first ever full-fledged Launch event in Second Life. With less than two weeks to go I wanted to post again about the event and provide more details on what is going on the day of the event. Source: Heroes Happen Here Launch in Second Life — April 26th, 2008

Sessions include:

What’s New In Windows Server 2008, Virtualization and your Infrastructure, Securing your IT Infrastructure with Windows Server 2008, Exploring Windows Server 2008 Web and Application Technologies, Mission Critical Applications on SQL Server 2008, Simplify Management of your Data Infrastructure, Exploring Business Intelligence and SQL Server 2008, Next Generation Data Applications, Breakthrough Challenges with Visual Studio 2008, Reach End-Users with Next Generation Web Applications, Create Instantly Familiar Applications with the Microsoft Office System, and Defy Occasionally Connected Challenges with Smart Client Applications.

Second Life URL.

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Havok4 Fireside Chat with Sidewinder Linden

April 15th, 2008 | Category: Chat, Discussion, Grid Performance, Lindens, Simulator

Please join us tonight, Tuesday, April 15th at 6:00 pm SLT at the ISTE Island Beach/Campfire area for a presentation/discussion about the Havok4 physics engine by Sidewinder Linden, program manager.

Havok4 is currently being rolled out across Second Life (literally as we speak), with the goals of a more realistic simulator experience, increased viewer stability, and greater design capabilities for inworld developers.

We will be doing a rolling restart this Wednesday and Thursday to roll out the patches to the server that were to be rolled out with last week’s cancelled rolling restart. Changes include security patches, performance improvements for Havok4 (including the issue that “openspace” or “void” sims have with Havok4), and code designed to mitigate the load on the central database systems. Source: Rolling restart Wed/Thu April 16/17 for 1.21 Server Deploy

Via Tonight on ISTE Island: Havok4 Fireside Chat with Sidewinder Linden from The Story of My Second Life

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Second Life News for April 15, 2008

April 15th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Learn Online Creating a learning space for real life, in second life, 2 weeks on. Quote from the site - I’m making steady progress in building my ideal learning space in Second Life. Konrad and Jo have been wonderful in teaching me building skills, and very patient with my insistence to use real life proportions and limitations.

From: Nuketown Stumbling through a Second Life Quote from the site - Jumping into Second Life is like jumping into a void, albeit one populated with the remnants of a half million flea markets. Moving around is awkward, and not just because your avatar inevitably looks like its been nailed to a set of wooden planks.

From: WoW! Wouter on the Web ELAG2008: Second Life and Libraries Quote from the site - Bernadette Daly Swanson is presenting her experience in Second Life. She states that she doesn’t expect to jump in, but in the years to come a 3-D web will certainly become a reality. So to gain a little experience is really useful. However she hasn’t convinced her superiors yet on the usefulness of these experiences.

From: Daily Headlines Art Students Create Virtual Candidates Quote from the site - The first android candidates for 2048 President of the United States who are campaigning in Second Life invite everyone at the University of Arkansas to visit their new campaign booths.

From: SLNN University of Kentucky in the winners circle Quote from the site - Kentucky has rolling green countryside, the Black Mountain and the famous Kentucky Derby, where thoroughbred horses race for a prize. Another prizewinner for Kentucky is the University of Kentucky sim built in Second Life.

From: Second Life on the Apple II Quote from the site - Joshua Bell, an employee of Linden Lab, creators of the virtual world Second Life, has posted to YouTube a demonstration of a program he’s written that streams video from a Windows machine to an Apple IIc. The specific program he’s streaming is Second Life, which appears on the Apple II monitor shortly after its original display on Windows.

From: Kansas City infozine Virtual Worlds: A Business Guide Quote from the site - On a first visit to Second Life, visitors are lucky if they can adequately clothe themselves and learn to walk along a path without ending up under water or face to face with a wall, unable to turn around.

From: APLINK - itsReal IBM erects KEEP OUT SIGNS - in regions of Second Life Quote from the site - IBM said Wednesday it would become the first company to host private regions of the virtual world Second Life on its own computer servers.

From: Koinup Blog Second Life Postcards! Some tips Quote from the site - Hey Guys, you know, Koinup allow you to send postcards directly from Second Life to Koinup, without login on the website……There are some members that use frequently this feature! We wanna inform them, that currently there is a small bug in Second Life, causing some issues.

