Isle of View - Valentines Sim Event from Linden Labs

February 15th, 2008 | Category: Lindens, Meet and Greet, Mozy Pera, Valentines Day

Isle of View - Valentines Sim Event from Linden Labs by Mozy Pera

Okay so today is Valentine’s Day 2008 and I spent my day in a Virtual Valentine’s Hugs & Kisses sim created by Linden Labs, a great way to kick off my first report for thegridlive and I couldn’t have had a better time!

Valentine’s Day Sim

I arrived to a huge heart shaped sim colored red with heart prims everywhere and many Lindens were there giving out lots of Linden hugs and kisses and free gifts. This place was crazy, there were so many people attending that I felt like I was attending the arrival of a president or celebrity. Everyone eagerly awaited their turn to get a hug from a Linden, and there were even hugs and kisses booths set up at the outer perimeters of the sim. People were so cheerful and shouts were belted out from every angle. Many SL Mentors were also on hand to spread the love for anyone seeking that special V-Day cheer.

Mozy gets a kiss from a Mentor

Linden Kisses

While it was exciting and great fun to be there, I did encounter many times of sheer panic, all of a sudden the server would not or could not process my snapshots and walking was almost impossible. The sim was packed!
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Loveseeker Bracelets for your Virtual Valentine’s Day

January 31st, 2008 | Category: Shopping, Valentines Day

Looking for a present for Valentine’s Day for that special someone in your Second Life? I found this great pair of bracelets at a store a friend of mine is building, Whispered Dreams, the bracelets are called Loveseeker couple’s cuffs, and are a very big way to announce how you feel about someone in Second Life to everyone around you in Second Life! You add their name and special code to your cuff, and they do the same to theirs, and they start doing stuff when you get near each other.

Loveseeker Cuffs

From the notecard:

These special cuffs are to be worn with partners. (Of course, you can wear them alone if you wish as just an accessory)

They were designed to be worn by each partner and as the partner nears the stone begins to glow and sends a special message (in any language you wish it to be in) to the partner at varying distances. (The partner name and the messages can be changed in the config card in each cuff). The color of the glow changes as you get nearer to your partner and when you are at the closest range a heart poof appears.

After a time, the glow disappears, and you then you are left with the basic beauty of the cuff. You can change the color of the stone (but not the glow) by typing “/7 list” to get the list of color and “/7 color to set the color.

special note: the time in which the glow disappears can be set in config card. You can also remove the poofer if you do not like it.

please try and enjoy the loveseeker’s cuff(s)

I talked Ari into helping me try these out, much to her chagrin, although I think she’s got a thing for me. ;)

The cuffs light up green at 96 meters and you have the option of using the comments they already have in there, or making your own. Here is what Ari’s said at 96 meters: “Aribella Lafleur says You gotta be kidding me!”

Cuffs at 96 meters

Would I kid you Ari? They light up yellow at 20 meters and here is what her cuff had to say to me then, “Aribella Lafleur says You gotta be kidding me!”.

Cuffs at 20 meters

Hmm, is there an echo in here? The cuffs light up red when you are within 5 meters of each other, and of course they say something then too, “Aribella Lafleur says I’m on my way… outa here”.

Cuffs at 5 meters

There are also standing around messages, Ari’s said “Aribella Lafleur says Have you put out the garbage yet?” and “Aribella Lafleur says Bite me”.

They also, when you are within five meters of each other, spew out a big bunch of hearts, as a symbol of your love. You can stop it from doing this, in case you go into a busy sim or you just don’t like it.

Loveseeker hearts

Loveseekers hearts 2

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