Even More Great Video Tutorials from Torley

May 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Torley Linden has certainly been a prolific video tutorial creator, and here is the latest batch of quick tips. He’s also given a little tutorial on his personal website on what he uses and how he does it here.

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Second Life Tutorials and Quicktips

March 30th, 2008 | Category: How To, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Torley has posted another video tip of the week and a few days ago, some more quicktips, this time involving voice chat, so, without further ado, here they are, and his posts from the Second Life Blog, *VIDEO* Tip of the Week #28: Particle editing magic! and Can you hear me now? 7 VOICE CHAT Video Tutorials!.

Even if this is your first day in Second Life — welcome! — you’ve prolly already experienced particles: from loud bling on jewelry, to environmental effects like fire and snow, to C-beams glittering in the dark…

there’s no shortage of special effects, and you can be more than a spectator and make your own particle awesomeness! In less than half an hour, I cover:

Opening a sample particle script
Copying contents from one script to another
Editing particle parameters
Adjusting particle visibility for time of day
Giving particles a texture (MY FAVE!)
Normalizing particle settings for a texture
Disabling particles in your objects
Backing up your particles
A few words of encouragement — I inspire the artist in you! Source: *VIDEO* Tip of the Week #28: Particle editing magic!

In another post, Torley has posted 7 voice chat tip video tutorials, which I have listed below.

VOICE CHAT: Getting started - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

VOICE CHAT: Etiquette - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

VOICE CHAT: Who’s speaking? - Second Life Video Tutorial Voice Tips

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More SL Quicktips from Torley Linden

March 20th, 2008 | Category: Machinima, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Not sure how he does it, but, Torley must love what he’s doing, because he is cranking out video tutorial after video tutorial, this week, he has released 22 more of the quicktips, those 2 minute or less videos that cover the little small things you may have missed, and the little pieces of knowledge that aren’t always passed around from avatar to avatar. Read his post on the Second Life Blog here.

This first one requires no lawyers whatsoever, Adding & divorcing a Partner.

Building materials explained

Changing the time of day

Changing your login location

Hiding the Search panel in the menu bar

Hiding online friend notifications

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New Second Life Quick Video Tutorials

March 14th, 2008 | Category: How To, Machinima, Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Second Life Quick Tips by Torley Linden

March 05th, 2008 | Category: New Residents, Second Life Learning, Second Life Tips

Torley Linden, famous for his video tutorials on how to do various things in Second Life, has posted a bunch of new, short video tutorials he is calling quick tips. He says he kept getting requests for shorter videos, and videos covering the simpler stuff, so he has created 13 short videos to do just that.

This first one I had no idea you could do this, I guess I need to actually explore the menus in Second Life a little more. Someone showed me how to use the camera controls and that is what I have always used, but this zoom in sure looks like what I want, as, sometimes you really have to work the controls to get a look at stuff up close that’s in front of you. Thanks again Torley.

Introducing Second Life QUICKTIPS! Micro Video Tutorials with macro loveliness, giving you the info you want + need in 2 minutes or less! Source: 13 *FRESH* Video Tutorials for your enjoyment!

Here are the rest of the videos that have been posted to our video site.

Second Life Tips Videos

February 17th, 2008 | Category: Second Life Tips, Second Life Videos

Here are a bunch of videos by Torley Linden that he posted to Youtube this month, giving you the basics on how to do all kinds of stuff in Second Life. I have posted a widget below that will always show the latest Second Life videos on our video site, and links to the videos themselves below, definitely worth looking at if you are new to Second Life.

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Tip: How to Be Found in Search

December 01st, 2007 | Category: Second Life Tips

Need some help with Second Life’s new search? Torley has posted some quick tips on how to get yourself and your stuff listed. I hear that picks from avatars are really important and I bet eventually links from the web will help out as well.

Thus, this Tip of the Week — a continuation of “How to use the new Search” with Jeska’s great encouragement — is how to show your stuff in our new Search:

Get objects for sale listed (and freebies too!)
Show your profile details
Show your group details Source: Tip of the Week #13 - How to show your stuff in our new Search

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