From: CAP Obama Supporters Attack Hillary In Second Life Quote from the site - When Lestat Destiny teleported onto Hillary Island for her daily prayer vigil, she was surprised to see several dozen people milling about. The Second Life virtual headquarters (unofficial) of the Clinton campaign was usually unoccupied, quiet. Yet today it teemed with life.

From: The Hatchet Business school offers class on creating a virtual world Quote from the site - “The Office” character Dwight Schrute isn’t the only one using the Second Life computer program while on the job. This summer, the School of Business is offering a class that will teach students how to create an online, virtual world where characters can talk, do business and make money.

From: Fairfax Digital It’s a virtual life Quote from the site - Mac Taylor, the lead detective in Nine’s CSI: NY played by Gary Sinise, is a pretty conventional TV hero. But in this week’s episode, Down The Rabbit Hole, Taylor finds himself entering the computer-based virtual world Second Life.
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ISTE Discussion for New Educators in SL

April 15th, 2008 | Category: Discussion, Education, New Residents

Are you an educator new to Second Life or ISTE in SL? Come out to the ISTE Discussion Skypark on Thursday, April 17, at 5:30 PM SLT (8:30 PM EDT) to connect with avatars who can answer your questions about Second Life and ISTE. Second Life URL.

Connectors needed! Are you interested in mentoring a new avatar at this week’s social? IM Corinne Fleury for details.

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April 12th, 2008 | Category: RL Meets SL, Second Life Videos, electric sheep company

Can’t believe I missed this, especially considering someone from the Electric Sheep was going to let me know when it was going to be on TV. The follow up episode to CSI: NY - Down the Rabbit Hole ran on April 2nd, 2008, it was called CSI: NY DOA for a Day, watch the full episode of here. I haven’t watched it yet, but at least it’s available online, as are many others here and below.

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 1

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 2

CSY: NY DOA For A Day Part 3

The rest are after the break.
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Second Life News for April 12, 2008

April 12th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Digital Trends Second Life Career Fair Offers Real Jobs Quote from the site - At Working Worlds, the desk, chair and avatars are all computer-generated, but the jobseekers and employers that use them both hope to hammer out real-life jobs.

From: Linux Insider Taking a Second Look at How Business Is Done Quote from the site - Many businesses are trying out virtual worlds such as Second Life as a way to market their goods and services, or to hold training sessions or meetings. H&R Block, Sprint and the University of Kansas are a few that have found some success in-world.

From: Living in the Metaverse Is The Second Life The Next Web? Quote from the site - No, it isn’t. I know that so many residents feels so hyped with it to declare the Second Life™ the next big thing and the next step that will replace the web as we know it. I can agree that virtual environments are possibly the next big thing.

From: Chaos Manor A little Second life evaluation Quote from the site - Second Life can appear rather dull at first and I can see where it might look to you as if there is little to do that would be worth doing. You might be surprised if you would take another, closer look and do a bit of exploration…

From: bMighty Terror Threats From Second Life? Uh, No. Business Value? Uh, No Quote from the site - A hearing was held in Congress (!) about the possibility of terrorists using virtual worlds for nefarious means. Second Life founder Philip Rosedale and other virtual reality experts were even called to testify. The verdict? Nothing real about a virtual world – neither for terrorists nor for business.

From: Listening Post Networked Music Symposium Slated for NYC and Second Life Quote from the site - Pace University will host a free public event on Friday called Programmable Media II: Networked Music to address the question of whether networked music can provide “a compelling music experience.”

From: Critically Unstable Muslim Muslim Brotherhood in Second Life Quote from the site - Teleport directly to the Muslim Brotherhood Second Life parcel…

From: eWeek IBM First to Host `Second Life` on Its Own Servers Quote from the site - IBM unveils a plan to host “Second Life” on its own servers as a stepping stone to greater adoption of virtual worlds across the enterprise.

From: Rasmuson Foundation Rasmuson Foundation launches Second Life Gallery of Alaskan Artists Quote from the site - Rasmuson Foundation announces that its Gallery of Alaskan Artists in Second Life is now open for visit. Second Life is an on online, 3-d virtual world imagined and created by members or “residents.”

From: the setonian Virtual reality gives Second Life to students Quote from the site - Members of the Seton Hall faculty attended a seminar on Feb. 29 held by the Technology Department regarding a networking program called Second Life.

From: Avatar crimes Quote from the site - THE lead detective on CSI: NY Mac Taylor, is a pretty conventional television hero: like his colleagues on the two other CSI franchises, he uses science to follow the evidence and catch the bad guys.

From: CIO Insight Second Life Goes to Washington Quote from the site - The founder of virtual world Second Life sought to reassure U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday that the online community is able to police itself.

From: Second Life Music Videos wanted! Quote from the site - As you can read on the Koinup blog, they now launched a Machinima contest for Music videos created in Second Life. You can win L$ 20,000 plus the MachinimaCam from CodeBastard Redgrave.

From: Unable To Connect - SuezanneC Baskerville Opera stretching the icons at the Second Life forums Quote from the site - Opera has been distorting these standard vBulletin provided images for months now. It’s intermittent but frequent.

From: They’re virtually famous Quote from the site - Imagine an art gallery where you can not only touch the works on display, you can walk over them, sit on them, even fly through them. Such actions would doubtless send security staff into apoplexy, but in Second Life, the world is your oyster.

From: University of Kentucky News Student’s Art Exhibit Gets Second Life Quote from the site - Have you ever wondered where the art goes after the exhibit or just missed the opportunity to get to the gallery to see it? Well, with today’s technology you may get a second chance to see that exhibit if it goes to Second Life.

From: Reuters Virtual world offers bands global stage Quote from the site - Leo Wolff, a woman who joined the online world of Second Life in 2005, bought a small plot of virtual land with eight other musicians and opened the “Virtual Garage” to showcase and perform their music.

From: Dragon Tail Press in Second Life The Problem with Bots Quote from the site - The debate over the use of bots in SL is a passionate one with many different points of view. Anyone can read the blogs at (search for “bots”) to see that for oneself.

From: Your2ndPlace In Case You Missed that Hearing About Second Life and Terrorism… Quote from the site - Here’s Jon Stewart from a few days ago, pulling no punches: This created a mild ruckus on at least one list - but Jon Stewart hadn’t gotten his hands on it yet. Some people were pretty upset about how Second Life was portrayed.

From: Second Life Games Adult Themed Game For Clubs Quote from the site - Mob Mentality, a new adult themed game designed to be placed in Second Life Clubs and Strip Clubs, is now available! The game offers fun and sexy game play designed to enhance a club goers experience and create a more social environment as players interact while playing.

From: Ogle Earth Programming planetariums in Second Life Quote from the site - Second Life is not a dedicated virtual globe or virtual planetarium but a free-form three-dimensional programmable space that anyone can use to build globes and planetariums in. One impressive recent example is the virtual planetariums built by Magnus Zeisig, one of Sweden’s most talented SL programmers.
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Avatrait Gallery Introduces An Exclusive Showing By Shoshana Epsilon

Evanston, IL – 04/11/2008 – Avatrait Gallery, Second Life’s premier site for “Digital Impressionist” art, has recently undergone a major renovation as part of the on-going upgrades to the Simuality sim. They are very pleased to announce the resumption of monthly features with an exclusive showing of images by noted artist Shoshana Epsilon, starting with a gallery re-opening celebration on Saturday, April 12th, at 1pm SLT.

Avatrait Gallery

Shoshana noted on her blog:

“I’ve been working privately for months to try to come up with a new set of pictures that would be unique. … I’m really excited about this show. I’ve really stretched, as far as the subject matter is concerned. There will be topics on display that I’ve been too sensitive to touch before.”

She notes that many of her images have “a back story” and invites attendees to ask her about these, but also adds that some are just pure whimsy. Aside from the April 12th opening, Shoshana will be available for additional “meet-the-artist” events during the month: Thursday, April 17th at 4pm; Sunday, April 20th at 5am; Tuesday, April 22nd at 4pm; and Tuesday, April 29th at 4pm (all times SLT).

Shoshana Epsilon’s images can be purchased both on an exclusive basis in-world (only one copy of the image exists), and as high-quality real-world prints. As always, there is a “freebie” framed graphic by our featured artist available across from the gallery welcome desk.

Second Life URL

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Second Life News for April 9, 2008

April 09th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

Of course some of the big news recently has been the big price drop for new islands $1000 from $1675. Avatars everywhere are either mad or happy, mad that the islands they bought at 1675 or now only worth 1000, or happy that they are only 1000. Some links, LL Slashes Land Prices — Landowners Scream In Pain, Estate Owners Lose BIG BUCKS! OMG!!! Pffft., Linden Land Bolshevism, Linden to increase land supply, drop prices, Playing with fire, and many others.

From: Second Life Blog Quarterly Land Supply and Island Pricing Update Quote from the site - As with my previous quarterly posts, here is an update on land, including supply, average prices, abandoned/defunct land and pricing information relevant to Q2 of 2008.

From: collapsing geography connections and networking Quote from the site - I was chatting with Pathfinder at the Virtual Worlds Conference 08 in New York and we realized that there were two particularly long chains of personal connections that were relevant to the event and Second Life. The first was the State of Play conference, the second a video I had just been emailed showing Second Life being used for public diplomacy in Doha, Qatar.

From: ScienceRoll Health News in Second Life: More and More Tools Quote from the site - In Second Life, the virtual world, there are so many tools in several aspects of medicine. Here I present just a few examples…

From: Full Comment Robert Bloomfield on Second Life: The first entrepreneurial virtual world Quote from the site - The press has not been kind to Second Life, the virtual world developed by San Francisco-based Linden Lab.

From: Second Life Blog ‘Inside the Lab’ podcast with the WindLight Team! Quote from the site - The third edition of our ‘Inside the Lab’ podcast series is now available!

From: user experience network “Second Life” - Michigan ASIS&T Spring meeting Quote from the site - Please join us for an interesting presentation, refreshments and a walk in the gardens.

From: Dusan Writer’s Metaverse Times UK Reports (barely) on VW2008 Quote from the site - The Times UK reports, in a meandering sort of way, about VW2008, coming to the conclusion that “Companies are increasingly turning to virtual worlds not just for brand building, but also to hold meetings and train staff.”

From: PRNewswire The Benelux Career Fair of ‘Working Worlds’ in Second Life Quote from the site - Encouraged by the tremendous success of the first virtual Career Fair held in Luxembourg at the end of last year, the Luxembourg based company Gax Technologies is organising a second recruiting event. On May 29 the exhibition ‘Working Worlds’ opens its doors again on Second Life, this time to all three Benelux countries.

From: TTG Live Kuoni builds island in Second Life Quote from the site - Kuoni has created an island in the virtual world of Second Life, giving visitors a travel book to chart their trips.

From: nmc Second Life Simulcasts from UD: Global Agenda and International Polar Year Quote from the site - International experts on climate change have concluded with near certainty that climate changes could bring disastrous consequences within the next century, unless the nations of the world reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere.

From: SLWTF Driven to distraction Quote from the site - Nissan has built some islands in Second Life with the intention of selling you Altimas. Whether or not these islands will you the trick, you have to give them an A for effort.

From: New World Notes New World Newsfeed: Second Life On “The Daily Show” Quote from the site - Jon Stewart’s cadre unleashed a barrage of mockery over last week’s Congressional hearing on yesterday’s show, and the segment represents a larger cultural milestone than the actual hearing.

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April 17th Marked As Second Life Remembrance Day

April 06th, 2008 | Category: Festival, Lindens, Memorials, Music

Recently I posted about a site in Second Life in which you can make a memorial for your inworld loved ones and friends who have passed on in RL, in this post Remembering Our Friends Memorial in Second Life. Linden Lab has decided to make April 17th Remembrance Day for everyone who has lost a loved one or friend and has dedicated two sims to it.

Second Life Day of Remembrance, April 17th, 6 am to 11 pm SLT Big Easy

Resident Katt Kongo recently lost a dear friend, SL resident Ginny Talamasca. In response, Katt conceived of a new community event that would commemorate the life, spirit, and creativity of all the residents who have left us. April 17, Ginny’s birthday, marks the beginning of the yearly ‘Day of Remembrance’ in Second Life.

The event is organized around the New Orleans tradition of the Jazz Funeral and the Second Line. Rather than a sad, solemn affair, a New Orleans funeral celebrates life with music and parading. Our parade will depart from historic Jackson Square and crash joyously through the Big Easy region four times–so that Residents in all time zones can participate. Source: [updated] Second Life Day of Remembrance is April 17

They are making this a resident created event, meaning if you are a builder and can do something cool then volunteer and make it happen, or if you are a musician or a DJ, you can perform on the main stage. Sounds like this could be a great event and a way to remember everyone who has been lost from our virtual world.

For even more info, visit the official web page here.

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Second Life News for April 6, 2008

April 06th, 2008 | Category: Second Life News

From: Second Life Blog Video Tip of the Week #29: Using the Second Life Wiki Quote from the site - I’m always one to share knowledge + resources that’ve helped me in hopes they’ll help you, and the Second Life Wiki is an info-site you can add to. If you’d rather just read it, that’s fine too, but should you feel more adventuresome…

From: Linux Insider Big Blue’s Secure Second Life Fortress Quote from the site - Second Life may still be in its Wild West phase, but IBM intends to inject some security into an otherwise lawless and disorderly environment. Big Blue is collaborating with Linden Lab to create a space where its employees can engage in serious business dealings behind virtual locked doors.

From: Ambling in a Second Life Euro-VirtWorlders, 2 For Your Diary Quote from the site - If you are a virtual worlding conference junkie - and particularly if you are based in Europe (and, depending on your political sensitivities about such things, the UK) - you will be thrilled to the core by the news that, not one, but two Virtual Worlds conferences are on the way to London in 2008.

From: SL Attitude Dorkwad Congressman … In Second Life Quote from the site - Several days ago he held a Congressional hearing in Second Life, a specially designed “virtual world” for sociopaths, furries, and flying penis “avatars.”

From: Danger Room Congress Freaks Out Over Second Life Terrorism Quote from the site - Oh no, the virtual terrorists are coming to get us! Well, maybe. Congress, in its infinite wisdom, had an entire hearing about virtual worlds and terrorism, even calling in the chief executive of Linden Lab to testify about the possibility of Second Life being used for evil terrorist ends.

From: SL iReports Software Update Disrupts Second Life Surfing Quote from the site - According to the Second Life surfing blog SurfWatch ( the new code is upsetting surfable waves, surfboards and other objects that are rezzed in the water. Surfing sim owners all over Second Life have been contacting Linden Labs support staff as their simulated waves crash, stop, sink, fly into the air or simply make it very difficult for surfers to ride them.

From: With its virtual club, H&R Block is among the KC firms finding ‘Second Life’ online Quote from the site - As a tax pro for H&R Block, Kathy Burlison has helped countless traditional customers. She’s also helped vampires, cartoon characters and a knight doing the tango in a full suit of armor.

From: Ambling in a Second Life Second Life and 3D Intranet Quote from the site - One of my predictions for 2008 was that we would see IBM, Sun and others launching “virtual world behind the firewall” products. I thought then, and think now, that this is inevitable - and I daresay you may feel the same way.

From: Architecture+ The Second Life Grid Quote from the site - I sat down and using the map inSL, slowly panned around and was able to collect a complete crude image of the grid and the people in it. each little grey dot is an island or region of 256 x 256 meters.

From: Molaskey’s Pub Virtual World Expo Convention NYC April 3,4, 2008 Quote from the site - This week, Apple and I attended the Virtual World Expo in New York City where dozens of virtual world companies and their dedicated pioneers exchanged business cards, pleasantries and participated in presentations on the topics of ‘virtual law’, ‘kids in virtual worlds’ and the overall growing business within virtual worlds.

From: collapsing geography it’s a small world after all Quote from the site - I’m having fun spending a couple of days immersed in the metaverse at the Virtual Worlds conference in New York City. I was out in New York for consulting and the company asked me to attend, so suddenly I’m back where everyone knows my name.

From: Second Life Blog [RESOLVED] Intermittent inventory and login issues Quote from the site - We have seen reports that a number of our residents see inventory related problems, such as slow or no loading, problems in picking things up etc. Those same residents might find themselves unable to log back in if they left Second Life.

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